Women Masturbation Eperiences II


I am 21 and I have been masturbating since I was about 17. I always get off by stacking pillows and then grinding against the top one. Sometimes I think about riding my boyfriend and that makes me cum. Other times I'll think about having a threesome with my boyfriend and another girl. I like to watch porn with big breasted lesbians too. That always gives me a good orgasm.


Ok, So I'm Sarah (its my initials).

Well, I started to masturbating about a year ago. I had just started dating this guy, and we were on his bed. He had stripped me down to just my pants. By that time I was turned on. He slowly put his hand down my pants, and he fingered me. I loved the sensation it gave me. He would ask me if I ever fingered myself, and of course I never did so I said no. He wouldn't always finger me when I saw him, so I couldn't really get that feeling again. So one night I tried it. It wasn't as good but it still was good.

Now I've been masturbating about twice a day, sometimes more. I am currently going between relationships with a guy, and he JUST fingered me a few days ago.

But when I do it myself, I like to lay on my back, and look at pics of girls (I'm Bi). It turns me on, then I spread my legs far apart, and slowly undo my pants. I start by rubbing my clit for a bit, then I insert two fingers into my vagina, I go really fast because I think it feels best that way.

I don't think I've ever experienced an orgasm but I would love to, and I would also love to have a girl play with me too.



I started masturbating when I was about 4-5 (obviously I didn't know what it was at the time) but my genitals started itching and it felt good to itch them. Once I did it in the bath but my mum said it was okay and she said do it in your bedroom in private.

One time I had my friend over and we played doctors, and she started rubbing my pussy and clit and it was the best sensation ever!

And another time, my cousin (who was about 13) did the same and she licked me out! I think that was the first time I had an orgasm. (I was about 9).

From then on, I masturbate more than once a day, and I love to rub my clit and go from fast to slow, that is basically the only thing that makes me orgasm.

I love masturbating! Firstly I lie on my back and spread my legs apart until they are comfy, then I reach down and use my middle and index finger to stroke my labia. This is usually enough to get me wet! Once I'm wet enough I insert a finger and get it all juiced up, then slowly bring it up to my clit. Then I lightly flick it over my clit but at a fast pace. Once I'm getting really hot I use my index and middle finger and gently squeeze my clit. This is usually enough to make me cum so hard. Then once I have calmed down I'll do it all over again!


I reach orgasm by laying on my stomach and bringing my left leg up so the heel of my left foot presses against my clit and I proceed to rub it around in circles...

 I'm 14 and I've been masturbating for 2 yrs. I usually just hump stuffed animals, but I really want a companion (like a good girlfriend) to masturbate with me or watch me. I'm not gay but girls just make me hornier than guys.


What I do to masturbate is I take my comforter and pillow. I fold the pillow in half and then I ball the comforter on top of the folded pillow. The pillow is used for height and extra firmness. Then I rock up and down until I orgasm. I can't have anything but the sheet and pillow touching me. For some reason, it takes the pleasure away, so I have my clothes off. Other than that, I just fantasize I am getting oral. Works for me.


I have this huge back massager with a vibrating head that goes in and out. I put it on my clit, and then after a few minutes I cum, it feels really good!.

I recommend something that vibrates to put on your clit, and I prefer using it rather than my fingers. I have never climaxed using my fingers...

any way...

I'm off now to have fun!

Keep on masturbating!!!


I'm now 46 years old and have been masturbating since I was 8 years old. As I've gotten older I've become more horny. I have a partner, but he doesn't compare to the pleasure I have when I'm alone, and how I look forward to these times. I have a variety of toys and also use bottles, hairbrush handles, anything remotely phallic in fact. I usually make myself come again and again when I have these special times to myself. I watch porn clips on youporn.com and particularly like to watch women masturbating. I really like to watch big fleshy vulvas with big inner lips and big clits. I get so wet that my juices run out of me. I'm not a lesbian but I fantasize about sucking on a big clit and having a woman go down on me.....Maybe it will happen one day!. I also insert things into my anus as the feeling sends me into orbit especially when I have a dildo in my cunt hitting my g spot. It usually ends in me ejaculating copious amounts of cum.

Happy masturbating. X


I have come to discover a sex toy that has given me so much pleasure, and I am hoping it can give the same pleasure to other women out there. I recently purchased a hand-held bidet/rinser that you attach to the toilet bowl water pipes. It is similar to a detachable showerhead except that it is smaller, with a much more concentrated and intense water flow. And unlike the shower(head) where you have to get naked and wet all over to pleasure yourself, the rinser allows you maximum comfort and convenience, anytime you feel the need to cum, as you sit on the toilet bowl while you work up an orgasm with the water pressure aimed at your clitoris and labia.

The sensations are intense and powerful and I have oftentimes wept from so much pleasure as my legs spasm and involuntarily jerk from the wonder of it all. The intense concentrated water flow from the nozzle hits so many spots that I didn't know existed! I have also experienced ejaculation because of this intense pleasure! Coupled with deep, quick breaths and concentration, my orgasms have never been so intense as these.

I only started to masturbate about six months ago, when I was 19. I'm not a very sexually active person, however, when I do get turned on I proceed to my bedroom.

I don't know whether this is normal with most girls but it takes a lot to get me turned on as I find myself to have a low drive. This usually means I masturbate about once maybe twice a month.

I prefer to do it on my bed when I'm home alone. This involves all my clothes on and then I put baby oil on my middle finger of my right hand. I rub slowly at first until know I've hit the right points and can start feeling some pleasure. As I feel my clitoris getting bigger I increase the rubbing. Masturbating is very intense for me, I find myself trembling a lot - even at points where I feel the climax I have to stop myself as it's too much. So, it takes me a while to reach orgasm, half an hour sometimes longer. Yeah so I try to relax myself, but most of the touches make me tremble, once I feel that verge where I know my orgasm is near, I start rubbing really fast. And wow, the orgasm is worth it.

I think about women licking me out!

It only happens once a month for me, but the build up is worth it. I am looking for advice on how I could come quicker though, half an hour isn't right is it?

I mostly like to play with my clit because I am a virgin and penetrating myself hurts. I like to wrap an electric toothbrush in a wash cloth and rub it against my clitoris. I do this when I am alone in the apartment. I like to imagine about four guys and women watching me and then imagine that one of the girls is rubbing the toothbrush on my clit. And then I imagine a guy coming and fucking me hard. Then I have a huge orgasm


I'm 15 and I have been masturbating for a few months. I still live with my family and I'm too embarrassed to tell them what I'm doing. I am really envious of some of the girls on this site that have friends that masturbate and are ok with it. None of my friends masturbate (except for my guy ones so I don't want to talk to them about it). I wait until everyone's asleep, then I sneak onto the computer and watch porn or read some of these stories. Then I go up to my room quietly and get one of those back massage vibrators and an old toothbrush. I use the vibrator to play with my clit until I start to feel like I'm about to cum. Then I take the toothbrush and insert it into my vagina. I move it up and down until I cum.

Every once and awhile, I take my Venus Razor and use the handle because it has a rubber texturized pattern on it.


I have been masturbating since I was 12. One thing I do now is I take the head off of an electric toothbrush and I lubricate a Q-tip with Vaseline. I peel the cotton off the other end of the Q-tip and stick it in the spot where the toothbrush head should be. Then I turn it on put it on my clit, and enjoy the amazing orgasms.


Hi, my name is Haeli and I've been masturbating since I was 11, I'm 16 now and I love watching porn movies while I masturbate. I start by caressing my breasts and then slowly going down to my pussy, rubbing against it until it's wet. I start imagining myself with two guys, one fucking my pussy and the other my ass. I put two fingers in my pussy and two up my ass and start pushing them in and out. Guaranteed orgasm.


This is the only way I can get off.

When I get horny and want to do this, I go to my room. Then I do indirect stimulation of my clit from my labia. My legs are open and make a SMALL V. When I get wet I tap my vaginal opening to make sure I'm wet enough for masturbation not to hurt. When I make sure, I stick some fingers or a dildo into my vagina, and masturbate like that for as long as I want. This makes me very wet so I use the natural juices as lube to finger my ass and stop when I want to.


I'm fifteen years old and I started masturbating a long time ago. It all started with one of my friends, we were lying in bed, I think we were around seven, and she had her hands down her pants. So we played truth or dare and I remember my vulva getting really wet. She dared me to get naked and lie on top of her and I did, she proceeded to play with her vulva for a while. She used to ask if she could watch me pee or if I would watch her. We'd make tents and show each other our pussies. Another time we had taken turns humping a stuffed animal and I got really wet, so I showed her. At every sleep over she would masturbate.


Hey I'm 20 and I think the female body is amazing,,, I thrust my pussy back and forward, humping an elongated cushion wrapped in plastic to prolong the wetness... I just cum and cum and cum its so great!!!


I didn't start masturbating until I was about 12 and finally found out how and what an orgasm was. I'm 16 now and a few weeks ago I thought no one was home and was masturbating in my room. The door was open slightly and I was laying naked with my legs spread wide apart fingering myself. I could see into the mirror on the wall and noticed one of my younger brother's friend peeking in at me. At first I was startled but immediately realized I was more turned on by someone watching me, even though he is only 13. I closed my eyes enough that I could still see him but acted like I didn't know he was watching me. I continued to masturbate and squeeze my breasts and orgasmed 3 times, which was the most I have ever had at one time. He was probably in the hallway to use our bathroom and had to go by my door. The last few times I've seen him he is more friendly than usual and I can tell he is looking at me more. I'm not sure if it is a normal thing to get turned on with someone watching but I hope I can do it again someday.


Well, has anyone ever tried a vacuum cleaner?? If you have a vacuum with high suction that has a button for hand tools, or even floors, it won't be quit so strong. Get into a good comfortable position with your legs back and your cunt thrust out. Sitting on the edge of a chair works best. Then get the hose just close enough that it sucks and your lips and clit are just inside the hose. Play around with it until you get it to vibrate your clit and lips but not suck you right in. Your cunt will be 5 x's the size after you cum, and soft as a baby's bum. You WILL cum, I guarantee, and if you use it often enough your cunt will pretty much stay larger than usual (like the "pump" men use but without the strange look a woman's pump gives your cunt). Awesome, awesome cum; let me tell you!


Wow I was really surprised to see some people having the same experience as me! I remember I started masturbating around 4-5 when I watched these really intimate kiss scenes that made me super horny... I started wrapping a blanket around my legs and start "humping" it... FELT REALLY GOOD! I didn't really know much at that age... to me it was just a feeling like almost peeing...Growing up I always thought it was a bad thing and that it was odd for me to get all horny at such a young age.

I'm 16 now and I still use the blanket technique :] but besides that running warm water/rubbing your clit feels really nice too! I love to masturbate haha


I love thinking an older man is taking advantage of my body. I do not know why this turns me on as much as it does but it does.

I'm 18 and I don't know how to masturbate without folding my blanket up and riding it or rubbing my [menstrual] pad into my pussy.


I'm not sure if anyone else does it this way, but I sit on the arm of my computer chair, panties on, and rock back and for, slowly, until I feel myself reaching orgasm. Then I stop and wait for a few seconds, before carrying on, and then stopping again. I do this until I can't stand it anymore and just grind my way to orgasm. It's fabulous, but I can't masturbate with my hands, which I'd really love to do.


I find that using a vibrator is the best, it feels so intense to rub it up, down and around my clit. I am quite imaginative with the positions I take though. First of all, I get undressed after watching erotic videos or looking at pictures, which gets my clit pumping. I then start the vibe rubbing on my clit on it's lowest setting. I don't have a favorite position, as I love all of them and they are all uniquely fantastic! One is the usual lying on my back, first with my legs spread out wide and flat on the floor, then with them raised and bent against my chest, still wide apart. Then support your lower body weight on your legs so your bum is raised off the floor. Or sometimes I support the vibrator on something low to the floor, so I can bend down and literally hump the vibrator with my clit (this feels slightly dirty but feels so good) or I sometimes get down on all fours, spread my legs and move back and fourth rhythmically with the rubbing of the vibrator against my clit. I love all these positions and suggest anyone should try them out if they haven't already. All can end in an intense, leg shaking orgasm!!

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