Teen Lesbians

I was pretty young, five six maybe, when I had this friend Piper and we would play and things. We would play games when no one was around. Like I would be the girl and she would be the guy. We would date and stuff. Then we would go to her house (In the game) and we would well have sex. (What we did to pretend to have sex was we would have her lay on top me and she would hump me although we were both girls it was still fun) We always had our clothes on! But one night I slept over and I was supposed to sleep on a cot next to her bed. I waited until her parents were asleep then I would sneak up next to her in her bed. "I'll take off my shirt if you take off yours," she said to me whispering. "Okay," I took off my shirt and put it under the blankets a little. She dunked her head under to see me. I saw her exposed starting of boobs (She was older than me I think, she was a lot older.) Soon we were taking off our pants and examining each other. Soon we took off our panties being completely naked. She scooted closer and we sort of hugged for awhile.

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