I enjoy having sex as well as masturbation very much and learned a lot about my body and its needs with time. I started being sexually active at 16, now I'm 26. What I would like to tell the young girls out there is that sometimes it takes patience to experience joy from certain actions. You cannot force your body to give you good feelings, let alone an orgasm. When you are 14 and wonder why your nipples don't respond to caressing them in the way you want them to respond, don't think that something might be wrong with you. When you try to masturbate for the first time and don't feel anything, that's no reason to get frustrated. It might be that your body is not ready yet for this kind of stimulation. It might be that your body needs different kinds of stimulation, that you don't know about yet.

When I started sleeping with my first boyfriend I couldn't have an orgasm, although I had been masturbating to orgasm countless times. I just could't relax and let go when I was with him. It took me years before I experienced my first one during sex, but from then on, I guess because I had been on top, I could only come when I was on top. My first orgasm not being on top happened another few years later. Lately, I came for the first time ever while being fucked doggy style. I had always thought that this was impossible for me, but on that day I was just so aroused and able to let go, my body could let it happen and it was great.

See what I mean? Relax and give yourself the time to learn, there´s loads of different things to trigger arousal and an orgasm and they will trigger it when time is right. I for sure am curious about the surprises my body still has to give me and I will be happy about every new sensation, even if it again takes years to happen.

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