Women Masturbation Experiences And Techniques VII


I sit on a long body pillow and rub against it.


Hi! My name is Alexandra. I started masturbating about 4 months ago. I had always heard about women using vibrators to make themselves feel good, and I realized that I had a pen that vibrated. I put it on my clit, but I didn't orgasm. Then I went to lie down on my bed, and holding my legs up in the air, I put the round part of the pen on my clit and I just left it there for a while. After a while I felt myself getting wet. I started to clamp my butt cheeks together, which resulted in contractions in my vagina. While doing this, I started to rock back and forth, all while on my back with the pen on my clit. Suddenly I had my first orgasm. It felt soooo good. I recently discovered this site and while reading all of these stories, I felt myself getting really horny and wet. I ran up to my bedroom and I really wanted to pull out my pen, but my parents were home. I masturbate a few times a week, mostly at night. I get into bed, pull my pants down, and put the vibrator on my clit. I fantasize about the stories I read on the site, and then I feel the waves of orgasm wash over me. It feels so good. I stop just at the point of exploding, then start again. I do this a few times, then I finally have my orgasm. I have ejaculated in the past, but lately I can't. I just love that preorgasmic feeling that you get. I really hope you put this on your site. Thanks.


I have been masturbating since age of 4. I first masturbated when my parents were out and I was in the shower. I started by spreading apart my legs and rubbing my thighs. Over a few years I experienced that it is fun to use the shower head to rub against my pussy. I love to put my finger in my vagina and find my spot, all of the sudden I started to squirt like a faucet. I felt so good. I went into my backyard, striped all my clothes off and squeezed my breasts and tits. Then I got the garden hose, put it on cold and put the hose in my pussy. Water came pouring out. Awesome! It felt good. Right now I am masturbating and dildoing my pussy. Now I am squirting. Bye.


I have been masturbating for about 6 months. I love it and do it about three times a day. I can have up to five orgasms per day and Oh My God they are great. I love it when I feel the cum pour out of me and try to catch it on my fingers. I tend to rub my clit gently at first and get faster and faster until I get there. It really works and I usually come within 10 minutes.

I love the site and read it about twice a week while I masturbate.


Alright now I've been masturbating since I was about 3 going on 4. I didn't know what I was doing. It all starts with a car seat. It was very tight to my area and one day while my dad was driving he hit a bump in the road and my area was rubbed up and down by the car seat. I remember it feeling so good so I continued.

Then my mom one day bought me a toy called Tickle Me Elmo, it was a vibrating toy and well... I think you know what happens. I was humping it like crazy. When my mom found out she told me to never do it again. She told me it was called tweedles. It was the best thing I would ever do. I am still masturbating and gets horny over stories like the these. I just love the feeling of rubbing my clit constantly up and down sometimes its a little bit sensitive so I rub the hood. I love the feeling of the warm juices leaving my body it feels extremely good and gets me so horny. Sometimes when its night I take off my panties and stop and play with my boobs and clit at the same time, which makes me even hornier. I love doing it so much it has become a secret addiction.


From an early age, about 3, I remember always having my hands between my legs. I just liked the pressure. When I was watching TV I would put the remote between my legs. I never new this was masturbation, I just new I liked it.

Then a couple of months ago I was watching Private Practice a TV show. The women on the show were talking about "pleasuring themselves". It hadn't occurred to me that women masturbated.

A couple of weeks later I was in the bathroom and I just felt like it. I started by using tissues on my fingers because I was not use to touching myself. After finding this location I started just using my fingers. About twice a week I lay in bed at night and masturbate by touching my clit. My legs always start to shake. I don't think I have orgasmed yet but I'm still trying.

Anonymous Chick

Even though I'm a straight married woman and I love sex with guys, I only fantasize about being with other women when I masturbate, and always have since I began masturbating at age 8. Techniques: I start off softly caressing the insides of my thighs, labia, around the clitoral area but not touching the clit yet. Then I insert my middle finger inside of me for lubrication and I lightly rub my clitoris in a circular motion. Then when it starts to feel really good, I begin to 'flick' the very tip of my clit in up and down strokes that get faster and harder, but not too hard. As it swells up more with each stroke of my finger, it feels like my clit might explode with pleasure, and then I cum. It's always intense for me. :-) Some of my favorite masturbation fantasies are really memories of my first sexual experiences with other girls when I was 9. My friend Jenny would sleep over at my house and we'd play a private game of 'truth or dare' late at night. At first we'd dare each other to do things like french kiss for 30 seconds, but then it progressed to things like sucking each other's nipples and licking each other's vulva for 2 minutes (of course, I always counted really really slow when she was eating me out!). I'd orgasmed before while masturbating, but I had my first REAL orgasm the second time I dared her to eat me out, and this is the encounter I love to fantasize about when masturbating. After about 15 seconds of receiving oral sex, she began running her tongue up and down on my clit in an increasingly urgent way, and I realized she had taken her panties off and was masturbating at the same time. I leaned up and watched her tongue licking my pussy, and her own pussy being lovingly stroked, feeling her hot breath on me as she moaned with pleasure. I moaned back, trying to be quiet so we wouldn't be discovered. It felt so so good, I could barely stand it, and I pleaded to her in a whisper to please keep going a little longer. Then her tongue began furiously licking me as I watched her stroking her clit faster and faster. Then I cried out and my legs trembled as I orgasmed intensely. She then rested her head on the inside of my thigh, her eyes closed tight as she continued masturbating, and she moaned loudly as she came just a few seconds after me. We were so in awe of the feelings we experienced, that we laid there with her head still resting between my legs for a few minutes before getting dressed and going to sleep. We had several more encounters after that, but that one was so awesome that it's always in my mind when I masturbate. So that's one of my favorite fantasies everyone! :-)


I have to start out by saying I love your site, it has helped me to feel not so bad about enjoying my body. I love to masturbate especially while having phone sex...With my friend they told me one day to add something to the mix instead of just rubbing my pussy they told me to go get an object and rub it up and down my slit until I was nice and juicy and then pump it in and out of me the way a dick would penetrate. Well I looked around my place and since I live with my parents, I didn't want them to know what I was up to, I knew we didn't have any carrots or cucumbers and my friend told me look for something like a spatula handle or something, but since I couldn't find that I came across the dining room We have these taper candle stick holders. So I grabbed one and rushed back into my room so they could stimulate me verbally and I could do myself with this new foreign object. As they whispered in my ear all the hot and dirty things they wanted to do to me I rubbed my clit furiously with my right hand and fingers and I slowly inserted the long candle stick into my pussy the fat end in first of course, It felt so go it had a cold sensation but the hotness from my pussy just made it feel more stiff and erect then even my fingers had ever felt exploring myself. I was able to slide it in and out harder and harder so much until I came so much my sheets were soaked in my juices and as I pulled this once straight long pink Taper candle stick out of my pussy it was curved and super hot shaped to my box, and covered in thick and creamy juices... as I looked at the juices running down the stick I moved it to my huge nipples and covered them in my own juices and proceeded to rub my clit some more as I rubbed the juicy candle stick in circles around my hugely engorged nipples.... This is one of the most intense orgasms I have had from masturbating. Another object I found to be mind blowing is If you ever have had a battery operated razor for your legs such as a venus vibrations well take off the head of course so you don't cut yourself and make sure your pussy is really wet and just pulse it on and off to tease your clit at first and when your really horny push the handle button in and let your clit vibrate and rub it up and down on your clit using your fingers and that to take you to ecstasy it also helps to fantasize about a wet pair of lips and a soft eager tongue sucking your clit and licking up all your juices as they squirt out of your cunt..... Happy rubbing humping and vibes to all you other girls xxxxx


I'm 78 and still love to masturbate. I use my own saliva to finger myself, massaging my clit in round motions. I rub my nipples with saliva to get started and massage my breasts and rub myself all over. My husband died 10 years ago. He was good in bed, but never could make me come the way I could myself. I have a younger man friend (68) who comes over for a drink. We got to talking about being single and I showed him my vibrator and asked him if he wanted to play with it. He held it against my pussy through my clothes. I could see he had a big hard on. I unzipped his fly and gave him a blow job.

It blew him away. Then I told him, he should return the favor. Apparently his wife taught him well. He is a master pussy eater. We now exchange oral sex about once a week. I still masturbate about every other day. I keep using it so I won't lose it. Bless you dear girls, and remember this old lady is still loving her clit and you can all your life.


I started off by using the "Heel Technique" when I was 10, One day I was just sitting down and sorting my room out and it touched my clit and It felt GREAT straight away. Then I started to do this all the time. Then I started to look up lesbian Porn on the internet and I felt like I'd explode. I stopped for a while because I thought that I was damaging my body. One night I was at a sleep over and my mate and I thought we would just look at each others pussys. Hers was so Well developed and I was instantly Horny. It felt so good but We didn't orgasm. Recently I was at school, Horny as hell, and I was in the Playground, No-one was about so I just stuck my hand down my pants. I orgasmed really quickly and then realized that a lad in my year came round the corner and Saw me. I was so embarrassed that I just got up and ran off. Then I realized how good it was to feel like you will get caught so I did this regular in the toilets At school and it has upgraded my orgasms.

I normally fantasize by thinking of Dylan and Cole Sprouse {Twin Actors) and thinking of their blond hair banging together as they lick my pussy in a three some. Then I think about them doing stuff to each other. It really turns me on!! I also normally look at Naked Vanessa Ann Hudgens pictures and I just LOVE IT. XD


I've always thought it was wrong. I've been extremely religious all my life & the thought of sex just made me feel sinful. For my birthday 3 years ago, my best girl friend bought me a dildo just to play around. She bought all these candies & stuff & she told me that masturbation couldn't possibly be that sinful. I ended up trying it & found what my body's been aching for for years. I remember when I was small, I used to jump on big rubber balls. It felt so good sometimes but I felt as though my friends knew what I was doing so I never did it anymore. Then when I first saw porn on TV, I felt something so grand, something bigger than I had never felt. I would cruise through the channels when everyone was asleep to feel something. In middle school is when I first found out about fingering. I tried it but nothing would happen so I just gave up but that night on my birthday, I realize how great everything is. I'm a celibate so I'm not going to have sex with a partner until I'm married but I can soooo have sex with myself. :]


I'm 24 years old and have been masturbating since I was in kindergarten. Like most girls I felt dirty for doing it and a feeling of guilt would come over me when I was finished. But no matter how guilty I always continued to masturbate, the feeling eventually when away.

I don't really know how I started, I just know I enjoyed playing with myself and was able to satisfy myself at a young age. When I got older my parents got a satellite dish and that's where I discovered porn, I loved watching it. Most time I would masturbate in the bathroom because the house was so full and I shared a bedroom, but I would still do it late at night when I was sure my sister was asleep. I was always too scared to insert fingers, I never even used tampons until last year. I would put a tip inside and get scared and stop.

Eventually I got a boyfriend and would often masturbate on camera for him and he encouraged me to finger myself, he even helped me find my g-spot. I lost my virginity last year, I'm in a long distance relationship so we often cam and engage in phone sex. I was worried a guy would be turned off by a girl masturbating, but he loves watching me especially because I can have multiple orgasms. I also love watching him masturbate for me.

Wow, I'm really glad I found this site! I'm 17 years old, and have been masturbating since I was six. I remember lying face-down on our sofa and rubbing myself down there...it felt so good! Then, my mom came in and told me not to do that anymore. I didn't masturbate again until I was about 12, and I've do it ever since.

When I masturbate, I don't usually penetrate my vagina, I just use a lot of pressure on my clitoris. I'm so surprised to hear that so many women that are straight fantasize about being with other women while masturbating-- I thought I was the only one! I'd also like to experiment doing cyber with another girl. In fact, I may go to check that out now...:)


When I was young, about 8 or 9, my friend and I discovered the beauty of each other's bodies. We would take turns laying down and spreading our legs for the other to look at and touch. Despite the aroused feelings we developed during these explorations, there was a sense of guilt. I continued touching myself though, and found a wonderful sensation from rocking back and forth on a pillow. In the 8th grade I had a sleep over with two other girls. The night began when we removed our shirts and bras, then laying on top of each other, feeling our breasts make contact. This caused us to become even more horny, so after her parents went to bed we made our way down to her hot tub where we quickly removed our suits. A game of truth or dare quickly turned very hot as we dared each other to make out with one another for a minimum of ten seconds; needless to say, they all went much past the required amount of time. We then realized the explosive feeling the jets of the hot tub could give us. The three of us exposed our clits to the streaming water and moaned out together as our first orgasms overcame us.

Today I masturbate typically once a day if not more. There is nothing greater than fantasizing and feeling my clit throb while my pussy gets wetter and wetter (like right now!!!). I love to imagine myself in a high end job, wearing a black pencil skirt, no underwear underneath, and high heels. I let my legs spread as my boss catches a glimpse of my pussy. He calls me and another woman into his office and orders us to make love to each other. The other woman lays me down on his desk as we begin to explore each other, all the while he is a foot away watching from his desk chair.

I love squeezing my nipples and slowly caressing my body as I make my way down between my legs, and finally allowing my fingers to dip into my juices. I alternate between rubbing my clit in a circular and up down motion with plunging my fingers deep inside myself. I get very excited by hearing myself moan...it's SOO arousing!

It's great to know that so many women are comfortable with their bodies and are able to share their experiences and fantasies with other women!! Many of your techniques and stories have greatly aroused me!!


I use an electric toothbrush..I take off then head of it and place the spinning thing directly on my clit...it feels sooo good...then as it starts feeling extra good...I take a lotion bottle and penetrate my vagina with it...it feels so goodddd


The stimulations of masturbation...WOW!

I am a teen of four years, and I have three techniques that make me want my self::

1. I lie on my bed with a cotton t-shirt on. I rub my nipples through the shirt which has effects that feel differently from rubbing your nipples directly. It's fabulous.

2. I shave my puss and cover it in a paint and go outside as if I were wearing a bikini bottom and an outfit.

3. I stare at myself in the mirror naked and dance. My boobs floppin' my pussy dripping-- whoooo


I used to hump my doll or the pillow, I became aware of the incredible sensation very soon.

I tried many things. I still hump stuffed animals while laying on my tummy, have a rabbit vibrator, use my fingers on my clit and enjoy looking at my body while I do it. I love the sensation of something slippery or smooth against my clit and labia...I can climax by clitoral stimulation always (I touch myself even during intercourse), but if I'm in the right mood I need something inside me (not my fingers).

I really enjoy this web site. It arouses me so much and provides many information for women. I'm not lesbian, but I have many erotic thoughts about women.

I don't know why, but I still cannot find my G-spot...


I first started masturbating when I was about 11. At first I just rubbed down there in bed at night, but then one day after a shower when no one else was home I sat down on a pillow in my bedroom with a mirror and spread my legs wide. I started exploring and fingering and massaging my pussy. Then I had this weird sort of pen thing that vibrates when you turn on that makes the writing squiggly. I put it on my pussy and started get a strange sensation in my stomach, but I liked it so I kept at it and also put the vibrating pen on my nipples. I also liked drenching the pen in freezing water and putting it on my pussy. The coldness was wonderful.

I experimented with different materials around my room. I have this belt that is a pink ribbon entwined with chains and the cold chains gave me a lot of pleasure. I started reading my sister's magazines and so I learned a lot of things about masturbation and sex from them. It was then that I decided I really, really wanted to make myself wet down there. I wasn't sure if I had done it yet, but I wanted to do it.

I kept experimenting a lot after that, using the vibrating pen and the chain belt. I used other things, too. I found that I really like a soft sensation on my pussy so I sometimes rub my pussy with cotton. When I was 12 I finally got myself really wet down there. It was night and I soaked right through to my pants. My nipples also got hard and I was proud for arousing myself.

When I was 13 I decided I wanted to try penetration but I was too afraid too. It was then that my best friend admitted that she masturbated, too, and we traded techniques. I tried rubbing my pussy with ice and that felt AMAZING. I got so turned on!! I loved it. Around that time I finally worked up the nerves to penetrate. I used my finger in my pussy and it felt so good. I got so turned on and kept trying this time with two fingers and I cummed. I do this all the time now, using my fingers and then licking the cum off of them.

The friend that masturbated, too, gave me a vibrating egg-shaped back massager with a remote control as a gift. I knew what it was meant for and finally worked up the nerve to use something other than my finger. I put the vibrator in my pussy and turned it on its highest setting. I was able to finger my nipples and my clit at the same time during that. Doing this I was able to reach my first orgasm. It felt AMAZING and I used techniques like this now to get an orgasm.

I'm now 17 and I masturbate every single day. I use dildos, vibrators, and my fingers to achieve pleasure and I can usually give myself an orgasm easily. Every chance I get I finger myself and lick up the cum. :) Soooo good.... Masturbating sure is fun.


I started masturbating when I was 11. My mom had this spa machine and I would open my legs and get this feeling of enormous pleasure. Now I do it in the shower and have found that stimulating me with a tooth brush then finishing the job with the faucet is the most intense pleasure ever!!! YOU SHOULD TRY IT!!!


I remember the first time I masturbated with another person. I think I was in about the seventh or eighth grade, and it was my best friend Katie. I was spending the weekend at her house, and we were reading one of those cheesy books about puberty and things like that. There was one chapter about masturbation, and we both read it together and looked at the pictures, and she admitted to me that she wanted to masturbate, and I said I did too. So, since no one was home, we decided to just do it. We stripped from the waist down and we masturbated right in front of each other, and I took my clothes off in front of her and she wrote in magic marker on my breasts. That was the first time I could ever feel open about myself in front of anyone else. I'm thinking about calling her again soon. ;)


I have been masturbating since I was 7 or 8. I don't remember why I started but I know that it felt so good. I would lay on my bed at night, and put my fingers on my clit and pussy, then I would push down and squeeze my legs together. I would get all sweaty and then I would just fall asleep. I never experimented with any other girls. We never really talk about Masturbation or rubbing pussies. BUT, when I was twelve, I started looking at Sports Illustrated and when I masturbate I mostly think of naked girls or lesbian porno videos. Or when I like a boy I think of them fuckin' me with a hard dick.

I can sit down in a car or something a squeeze my legs together, and get horny, Or I steal my mom's back massager and use it on my clit, and rub it on my labia majora and minora. I don't ejaculate but I get very wet and a little bit comes out, I love masturbation and I hope one day I'll get to experiment with a girl! This Site rocks!!

I have been masturbating since about 12 years of age. I discovered it while playing with the neighbor girl and we got naked and were touching ourselves. I actually got on top of her, naked and went through the motions have fucking her and sucking her tits. Then I became so worked up that I would take a stuffed bear, put lotion on my pussy and fuck the bear. Now I am married and 46 years old and still masturbate. I use a dildo, my fingers, the heat from the hair dryer, I hump my pillows, grinding my cunt against trees, finger myself while driving, squeezing my thighs together, any form I can do I will. One night, while in bed with my hubby, I sleep naked, I awoke to find my little dog licking my pussy. I freaked out but it felt awesome, my husband awoke and he took over. I dream about having sex with a woman while I masturbate and that's what usually gets me off. I can't get enough. I think I am bi. I look at women in the store and think, damn I would love to have her pussy and then I leave and finger myself in the car or even in the bathroom at the store.

I LOVE to masturbate and as soon as I am done I have to go and blow one.

I think I will ride the hell out of the pillows.

Thanks for letting me say this..

One who loves to masturbate and would love to really have a nice pussy in my face eating her like no tomorrow,, anyone wanna play?


I first experienced orgasm when I was 5 years old while climbing poles supporting the roof at pre school. I thought I was the only person in the world who did this and experienced the "nice feeling"! then I noticed another girl who often did it and I asked her if she also got that feeling and she said yes. When I was 13 I was taught by class mates to masturbate and since this was physically much easier and convenient I have been doing it ever since. However I could not climb poles or ropes without orgasming till I left senior school which was pretty embarrassing trying to conceal the good feelings!


From the get go, my sex life with my husband (and only sex partner) has been just been unsatisfying. I masturbate on a regular basis. I started out with the fingers and use vibrators. I usually find I can orgasm with clitoral stimulation. Recently I have discovered if I'm patient I can achieve vaginal orgasms. I start with fondling my breasts to get myself wet. Then I lazily stoke my pussy with just brief touching of my clit. I then use the vibrator to stoke my vagina and alternate that with stroking my pussy. Just as I find I want stroke my clit a lot, I back off. I do this several time and then let myself go. I get the best vaginal orgasm with squirting and then I go wild with the clit and get a mind blowing come. I usually throb for quite a while.


I've masturbated since I was very, very young but back then I didn't know what I was doing. I used to call it a game.

I take my right hand and ball it into a fist and do whatever I want with the other hand.Then I lay on my stomach, my fist under me and I hump my fist hard, giving me a tingly feel. Then I love taking showers in my parent's bathroom because they have a showerhead that you can move and another one to spray water all over your body. The moving shower head- well you probably know.


I must be weird, because I'm actually a lesbian with some odd fetishes when I jerk my pussy.

Sometimes I pretend that I'm a nerdy person in a math class, getting my clit blown by my girlfriend. Or sometimes I will draw or put on a fake mustache in my room, and wear men's clothing. I will pretend that I'm a man, and I go to the mirror, and get aroused. I pretend I'm in a club, with a girl, as I lay in my bed, and then I start stroking my strap-on until I go numb. I start to jerk and rock off as I'm aroused, but trying not to cum pussy juice right away. I put my hand, and rub myself, and do it silently, until I explode to a climax. I grab my breasts, and I rub my vulva underneath the huge strap-on, feeling my fake mustache, and take off my suspenders, and men's clothing, and jack off!!! Then I rub my hand underneath the strap-on wearing nothing but a false mustache, pretending to be fucking a woman hotly in the bathroom, while trying to get away with men's disguise! Then, I need to take it off, because I can't take it anymore, and I should stop there...I'm soaking wet, feeling pleasure, and needing to be a woman again and clean up with some tissues, believing I convinced a woman that I was really a guy.


First off I have to say I Love this site. Its ahmazing.

Okies I'm 17 and I've been trying different techniques since I was about 11, what I've found works really really well is if I take a vibrating back massager [one of the extremely high powered ones] and put it directly on my clit then when I'm about to orgasm I take my vibrator and have it on its highest setting and I pound it in and out of me as fast as I can with one hand, the double vibrations cause an amazing orgasm. It really helps when I think of the way my girlfriend touches me and licks me while I do it, or sometimes we each hold a massager to our own clits and use our vibrators on each other and use our hand not using the vibrator to caress each others breasts and such, its beyond amazing.

But I really suggest the double vibrating thing. Now I'm off to enjoy myself.


Smack it hard...and a bannana...or a cellphone...uhhlala..


I never masturbated a lot as a child, but I remember lying in bed getting tingly feelings and touching my vulva from outside my panties, but I never went farther than that.

I can't remember how long I've been masturbating for but what I usually do is strip naked and lie on my bed and read some of the techniques on this website. Sometimes I look at lesbian porn as well. I let my pussy get hot and wet, then I lightly stroke my clitoral hood. I lubricate my fingers with saliva and tease my lips and all over. I start off circling my clit slowly and tenderly then gradually get faster, then slow down again. Eventually when I can't take it I massage it harder and faster and gradually feel a warm feeling creeping through my pelvis. I usually always orgasm this way and it feels amazing. Sometimes I use an electric toothbrush rubbed rhythmically along my clit.

I'm straight but I always fantasize about another girl licking all over my vulva and sucking hard on my clit while touching my nipples. I also would love to eat a woman's smooth, shaved pussy like mine, kissing and licking and sucking until she shook and moaned. I hope one day I can experience this because the idea turns me on so much that I have to go masturbate right now!


My name is Jessica and I'm 15 years old. I've only told internet friends of mine about my masturbation. I find it kind of embarrassing in real life. I got bored today and just decided to look up some masturbation techniques cause I was starting to get bored with mine haha. I saw this site and before I thought I was reaaallyyyy strange with some of the stuff I did. I thought I was actually a lesbian because I would get turned on when I saw like Girls Gone Wild on tv. I would stay up real late on weekends just to watch it and masturbate over and over and over again haha. I knew I liked men, but I thought I might be really weird or something. But I'm just really relieved to know I'm not the only one that fantasizing about being with another woman. Something about it just really gets me off. I'm blushing just talking about this haha but oh well. I started masturbating in elementary school. Believe it or not, I'd do it in school. We would be walking in a single file line and I'd masturbate on the way to lunch. Kind of awkward and had to be careful not to get caught but what can I say? I can't control my urges sometimes :P I haven't used any tools yet..I'm kind of nervous of hurting myself if I do something wrong. But I'm very curious and very horny right now that I might try something new. Thank you for the wonderful site :)


I am 67 and I have been masturbating since I can remember, the feeling is still there and I am still gaining new techniques every day. I masturbate at least 6 times a day to some relaxing music. Only yesterday I was masturbating in front of my window at my home and the postman got a full glance, this turned me on more than anything I have ever had before. It only took me 10 seconds to reach climax, this setting my new PB and what I have ben led to believe the new NR. My orgasms taste sweet, some have mentioned before it tastes like nectar, this only encourages me to taste me own cum!

A message to all young girls out there feeling lonely, don't be because God gave us hands for a reason and your fannys there to be explored.

Yours sincerely Samantha

Julia L.

I start on my stomach, totally naked, and place a hard pillow in between my legs. Then I hump up and down and apply hard pressure, I also move side to side, and this results in an orgasm in a matter of minuets. I love it.


I've probably masturbated properly for around a year and a half now, even though I'm just 15.

Even when I was younger at around the age of 9/10, I was always aware of 'down below'. My best friend and I would often sleep over at each others houses or just go over for dinner and we were constantly in her bedroom playing. One day we were playing doctors & nurses when we decided to venture down below. She had a proper little doctors kit - the gloves, the thermometer etc...

On this particular day, she put the gloves on, and we had a sports-cap bottle filled with water. She pretended to be the nurse and asked me to pull down my trousers, which I quite happily did. She started to feel around my clitoris and rubbing it up and down, telling me she was checking everything was OK. This obviously started to turn me on and I wiggled around a bit, and she told me that she needed to clean me up. She took the bottle and squirted the water out at my clit and rubbing it again. She rubbed harder and faster and she took her finger and stroked the entrance to my vagina, before inserting her finger and feeling around inside, by now I was breathing heavily and had the urge to feel myself, so I was pleasuring myself while she fingered me. Then all of a sudden the put her head in between my legs and licked my pussy and soon I was having my first orgasm. Ever since that day, we constantly fingered each other.

Now - I just use my fingers and rub myself hard and fast until I orgasm and come.

A nony mouse

A few weeks ago, I was reading here and some one said something about using the jet power setting on their shower head against their clit, so I thought I would try it. My mum and siblings went to a friend's house but I stayed at home, because I had bad period pains and felt like crap. Anyway, I thought "ooh, I'll try that jet power thing while I'm home alone." So I did and it felt REALLY good! I think I moaned about 3 times! But I had to stop because it was so intense! Afterwards I couldn't help laughing, because I've never done that before and I couldn't believe that I made myself moan!

So if anyone reading this has a removable shower-head, turn it on jet power and have some fun with it ;)


I love masturbating and have been doing for longer than I can remember. I'm not sure when my first experience was but when I was around 6 or 7 I have memories of being with one of my friends and we would be having a sleep over. We would pretend to be boyfriend and girlfriend and would start to kiss and then get under the duvets where we would touch each other and rub up against each other. We didn't know what we were doing but we knew it felt very good.

I masturbate nearly every day and my techniques change depending on what I feel like doing. I usually start by either coming on to this site and reading everyone else's stories (which gets me so wet) or I watch porn, usually lesbian. I'm not gay or Bi, but the idea of being with a girl is such a turn on and I find normal porn a bit too male dominant. As I'm watching or reading on these sites I slowly play with my pussy, which gets me more in the mood and I feel my self throbbing and getting wetter and wetter. If decide I need to pay all my attention to myself and go to my bed where I get completely naked. I caress my boobs and nipples and rub my clit in a circular motion. Slow at first and then faster, I slip one finger and then another as my other hand is still rubbing my clit. Ahh it feels so good. I'm imagining a girl is sucking and licking my pussy and I get faster until I can feel my whole body shaking with pleasure. I keep going until I orgasm, it feels as though my body is exploding and I don't want the feeling to stop. OH my God it's amazing!

I am desperate to have multiple orgasms and have been really trying to have them, but I just feel so sensitive after I have cum that I can't start again which is very frustrating.

But right now I'm very wet so I think I might go and finish myself off...

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