Women Masturbation Experiences And Techniques VIII


I have been masturbating since I was 7 or 8. I don't remember why I started but I know that it felt so good. I would lay on my bed at night, and put my fingers on my clit and pussy, then I would push down and squeeze my legs together. I would get all sweaty and then I would just fall asleep. I never experimented with any other girls. We never really talk about Masturbation or rubbing pussies. BUT, when I was twelve, I started looking at Sports Illustrated and when I masturbate I mostly think of naked girls or lesbian porno videos. Or when I like a boy I think of them fuckin' me with a hard dick.

I can sit down in a car or something a squeeze my legs together, and get horny, Or I steal my mom's back massager and use it on my clit, and rub it on my labia majora and minora. I don't ejaculate but I get very wet and a little bit comes out, I love masturbation and I hope one day I'll get to experiment with a girl! This Site rocks!!

I have been masturbating since about 12 years of age. I discovered it while playing with the neighbor girl and we got naked and were touching ourselves. I actually got on top of her, naked and went through the motions have fucking her and sucking her tits. Then I became so worked up that I would take a stuffed bear, put lotion on my pussy and fuck the bear. Now I am married and 46 years old and still masturbate. I use a dildo, my fingers, the heat from the hair dryer, I hump my pillows, grinding my cunt against trees, finger myself while driving, squeezing my thighs together, any form I can do I will. One night, while in bed with my hubby, I sleep naked, I awoke to find my little dog licking my pussy. I freaked out but it felt awesome, my husband awoke and he took over. I dream about having sex with a woman while I masturbate and that's what usually gets me off. I can't get enough. I think I am bi. I look at women in the store and think, damn I would love to have her pussy and then I leave and finger myself in the car or even in the bathroom at the store.

I LOVE to masturbate and as soon as I am done I have to go and blow one.

I think I will ride the hell out of the pillows.

Thanks for letting me say this..

One who loves to masturbate and would love to really have a nice pussy in my face eating her like no tomorrow,, anyone wanna play?


I first experienced orgasm when I was 5 years old while climbing poles supporting the roof at pre school. I thought I was the only person in the world who did this and experienced the "nice feeling"! then I noticed another girl who often did it and I asked her if she also got that feeling and she said yes. When I was 13 I was taught by class mates to masturbate and since this was physically much easier and convenient I have been doing it ever since. However I could not climb poles or ropes without orgasming till I left senior school which was pretty embarrassing trying to conceal the good feelings!


From the get go, my sex life with my husband (and only sex partner) has been just been unsatisfying. I masturbate on a regular basis. I started out with the fingers and use vibrators. I usually find I can orgasm with clitoral stimulation. Recently I have discovered if I'm patient I can achieve vaginal orgasms. I start with fondling my breasts to get myself wet. Then I lazily stoke my pussy with just brief touching of my clit. I then use the vibrator to stoke my vagina and alternate that with stroking my pussy. Just as I find I want stroke my clit a lot, I back off. I do this several time and then let myself go. I get the best vaginal orgasm with squirting and then I go wild with the clit and get a mind blowing come. I usually throb for quite a while.


I've masturbated since I was very, very young but back then I didn't know what I was doing. I used to call it a game.

I take my right hand and ball it into a fist and do whatever I want with the other hand.Then I lay on my stomach, my fist under me and I hump my fist hard, giving me a tingly feel. Then I love taking showers in my parent's bathroom because they have a showerhead that you can move and another one to spray water all over your body. The moving shower head- well you probably know.


I must be weird, because I'm actually a lesbian with some odd fetishes when I jerk my pussy.

Sometimes I pretend that I'm a nerdy person in a math class, getting my clit blown by my girlfriend. Or sometimes I will draw or put on a fake mustache in my room, and wear men's clothing. I will pretend that I'm a man, and I go to the mirror, and get aroused. I pretend I'm in a club, with a girl, as I lay in my bed, and then I start stroking my strap-on until I go numb. I start to jerk and rock off as I'm aroused, but trying not to cum pussy juice right away. I put my hand, and rub myself, and do it silently, until I explode to a climax. I grab my breasts, and I rub my vulva underneath the huge strap-on, feeling my fake mustache, and take off my suspenders, and men's clothing, and jack off!!! Then I rub my hand underneath the strap-on wearing nothing but a false mustache, pretending to be fucking a woman hotly in the bathroom, while trying to get away with men's disguise! Then, I need to take it off, because I can't take it anymore, and I should stop there...I'm soaking wet, feeling pleasure, and needing to be a woman again and clean up with some tissues, believing I convinced a woman that I was really a guy.


First off I have to say I Love this site. Its ahmazing.

Okies I'm 17 and I've been trying different techniques since I was about 11, what I've found works really really well is if I take a vibrating back massager [one of the extremely high powered ones] and put it directly on my clit then when I'm about to orgasm I take my vibrator and have it on its highest setting and I pound it in and out of me as fast as I can with one hand, the double vibrations cause an amazing orgasm. It really helps when I think of the way my girlfriend touches me and licks me while I do it, or sometimes we each hold a massager to our own clits and use our vibrators on each other and use our hand not using the vibrator to caress each others breasts and such, its beyond amazing.

But I really suggest the double vibrating thing. Now I'm off to enjoy myself.


Smack it hard...and a bannana...or a cellphone...uhhlala..


I never masturbated a lot as a child, but I remember lying in bed getting tingly feelings and touching my vulva from outside my panties, but I never went farther than that.

I can't remember how long I've been masturbating for but what I usually do is strip naked and lie on my bed and read some of the techniques on this website. Sometimes I look at lesbian porn as well. I let my pussy get hot and wet, then I lightly stroke my clitoral hood. I lubricate my fingers with saliva and tease my lips and all over. I start off circling my clit slowly and tenderly then gradually get faster, then slow down again. Eventually when I can't take it I massage it harder and faster and gradually feel a warm feeling creeping through my pelvis. I usually always orgasm this way and it feels amazing. Sometimes I use an electric toothbrush rubbed rhythmically along my clit.

I'm straight but I always fantasize about another girl licking all over my vulva and sucking hard on my clit while touching my nipples. I also would love to eat a woman's smooth, shaved pussy like mine, kissing and licking and sucking until she shook and moaned. I hope one day I can experience this because the idea turns me on so much that I have to go masturbate right now!


My name is Jessica and I'm 15 years old. I've only told internet friends of mine about my masturbation. I find it kind of embarrassing in real life. I got bored today and just decided to look up some masturbation techniques cause I was starting to get bored with mine haha. I saw this site and before I thought I was reaaallyyyy strange with some of the stuff I did. I thought I was actually a lesbian because I would get turned on when I saw like Girls Gone Wild on tv. I would stay up real late on weekends just to watch it and masturbate over and over and over again haha. I knew I liked men, but I thought I might be really weird or something. But I'm just really relieved to know I'm not the only one that fantasizing about being with another woman. Something about it just really gets me off. I'm blushing just talking about this haha but oh well. I started masturbating in elementary school. Believe it or not, I'd do it in school. We would be walking in a single file line and I'd masturbate on the way to lunch. Kind of awkward and had to be careful not to get caught but what can I say? I can't control my urges sometimes :P I haven't used any tools yet..I'm kind of nervous of hurting myself if I do something wrong. But I'm very curious and very horny right now that I might try something new. Thank you for the wonderful site :)


I am 67 and I have been masturbating since I can remember, the feeling is still there and I am still gaining new techniques every day. I masturbate at least 6 times a day to some relaxing music. Only yesterday I was masturbating in front of my window at my home and the postman got a full glance, this turned me on more than anything I have ever had before. It only took me 10 seconds to reach climax, this setting my new PB and what I have ben led to believe the new NR. My orgasms taste sweet, some have mentioned before it tastes like nectar, this only encourages me to taste me own cum!

A message to all young girls out there feeling lonely, don't be because God gave us hands for a reason and your fannys there to be explored.

Yours sincerely Samantha

Julia L.

I start on my stomach, totally naked, and place a hard pillow in between my legs. Then I hump up and down and apply hard pressure, I also move side to side, and this results in an orgasm in a matter of minuets. I love it.


I've probably masturbated properly for around a year and a half now, even though I'm just 15.

Even when I was younger at around the age of 9/10, I was always aware of 'down below'. My best friend and I would often sleep over at each others houses or just go over for dinner and we were constantly in her bedroom playing. One day we were playing doctors & nurses when we decided to venture down below. She had a proper little doctors kit - the gloves, the thermometer etc...

On this particular day, she put the gloves on, and we had a sports-cap bottle filled with water. She pretended to be the nurse and asked me to pull down my trousers, which I quite happily did. She started to feel around my clitoris and rubbing it up and down, telling me she was checking everything was OK. This obviously started to turn me on and I wiggled around a bit, and she told me that she needed to clean me up. She took the bottle and squirted the water out at my clit and rubbing it again. She rubbed harder and faster and she took her finger and stroked the entrance to my vagina, before inserting her finger and feeling around inside, by now I was breathing heavily and had the urge to feel myself, so I was pleasuring myself while she fingered me. Then all of a sudden the put her head in between my legs and licked my pussy and soon I was having my first orgasm. Ever since that day, we constantly fingered each other.

Now - I just use my fingers and rub myself hard and fast until I orgasm and come.

A nony mouse

A few weeks ago, I was reading here and some one said something about using the jet power setting on their shower head against their clit, so I thought I would try it. My mum and siblings went to a friend's house but I stayed at home, because I had bad period pains and felt like crap. Anyway, I thought "ooh, I'll try that jet power thing while I'm home alone." So I did and it felt REALLY good! I think I moaned about 3 times! But I had to stop because it was so intense! Afterwards I couldn't help laughing, because I've never done that before and I couldn't believe that I made myself moan!

So if anyone reading this has a removable shower-head, turn it on jet power and have some fun with it ;)


I love masturbating and have been doing for longer than I can remember. I'm not sure when my first experience was but when I was around 6 or 7 I have memories of being with one of my friends and we would be having a sleep over. We would pretend to be boyfriend and girlfriend and would start to kiss and then get under the duvets where we would touch each other and rub up against each other. We didn't know what we were doing but we knew it felt very good.

I masturbate nearly every day and my techniques change depending on what I feel like doing. I usually start by either coming on to this site and reading everyone else's stories (which gets me so wet) or I watch porn, usually lesbian. I'm not gay or Bi, but the idea of being with a girl is such a turn on and I find normal porn a bit too male dominant. As I'm watching or reading on these sites I slowly play with my pussy, which gets me more in the mood and I feel my self throbbing and getting wetter and wetter. If decide I need to pay all my attention to myself and go to my bed where I get completely naked. I caress my boobs and nipples and rub my clit in a circular motion. Slow at first and then faster, I slip one finger and then another as my other hand is still rubbing my clit. Ahh it feels so good. I'm imagining a girl is sucking and licking my pussy and I get faster until I can feel my whole body shaking with pleasure. I keep going until I orgasm, it feels as though my body is exploding and I don't want the feeling to stop. OH my God it's amazing!

I am desperate to have multiple orgasms and have been really trying to have them, but I just feel so sensitive after I have cum that I can't start again which is very frustrating.

But right now I'm very wet so I think I might go and finish myself off...


I am so happy to have found this site! I began masturbating when I was around 4 or 5, and somehow I knew exactly what it was and felt that it was wrong. But it was a sort of social thing that all the neighborhood kids did together. I grew up humping soft pillows or stuffed animals - and until now I thought I might be the only one! I would use anything I could get my hands on - from my Barbie doll legs to stuffed animals, and as I got older, I began masturbating more and more, while my friends all lost their virginities. When I finally had sex I was disappointed. I am not into direct clitoral stimulation, and I could not get off with any guy I was with - they all want to rub right on my clit and it really just hurts!

Now I work in a porn shop and let me tell you - there are so many toys that vibrate that make every orgasm explosive. I prefer the egg shaped bullets, and I also like to use anal toys at the same time. I prefer to make it a total fantasy for myself - turning off the lights, spreading a blanket on the floor and watching a dirty movie while I pleasure myself. I wish that I had known that others were just as curious as I was when I was younger. Now at least I have a man that knows how to get me to that place, but every once in a while a girl just needs to know how to play with herself and not be embarrassed about it.


OMG... I love to masturbate. The first time I masturbated I was 11 and I've been doing it daily since. I had my 1st orgasm when I was 13...I was laying in my bed and I started thinking of my boyfriend. I was yearning to have sex for him but knew it wasnt possible. I strippped off my clothes...and started rubbing my tits real hard as my boyfriend did to me. Then I started licking my fingers and rubbing my vulva and soon I was moaning and shaking all over.. I am a very sexual person and I am probably masturbating as you read this..... ughhhhh...ohhhhh...fuck yea...ahahhahahha....!


I love masturbating and have been doing it since I was 14 years old. I showed my husband once and he was hooked immediately. Since then he's been peeping at me to watch me without me knowing. It turns me on to extremes if I know he is watching. Many nights I would read sex books, lying next to him, while masturbating. Hubby would pretend to be fast asleep. We stayed in an apartment building and I would lie on the couch, legs spread, masturbating, while he pretended to be asleep. Sometimes I would open the curtains in the hope of someone seeing me without my knowledge. I would come like crazy, knowing this. Sometimes hubby would watch pornography with his friends. I would watch with them, lying under a blanket, with my fingers deep inside my pussy, hoping the blanket would move, exposing my swollen clitoris to his friends. I would fantasize about this for months, hubby knowing and encouraging me to masturbate when I fantasize.


I would get a blown up basketball and rub my clit in different motions, such as up, down, and side to side, and different pressures. Its feel realy good, you should try it.


I have been masturbating since I was 12. It first started when I used a shower hose and put it between my legs, because I had read about it in a book. I loved the sensation of the water, and I used to sit for hours in the bathtub and just orgasm over and over again. Then we moved to a new house. Ao the hose and I were seperated. So I was desperated to find a way to orgasm again.

Then I found it. It had been with me the whole time. My finger mmmmm.... yeah I just kept on rubbing it real fast on my clit and within a few minutes I start moaning and groaning. Then I cum. Its great fun and I love it. I do it whenever I can and I use things like my pillow, toys, and ice. I think the vagina isn't as good as the clit...

One night we went to the swimming pool of our apartment complex. I was with my husband and another good friend. It was really late at night and nobody was there besides us. We were goofing around in the pool and somehow my bathing suit came off. As I was moving around in the pool I came across the jets along the side of the wall. I stopped and hung on the side of the pool, with the strong jet water pushing against my clit. The sensation was so awesome. It didn't take long and I completely forgot where I was or who was in the pool with me. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the ride. Before too long the most intense orgasm came over me. I think my loud moans attracted my two companions as they were now next to me and watching me have a couple more orgasms. Needless to say we made it back to that pool many more nights and the orgasms are just the most intense and best I have ever had.


I have been masturbating since I was 6 years old. I had wanted to know what was down below, so I was feeling it and I had this amazing feeling, I didn't know what it was but it was good. I went on Holiday and I had a hold of the shower head, the shower head slipped out of my hand, I managed to catch it but I felt all the water spraying out onto my clit and this is one of my techniques that I use now. You have to find the right place but I love it. I find it hard not to do this when I am in the shower now. Another technique is if you have a mixer tap that is high up on the wall, lie down with your legs open and let the water drop from a height and onto your clit. I tried it last year and I had an amazing orgasm, I started to shake and feel I couldn't take anymore, but I carried on and I really wanted to scream.

I have also used the Rampant Rabbit and have amazing orgasms with this when I fantasize about having sex with a man with the blinds open so everyone can see us, or the same with a woman.


Hey, I first must say that this website is amazing!

I'm 19 years old and have been masturbating since I was about 9 or 10. I used to feel wrong after doing so, but that feeling disappeared quite quickly!

I used to, and still do, use soft toys. I thought I was very strange doing so, thank God other people have done so too!

My favourite way to come is to play sex games online or to read dirty novels at my desk.

I don't allow myself to touch anywhere until I start to feel really hot and turned on. Then I will start stroking my inner thighs, (nipples don't do that much for me, although grabbing and slightly squeezing my breasts works well).

When I feel myself getting more excited, I'll take off my jeans and lie down on my bed. I start to rub my vulva with my panties still on. It gives me so much pleasure, and it's almost a challenge to see how long I can go before I want to rip them off. The extra friction the panties give too is great!! I'll start touching my breasts under my top, also while I moan.

All this time I fantasize about hot guys, sometimes having a threesome with two of them. I rarely think of other women. I'll then take a pillow and place it so it will stimulate my clitoris and graze my butt at the same time. I start to grind against the pillow whilst grabbing my butt cheeks and pulling them apart. Then I will come a few minutes after.

Recently I have tried inserting fingers into my vagina, but because I am a virgin, it does not seem to pleasure me much.
I masturbate very frequently, any time of day, although it is good at night if you can't sleep! I tend to masturbate more when I am ovulating also.

Keep up the good work girls!


I love masturbating whenever I'm bored and have nothing to do, especially when no ones home! I sometimes go into the shower. My bathroom's shower-head can change the way the water comes from the shower. I change it to make the pressure nice and hard [massage type]. Then I lay in the tub with my legs wide open and let my pussy get it. Its amazing! I also use a massaging vibrator. Instead of using it on my back, I use it on my vulva. <3


I love to masturbate its probably the most amazing this ever! I do have a boyfriend and weve engaged in sex fairly normally. But I always masturbate at least once a day anyway. I have a few techniques. The first and my favorite would be to lie on my back on the bathtub floor and spread my legs open as far as they go then grab a container on Vaseline and vigorously rub myself up and down then when I get really turned on I rub my clit and take a mirror and look at myself doing it. I'm not gay but I often fantasize about a lesbian licking my vulva and spreading it open wide and taking videos and pictures while a guy watches. Another amazing techniqe is to lie on my back in the bathtub and turn the water on and make sure its fairly hot then I spread my legs open very wide and insert two fingers into my vagina and move myself down to the water until my clit is directly under it. I fantasize also while doing this usually about kinky sex and sex machines that would almost hurt unless you were soaking wet and extremly horny. My boyfriend knows about all of my masturbation experiences and I tell him about my best orgasms! He always gets jealous that he can't satisfy me as well as myself, haha. It makes sex way better and I usually have multiple orgasms! Hope this helped!


I have to say I feel jealous of the girls who have said that they have had friends to masturbate with. I would love to have someone else to share the experience with, plus I feel that it'll make it even more pleasurable.

I usually lie on the ground or on my bed and fantasize about being raped or having my partner play with my clit and breasts. I sometimes like to feel myself up and down and then I proceed to rub my clit in a circular motion with the first three fingers on my hand. I can get very horny and wet doing this, however it takes me a while to prime and when I do, it doesn't last for very long.

Sometimes I have the urge to do this everyday.

I would love to have a G-spot orgasm except I'm still not very into inserting my fingers or anything else into myself.


Hi Im 18 and I love to masturbate!!!!

I started masturbating when I was about 11, I loved the feeling I would get when I rubbed my pussy. For a while I just used my fingers, then I started using household objects. I have used an icecream scooper, toothbrush, brush, pens, bodyspray bottles, and more. Because I just cant go and buy one with out my parents maybe finding it, so I have to used what I got. I masturbate about 5-6 times a week. I'm straight but I love to imagine another girl rubbing and licking my pussy. It gets me off. I love to rub my nipples until they are hard and sticking out then I slowly work my way down, by rubing my stomach and thighs before even going close to my pussy (by this time I'm wet). I slowly play with my clit with my wet fingers and rub it down. I can feel the warmth inside, but I don't go in yet, I tease myself. By making little circles around my clit as I watch it pop out. Then when I'm right about to orgasm I stick two fingers in and out........Then WOW.

I hope this helps someone!


I am 18 years old and have been masturbating since I was 9. I walked into my parents bathroom and saw a porn magazine. I was reading it and started to feel my pussy heat up. So I started to rub my clit and pussy on the edge of the toilet seat. From then on I would rub and hump my pillow and my bed post. I even tried rubbing my clit on a free standing fan leg while it was on. The vibrations sent me through the roof. I humped it from then on. I love to hump pillows, doors, bed posts and the edge of a bath or toilet. I also love to use my vibrators or vibrating toothbrushes. My favorite technique is to lay on my back, put my hips up on a pillow and get my vibrator, trace around my clit with my finger slowly and insert my vibrator into my pussy. Slowly rub my clit faster then, with my vibrator still in my pussy take the pillow from under my hips, lay on my stomach and pull my knees up to "crouch over" the pillow. Hump and rub away till you cum. I also like to finger my anus.


I have a neighbor who is a senior in high school, he always has friends over, and when I masturbate I rub my clit and I imagine that he can see me through his window (even though I don't have a window on that side) and I fantasize him seeing me and getting hard, and then taking his pants off, and him masturbating, and then he can't take it anymore so he comes over and he does it with me (by this point I have my middle finger inside me) and then I fantasize about that...with juicy details, and then he has to leave so he leaves me there (I take my finger out quickly) and I am wet and horny and he is still hard and you can see it through his pajama bottoms.. so by this point I'm reaching climax... and then I rub harder and faster and then I orgasm once and I scream his name (usually I just moan it quietly in my pillow) and he comes back, sneakily, and starts just kissing me gently down there and then he just gently fingers me....(I stick my finger in slowly and out) and then he whispers that he never thought that a young girl like me could do him like this and then he kisses my mouth and he leaves quietly... (then I slow down...and stop... and drift off to sleep dreaming about him)

Another way that I do this when I don't feel like going through all that is....I just sway back and forth like I am dancing with someone slowly, and then I rub my clit because when I was slow dancing once, the guy that I was dancing with got hard... so I just imagine this.


I discovered masturbation when I was ten. My mother had bought me a sex ed book that was kept in my closet. One night I could not sleep and read it in the bathroom, it talked all about masturbation!!! I am very simple and use the original technique with my fingers. Nothing in my vagina, no dildos or vibrators. Nothing. Those things actually turn me off. Touching my boobs don't help either. I just lie on my bed naked from the waist down, and sometimes because I have the iPod touch, I can go on the Internet and read erotic stories. I always read a whole page of stories until my panties are soaked then rub my hood since my actual clitoris is very very sensitve.

I'd be honored to have this on your website.



I like to masturbate while laying down and crossing my legs. Just start rubbing your clit gently while crossing your legs and waves of pleasure start to come. I love multiples!


This is my favorite masturbation technique:

First I gently rub my fingers on my pussy outside my panties for a few minutes. Then I take this little ball that I have, spread my legs, and put it down in my panties. While its down there I hump it. In the meantime, I read the stories here is on this site or look at lesbian porn and I get so aroused that I almost get an orgasm just by that. When I can't take it any more I either rub the ball at my clitoris or take it up and finger myself. Its so amazing that I in the end scream all I can and soon I orgasm.

I have to go find my ball now (masturbated while I wrote this)! Ohhh!


Hey hey, I'm 15, and I too am very horny. The most intimate I've ever been with someone else is kissing so far. I get turned on by reading about masturbation, but every time I try to finger myself I don't feel any pleasure. I can't seem to find the right spot, and it really frustrates me. Ever since going out with a bisexual boy, I became open minded and now think I am bisexual too. Until now I wasn't really sure about whether I was or not, but after reading about the anonymous person above Chris, I really think I am. Is anyone seriously interested in cyber?


I started masturbating when I was 11 I think. It started one night when I had a bad itch down there :D. I started scratching through my underwear and found it felt good so I started rubbing gently instead of scratching. I did that every night to fall asleep.

When I was 13 or 14 I came up with a much better way. I usually do it home alone. I'll get completely naked except for panties and sit on my bed. I'll start massaging my breasts and then slowly move down. Then I'll spread my legs and massage my pussy through my panties gently. When I start to get really turned on I slip my hand in my panties and stroke my pussy gently, getting faster and faster. When I'm really fast I stop quickly and then stroke right around my clit with two fingers, getting faster and faster until I cum. I'm 17 now and it never fails! I do it as often as I can and it helps me fall asleep too.

Another way I cum quite easily with a gift I got years ago. It's a sort of pen holder, but without the pen. It's hard to explain. You put the pen in and turn it on. It vibrates :D and makes the writing squiggly. I use it all the time. Putting the tip on or around my clitoris I turn it on and it starts vibrating really fast. This turns me on in a way I can't explain! When I first did this at age 11 I couldn't believe it. I got an intense feeling in my stomach, my legs went numb and got weak, and I got very wet down there. I didn't cum through that method until a couple years later. Now I do it every chance I get!

Also, this site rocks! I love trying out the different methods!


The most intense orgasm I ever had was done so by the use of a Conair pore unclogger! This tool uses strong sucking power to unclog pores by placing the sucker over the pore... well I place it over my clit and the feeling is amazing.


I always have been very sexually aware. I knew what it was; I had books and my mother explained it to me etc. I'm Roman Catholic and I have been in Catholic school all my life. In religion books masturbation just like porn is bad and considered self abuse. At night when I was younger I would explore my body "down there." I would touch and explore my folds. About a year ago (I was 14 or 15) I started reading about masturbation in magazines and from the media. I had the anatomy of the vulva and I wanted to find my clitoris. I tried but after a frustrating search I gave up. I am now sixteen and in religion class this topic came up, my teacher was clearly upset we were taught that masturbation was wrong. She said it was a neutral action not good or bad, just neutral. I was happy to learn this and after lots of research I stumbled upon this wonderful site which gave me more insight on what to do. I've always had sexual urges and didn't now what to do with them. Thank you guys and all the wonderful girls and women who share there experiences. With masturbation I don't feel pressured to have sex to explore what its like. I love myself and wish masturbation was not viewed so badly in society. With a hand mirror I found my clitoris. I literally shook when I touched it. Needless to say my clit is my new best friend. By choice I am waiting to have sex until I am married. I try to keep my hymen intact; I have no need for penetration even though I'm sure it's wonderful. I orgasm by clitoral stimulation (for now). But I think sex is a very sacred bond that unites two people and I want to save that for a very special person. With masturbation I have learned to love my body I am more sexually aware and I feel more connected with myself. It's a wonderful experience and the orgasms are pure bliss! Thanks again.


Well, I started masturbating when I was about 10. Watching movies with nudity made me start thrusting myself back and forth. Then I start putting my hands down my pants and I started grabbing my vulva and rubbing it super fast. I'm 16 now, and I love playing with myself. I usually get off by watching porn (but I'm not gay) then I go in my room. I take off all of my clothes and lay under the covers. I gently rub myself, and then gently squeeze my vulva with my whole hand. Then I place one finger in, then two and then three and rub them throughout my whole vagina. Then I tap my clitoris until I can't stand it anymore. I stop every once in a while because it builds up pressure. Sometimes I take an empty plastic perfume bottle and stick it in me really deep. Then when I know I'm about to have an orgasm I grind my pillow really hard. It feels amazing. I do it at least 5 times a week. It relieves so much stress.


My name is Danielle, and I have have found my miracle product!!! It's this little innocent looking Venus Vibrance razor (I wonder how many people actually use these to shave....) and it has all these small ridges. The tip is this little bulb that feels just like a dick head. The other tip of the razor has the strongest vibrations. I am constantly rubbing that over my clit, having me orgasming in minutes. Try it! You can get them anywhere and they're cheap!


Hiya there,

I have been masturbating for about a year now. And just recently I have found a great new way. If you have one get an electric nail file...You know the ones with all the different attachments and turn it on. Put it on your pussy and it vibrates on your clit, its almost like a vibrator.



Hi, I just recently started masturbating. I used to think it was gross and stuff until I realized I unknowingly touch my personal areas when alone. So then I decided to actually do it seriously. I usually go to the bathroom (as to not get caught) and lie on my back on the floor with no clothes or just my underwear off since I don't get turned on by rubbing my boobs (does anyone know any good techniques for playing with your breasts?) I usually bend my knees up and separate my legs. I lick my pointer finger and middle finger on my right hand to get it wet and start by rubbing my clit. I go in circle and then a little lower where a go in circle with pressure. And then I feel the warmth inside of me, the rush. I suddenly change the motion to just up and down and then right and left and then change to circular again and that's when I can't stand it. The pleasure is so amazing. And I go circular really fast for a little bit and immediately stick two fingers of my left hand up my vagina and go in and out really fast. I don't cum for some reason but the pleasure I get is enough.

Is there a way to cum? I heard it feels great.

And sometimes when just sitting with my legs crossed, tightening your thighs and your butt gives a great feeling. You can do it anywhere, even in school.


I have been able to masturbate to orgasm for as long as I can remember (long before I knew there was a word for it). When I was younger, I would masturbate by lying face-down on my bed with a nightshirt and panties on, and my hands under my vulva. I would move my hands so the heels of my palms massaged my outer labia against my clitoris, and my fingertips just pressed into the well where my vagina begins. This way I could orgasm very quickly, but weakly. It was a thick, dull, tightening sensation.

When I got to college two years ago, I had more privacy, so I started looking for porn online. My favorite is watching two men together (the men in gay porn are always better-looking!). At first I would stroke my vulva gently through my panties while sitting at my desk watching porn, and then I would move to my bed and finish myself off. But one day I really wanted to watch the video all the way through, so I sat stroking myself on and on. As I got more aroused, my strokes got stronger, but I didn't notice what I was doing anymore because I was absorbed in what I was watching. Suddenly, without warning, I hit orgasm. This time it wasn't a dull tightening, it was an explosion! My back arched, my knees slammed against the sides of my desk and made the drawers rattle, and strangled moans kept leaping from my throat. I tried to quiet myself, since between the crashes and moaning I was worried my neighbors in the dorm would wonder what I was up to. It was so much better than ever before, now I always masturbate sitting upright or lying face-up!

Here's the cool part. After I have one orgasm that way, my clit is too sensitive to touch directly again, but I can flip onto my stomach and masturbate the way I did originally to have even more orgasms! They aren't as strong, but I can usually have three or four before my arms get tired.

Now I just bought a G-spot vibrator, so my next project is to learn to squirt!


My name is Karen and I've been masturbating since I was 8 years old.


I always begin by laying down in a hot, steamy shower with the water running all over my body. I then start to rub on my nipples, just back and forth. As I go faster and harder I start to feel myself getting wetter and wetter..After a minute or two, I just can't take it anymore so I spread my legs open as wide as they can go and just let the water stream down directly onto my clit. Almost immediately I feel my orgasm beginning to come. So to stimulate me even more, I'll then start rubbing on my nipples again while the water is hitting my clit so hard and before I know it, that pleasure feeling rushes over me and I feel myself cum just as I start to orgasm. It literally rocks my body every time!


Hi, I'm sixteen and have been masturbating since I was about 8, I've always thought of it as a bad thing because I started doing it when I heard my mum and step dad having sex, at the time my mum was pregnant and I thought it could be killing my brother. But afterwards I thought about the noises and it made my area feel funny, in a nice way. I don't know why I thought of it but I just used to rub myself on anything, I remember I did it once in the cloak room on someone's coat just because at that moment I had to do it, and nothing could stop me! I still do it now, using like my cushions and my duvet rolled up. I've always thought that masturbation was only putting your finger inside yourself and I was very wrong and disturbed by doing what I was doing. At the moment my mum has a new boyfriend and I heard them doing it once in the morning. I had an exam that day and all the way through all I could think of was sex sex sex and when I got home I masturbated three times, whilst on redtube.com (porn).

Its nice to know that someone else does it the same way and I'm not doing it wrong! Because I'm not ready to put my fingers inside myself..yet.


My earliest masturbation experience was when I was 10 or 11. My parents had a swimming pool. It had water jets on one side. They cycled on and off about every three minutes. I discovered that if I moved my bathing suit aside and put my clit near a jet, it was really exciting and after a few cycles I would have a strong orgasm. I had to be careful nobody was watching me. The excitement of almost getting caught made the orgasms even more intense. I did this for years. I think this taught me to cum really fast.


Well I'm recently in a 6 month relationship, and the sex is ....amayzing with my Love Bullet but it seems that I need the Love Bullet to make it that amyzing...but when ever I'm alone, I know how and where I like to rotate, and tug on the string to the bullet....


I am so excited that so many other women enjoy masturbation. I have not talked to anyone or read a description that is like mine. I have been doing this since I was about 12 years old. I am now 35. Anyway, I had no idea what I was doing back then I just knew it felt good. I found it by mistake. I was outside playing on my swing set and on the top bar I was holding myself up with my arms preparing to do a flip and it was applying pressure to my clit area. It felt good to have that pressure there so I held myself up longer and the most intense rush of pleasure happened. Now I call it "riding the counter". Okay, I know that sounds weird. If I am horny or aroused (my clit is tingly) I can bring myself to orgasm over and over very quickly. I usually do it on the counter in the bathroom. I have done it on the side of a bathtub, washing machine, bar stool and probably a few other places that I can't think of right now. Anyway, all I do is hold myself up by the palms of my hands and situate my mound at the level of the counter. I hold myself there and move very slightly up and down. Eventually, my pussy begins contracting and WOW! I can do it again very quickly. Usually after the first time I like to have something inside of myself for my pussy to grab while it contracts. If I have a dildo readily available I will use that. I have been known to use a hairbrush handle, end of an ice cream scoop, handle of a ladle or large spoon. Of course it has to be the right shape and size. Well, there it is my deep dark secret.


First of all I want to say that I think this website is great! I have learned a lot here and I look at it periodically whenever I am curious about something.

I am seventeen years old and I have been maturbating since I was about eight. I continued for a few years but became more shy and ashamed the more I did it, so I had a sort of * I can't spell hietous [hiatus] haha* except for the occasional *slip up*. I especially stopped when I had my first boyfriend that I was intimate with. I thought that I didn't need it because I had him and I felt that was sort of betraying him, and also I just couldn't seem to get myself aroused.

The more I learn about women's sexuality the more it makes me want to masturbate! Its a sad thing that in today's society womens masturbation is frowned upon. I think its wrong that we should feel ashamed about exploring our own sexuality. There are many ways that someone can love herself, why should masturbation be cut out?

Now that I am learning more about it I am becoming more comfortable with myself and my body I don't feel so ashamed anymore. Of course, its going to same some time maybe even years before I am completly comfortable but the sooner I practice the better right?

I used to get really aroused watching porn, especially lesbian porn. I still do, it just isn't as available to me as it used to be. When I become aroused, or even when I'm not, I absentmindedly rub my nipples until I am aroused. I just love having my breasts caressed and licked. Lying on my back, you then move my hands down my body until I reach my pussy and I can feel myself already getting wet (even as I write this!) I like to slowly caress myself feeling how warm I am and spreading the lubrication. I like to rub my clit ever so slowly, going as fast as I dare. I have never been able to fully satisfy myself with just my clitoris. I find it that I can't handle it and I have always preferred someone else doing it. I just get so weak and I find my self trembling and I can't focus my energy on my own hands. So instead I finger myself. I have always tried different techniques with this but I always findpushing into myself until I find my g-spot. I just love the feeling of being filled. At this time I roll onto my stomach and I begin to almost hump myself. It really doesn't take long for me to climax or orgasm, the fastest being about 30 seconds haha. I just love feeling how wet my fingers have become and if I am not too tired this sets me up for a second round.

Another way that I masturbate, ever since I was young, is by finding a pillow and bunching it up between my legs, or using a pair of rolled up tube socks, and I hump away. Sometimes I prefer this because I don't have to use my arms and it reminds me a little bit more of actual intercourse. The faster I get the more I can feel my insides clenching in pleasure and this turns me even more on. I have been known to be a screamer so I must be careful when I am home. I have used other techniques such as a hairbrush handle, but as I continue to explore my body I feel that this technique will always be a favorite.

*Note* I have always wanted a dildo! I have always loved the way the realistic ones look and I have always wanted to experience how they feel. I wish I knew how to obtain one and keep one without my mother finding it. I would also love to experiment with another girl, telling each other what the other likes and exploring each other. I am curious to see and touch and feel another female body from a different perspective. Does my curiosity make me part lesbian? I need to look at the site more...


I love masturbating. I have started masturbating at a very young age and found it pleasurable ever since. I love getting completely naked and watching myself touch my pussy in a mirror standing up. As my arousal increases I put on a thong (I love the sensation of something in my ass) and jump on a bed face down and rubbing my cunt all over my pillows. Sometimes I flip through very erotic porn magazines or even watch porn on the internet. Moaning and groaning really loud turns me on even more so when I am almost at orgasm I am screaming with pleasure. Sometimes I record my loud noises and listen to them for later masturbation sessions. I also fantasize about getting caught during orgasm. I love to hump and play with toys when I am horny.


I have been masturbating since 5th grade. My favorite way to get an orgasm is to get fully naked and get my memory foam pillow. Then I dip the end of my pillow case (of a different pillow) into warm water and put it near my head. I then get on top of my pillow and place it vertically in between my legs. I lay down and start moving back and forth at different speeds, depending on my mood. I usually put my hands under the foam pillow and apply hard pressure will still humping it. The humping motion rubs my breast against my bed and it feels GREAT. This stimulates my breasts and genital area. To stimulate my mouth I suck on the wet pillow case tip and imagine it is another woman's nipple, it makes me very sexually pleasured. I usually have to do this for 15 minutes before I get an orgasm, but when I feel one coming on I pump harder and faster until I cum. It feels so good. I have been doing it this way for almost two years. I think I shall go do it now....

What I Do Alone and Not Alone

Other than rubbing out a quick one, I enjoy a good long self tease before bringing myself over the edge. When I'm not with my boyfriend, I like to read erotic stories on the internet or watch amateur sex clips. I especially like the ones where there's a lot of bounce and movement - breasts swinging and jiggling, or a penis and balls flopping around. I still have yet to find a good one that shows a woman swinging and slapping her tits on an erect penis, or stroking the guy's balls and cock with her nipples. Until then, I can fantasize:) So, alone...I read these stories or watch those sex clips, and I feel myself getting wetter. I strip down to my bra and panties and begin to create more torture before the release. First I move the crotch of my panties a little to one side, so that the side elastic rests between my pussy lips against my clit. Feeling and seeing a bit of my vagina uncovered makes me hornier (I'm already spreading my legs and rubbing on my chair just typing this!) It's even better when I'm wearing a thong. Then I slip off my bra straps, scoot the bra cups down just enough for my nipples to peek out a little. The edge of the bra cup tickling my nipples whenever I move feels sooooo good. From here I play a little more, for example one or all of these: 1) run spread hands up and down my body starting from my half exposed pussy to my sensitive nipples and back down. 2) getting on my hands and knees on the bed, and gyrating or thrusting my hips back and forth to get more feeling from the panties caught between my pussy lips - one or both of my breasts usually swings completely out of the bra cups (I like to watch this happen in the mirror) 3) stack a couple pillows under me and rub the whole front of my body up and down on the pillows. When I can't take it anymore I move the crotch part of my underwear completely to the side to uncover my vagina fully, use lots of lube, then pat and rub the whole area including clit until I come. Leaves me breathless. I take a break and go another round.

When I am with my boyfriend, I get so hot watching him undress, seeing his hard cock and balls move as he gets out of his clothes. I love rubbing my breasts on his penis. I love it when I lay down, open my legs, and he starts kissing my pussy the way he kisses my lips. Sometimes I'll start touching myself and he gets to watch it all 6" away. Soon we both sit up facing each other and watch each other masturbate. One of my favorite mutual masturbation arrangements is me laying back down, knees up, stroking my clit, and my boyfriend kneeling with knees open so his balls are right above my exposed pussy, and as he jerks off his balls bounce and slap at my pussy lips. I come so hard from this! After he comes, I'm almost always still horny, so I have him lay down, I get one top of him, and rub my pussy on his balls and base of his cock.


I'm 15 and I started masturbating when I was 12. I got my first orgasm when I was in Daytona Beach, FL on vacation with my whole family. I was in the pool and I had a beach ball. I wanted to try to sit on top of it and balance, but it kept on slipping. It grinded against my pussy and I got my first orgasm. I didn't know what it was, but it felt GREAT! Afterwards, I started to always do that in the pool! I started masturbating with a micro-bead pillow while watching Sex and the City and I also rubbed against the couch arm when no one was home. One time, my mom caught me rubbing on the couch and asked me what I was doing! I mostly like to masturbate with my fingers. I fantasize my uncle coming into my bedroom and licking and fingering me. I also fantasize him strapping me down and taking control over me. I'm glad I found this site! :)


This is in response to the Anonymous person on page 4 who explained she was masturbating but not getting any pleasure out of it, and I say this to her: You're not the only one. I have tried fingering myself, inserting various objects into myself (make-up brush handles, handle of my hairbrush...) The only times I feel pleasure are when I use the showerhead against my clit or when my boyfriend fingers me.

Therefore, I suggest that you try the showerhead. I'm not sure if you have a boyfriend, and if you do, I don't know whether you two engage in activities, so try the showerhead. It's quite fun =]

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