The Vagina Mystery

Looks many people are looking for vaginas online and falling to the wrong places! Innocent people looking for clear info are landing on hard core sex sites ending up addicted. Others on sites that accidently mentioned the word "vagina " casually. Yet others are sending people to their sites inadvertently or willingly when they discover the word "vagina" may have some magic to make their site discovered here is an example from An Apostate Chapel

In the past two days, nineteen people have found my blog through Google searches. Twelve of them have been searching for vaginas:

mo vagina
woman vagina system picture
health class vagina
bloody vagina
vagina shot
outline of a vagina
shape vagina
inside a real person’s vagina
wide open vagina
vagina torture
high contrast vagina

I don’t know about you, but a couple of those searches worry me. Who the hell wants to look at a bloody vagina? Women get to do that once a month. Trust me, the novelty wears off very quickly. And vagina torture? Ugh! Someone out there is a sick, sick, puppy. I think the rest of you are probably just horny."

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