Raped by a Dream

First off I would like to say that what I'm about to write is NOT something I made up.  It is quite quite true.  All of it.   Even though I feel crazy writing it.

When I was around 14 years old I began to have these awful nightmares of an invisible being that would visit me in my sleep.  It would crouch on my chest and crush my body down.  As I got older (16 or so) the attacks or "experiences" became more sexual in nature.  I'm not saying I always disliked them.  But sometimes they can be scary.  There are times when I've awakened to find claw marks on my chest or back.  Now, I could imagine perhaps scratching my chest in my sleep.  But the back thing has left me somewhat puzzled.  My vaginal area, back or breast has also been sore on occasion after a "visit."

In real life there have been odd "thumping" sounds inside the house for no apparent reason.  And on one occasion the electricity in the living room went out for an entire week.  My mother shut off the electrical line to the living room...At which point the lights started the click on by themselves, even though there was no power in the line!  I've also awakened to see my bedroom door closing.  On one occasion my blankets had been pulled off of me as well.

I remember asking my "little dream lover" what it was. It then proceeded to tell me that it was a MAHR.  Curious, I decided to look the word mahr up on line to see if there actually was such a being.  To my shock and surprise, there was.  It seems the mahr is actually a night spirit that goes to people in their sleep.

And sits on their chests.

I'd like to see a skeptic try and explain THAT one!

It would be intriguing to know if other girls have had these types of sexual "experiences" and what they might mean. 

By Anonymous

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