Women Masturbation Experiences And Tecniques VI


I am 24. First of all I lay down completely naked in the dark, think of a woman gently placing her tongue on my clit, as I gently caress my body, and making my entire vagina pulse..After a while I begin to get a little wet, so I lick my finger and slowly rub my clit and feel the cold breeze, and still have the thought of a woman "licking" my pussy. As I use more fingers and rub it firmly I imagine, her mouth all over, taking full control, as my waist rises up in the air, I rub, rub, rub and rub until I imagine and hear her wet tongue, slurp my pussy, I moan until I climax..bring my body down and take a nice nap....The best feeling!!!


Well I've been at it since I was about 11. When I first discovered how my vagina works. =] I'm now 20 yrs old and lovee being a woman.

Technique 1:

First I get comfortable. Then I close my eyes & gently stroke my slit. Pet it if you will. And let my thoughts wonder onto someone doing it for me. Male or female... doesn't matter.

Then I part my lips with my middle finger and stroke. Then I start with smooth circles to my clit... progressing into faster circles. While doing that I stick the index and middle finger of my left hand into my vagina. Mmm feels good.

Then I move my fingers in and out.. By then I'm pretty wet and on verge of an orgasm. Just before my orgasm is coming I move my right hand to my mouth and taste myself. I love it.

Then I finger fuck my way to heaven. =]

Technique 2:

I loveeee to off myself but a man's touch is yummy too ladies. =] I love a man's strong hands all over me. Mmmm....

I love it when he makes out with me first, its so intense and erotic. Then kisses and licks me, down... my tummy... to my panties. And he HAS to undress me, dominate me a bit. Peel off my panties smoothly. Take his time taking it off.

I don't know why but I love it when guys rub their hand over my pussy before he fingers me. =]

Then he teases me a little by stroking my pussy slit with his fingers while kissing me. Then work his way in, because if he's doing that I'm wet as all hell. Two finger min.!!!!! Lol. I love vocal men! I love to hear him moan when I'm kissing them!

He keeps close contact to me at all times. I like to rub his arms and gently bite his neck. (He likes it to). Not to mention moaning in his ear and getting myself a hand full of his hair. =] It turns me on when I can reach down and feel his hand moving in and out...(I sometimes like to guide the motion of his hand). I love when I'm reaching my intense orgasm to of course reach down and taste myself but I also give him a nice sample too. And give him a yummy kiss! =] the let HIM finger fuck me to heaven.

Enjoy ladies!


I'm thirteen and I love to hump pillows!!

Chrissy :)

Hey! Well, I started masturbating a long while back (21 now) and at first it wasn't all that, but then I started exploring and inserting new things in. I can orgasm pretty well now. Lolz. I have now started to ejaculate too, which is wonderful. After reading this site I feel horny and I am looking at my pussy in a mirror. Its awesome, I am going to go masturbate now cant wait. This site is top, thanks so much gals. :)

I am a 31 year old woman, and I love to masturbate. I often do this when I am lying in bed or when I am alone reading erotic stories. I love the way my fingers feel on my clit. I often fantasize about my boyfriend licking my clit and vulva. I lay in bed and fondle my breast, then I use my right hand to rub my clit, once I feel like I am going to cum, I stick two fingers in my vagina and finger fuck myself. Sometimes, I use my vibrator, but I mainly like to use my hands. I love to feel of them. I am getting so horny now that I am going to go masturbate right now!


I've been masturbating ever since I can remember, I am now in my 40's. I love to masturbate. My nipples are very sensitive, I can cum by just playing with them. I usually start out by taking off all of my clothes with the exception of my shirt (I do take off my bra). I pull my shirt tight and then I rub and tease my nipples through my shirt, the sensation is amazing with some sort of shirt on. This gets me so very horny. Just playing with my nipples makes me want to cum, and I get the overwhelming urge to "push" through my pussy. I eventually take off my shirt, I like being totally naked when I masturbate. I once again play with my nipples, sometimes I put lube on my nipples and I play with them for a while and then sometimes I can suck on one nipple myself and play with the other one at the same time. As soon as I start playing with my nipples my legs want to spread wide - very wide. I like to feel "full" when I'm masturbating and when I'm cumming. I will most of the time put something in my ass while at the same time have a dildo in my pussy. This full feeling is so amazing especially while I'm playing with my, by now, very hard and sensitive nipples. I will rub my clit while I'm pushing and pulling the dildo in and out of my dripping wet cunt by this time. Every time I push something into my pussy I want to push it out because it feels so good coming out, but at the same time I want it to stay in there - deep. When I cum - I explode! I moan and I get the feeling to push and keep pushing. OH MY GOD! I squirt like you would not believe. I have to put something under me when I masturbate because so much pussy juice comes out it's unbelievable. It's not pee, because it doesn't smell and it's clear. I have had the pleasure of having an encounter with a woman (I would do it again in a heartbeat) and I am straight and she drank it all in. I can cum over and over. This is my favorite way to cum, but I have many. I also like watching myself in a mirror when I cum.

I love this website. I would love to share more of my experiences with you.


Hi, I am Kate. I am 15 years old. When I was really young I always used to hump my bed or my toys or rub my fanny. Then when I was 11 I had my first orgasm, it was so good I couldn't stop myself from moaning. I like to fantasize about being licked out by another woman even though I am not a lesbian. Electric toothbrushes are good too. Another thing I do is get a sarong or ribbon and tie knots in it every 2 cm and then saw it in between my legs...I think its amazing!!!

Thanks so much for this site, its been very educational!!!


Hi, I'm Ashley and I just found this site and read someone's fantasy that made me want to reveal this to someone so here it goes.

I've been masturbating since I was 11. I've never been molested before, but for some reason lately I have been watching gay porn. I've always liked two women but now I like to watch two men have anal sex. I never liked it before, actually I used to find it repulsive, but now I watch it every time I masturbate.

I was having trouble getting turned on so I thought I would try something different. Well now I can't get off of it. After reading what Betty shared it made me feel a little more normal because I thought I was the only one.

I also love to watch a black man and a white women have sex. Its very arousing because I love black men.

The way I masturbate is with one leg on the desk at my computer while rubbing my clit with my index and middle finger while a sex video is on. I usually don't take long to get off. Between 1-5 minutes. I haven't figured out how to make myself cum with my g spot yet, nor has any man made me cum from sex. Only clitoral.

I just got a glass dildo and a silver bullet vibrator in the mail today so when I play around with them I will write again.


Lovely, gentle, round and round massage on my clitoris is gorgeous.


Wow, reading other people stories really gets me started. I've only recently starting experimenting and it feels so good, when I'm in public places I can feel myself getting turned on at the weirdest times. Usually I start off by getting a long beaded necklace and rubbing it against my clit, slowly getting faster until I can't stand it. It makes me weak at the knees... hehehe. Then I lay back on my bed and use a long, smooth object and push it in and out slowly and as I come closer to 'orgasm' I move it faster and faster until I can't stop and have to stop myself from moaning. It really excites me and feels GREAT, but I'm not sure its a full orgasm, although this doesn't happen every time which makes it extra good when it does.

wowww. ;-)


Thank you for this site. It's good to know that there are a lot of women out there who understand that masturbation is healthy and normal and good for you. I am 18 and have pleasured myself for as long as I can remember, maybe since I was about 5 or 6. I used to tease my clit indirectly. I would leave my underwear on and tickle the area all around until I had a mind-blowing orgasm. As I got older, I begin taking my panties off and experimenting more with water stimulation and vibrators (I always used back massagers). I masturbate frequently now, maybe three times a week. It's a good way to release stress and become familiar with my body and sexuality.

I enjoy masturbating in front of a mirror, on the floor in the sun, in the shower, or even while at school in the bathrooms. It's such a rush knowing you could get caught.

My wonderful boyfriend is a MASTER at oral pleasure, and he appreciates my need for self-pleasure. Sometimes, we have mutual masturbation sessions, where we will both please ourselves. It is extremely arousing for me to watch him, and he also enjoys this.

Some of my favorite fantasies involve either men getting themselves off or other women (solo or in groups). I am completely straight, but fantasizing about women still gets me off.


In the course of work, I regularly have to make a two hour drive to another city. These trips have become a real pleasure since I masturbate while I drive.

I start by drinking a bottle of water and waiting about 30 minutes. The bladder pressure pushes my clit outward. I slip one hand into my pants and rub my clit. I am quickly wet and ready. When I feel the need to cum, I stop for about 5 minutes. Then I rub again until I'm aching for an orgasm. I keep doing this over and over until I'm sweating and breathing hard. I pull over into a rest stop near the end of my trip for the final rubs. The orgasm is quick and very intense. I scream out with pleasure. Then if no one is around, I get out of the car and pee on the ground.


I've been masturbating since I was 11, I started just touching myself, then with a wet towel in between my legs pulling back and forth. I'm 38 now, and I use my husbands cock now. Sometimes he falls asleep with his dick pressing against my back, so I take in my hands and start stroking him until he is hard, then I open my legs, and with one hand open my lips and place him right in my vagina opening (not inside) then, with one hand I'm pressing his dick just so that the head goes inside me and with the other hand I take my clit and start pulling in a circular motion at the same time. I start getting so wet and juicy and start feeling so hot inside that I start to feel the first orgasm, but I stop for a few seconds. Then start pushing his dick deeper just for a few times, and when I feel that I start to feel it again, I pull him out, and still pulling my clit I insert my fingers inside me. I come so hard that I can feel the contractions pressing my fingers, when I pull my fingers out my whole hand is dripping wet. And my husband doesn't always wake up, when he does, he goes down on me and sucks on my clit and sticks his tongue inside me when I'm coming.


I am now 18 and I had my first orgasm when I was eleven. I had an interest of masturbating when I saw a pop-up on my computer when I was about 7. Two lesbians were cumming on each other. I turned off my computer and sat on my bed, playing with myself. Day in and day out for 2 months, I tried again and again, but nothing ever happened. Then, one day, I was playing with myself and noticed I had pleasure rubbing my clitoris. A tingling feeling has bubbling inside me, and I felt a jolt of pleasure. So, I kept rubbing. I rubbed and played with myself for 1 hour, until suddenly, I cummed all over my bedroom floor. I felt proud for having my first orgasm. And after that day, I cummed 3 times a day. It feels so good when I rub at maximum speed. And sometimes, I have my best friend come over and we have sex. I'm usually the first one to orgasm all over her face. THANK YOU FOR THIS WEBSITE!!!!! I LOVE IT!


Hey, I have masturbated since I was 10. I can't get enough of it. I use a lot of the techniques mentioned on here, like the shower head and so on. I have also used a Rampant Rabbit.

I use this in two different ways. Firstly I use only the bunny ears on my clit. I find the position of the ears that arouses me the most upon my clitoris. Then I lie back and turn the vibrator on full speed. The bunny ears work their magic and it takes me minutes to reach a full blown orgasm, so much so that I often find myself putting my head in the pillow to hide the noise.

Secondly, I use the whole vibrator. I sit up and lean myself against a wall. I find this helps when you want to hit your G-spot. I then insert the vibrator into my pussy, making sure the bunny ears are spread evenly across my clit for maximum satisfaction. I start off slowly thrusting it in and out, and gradually build the speed and force of the thrusts. This builds up into an exhilarating orgasm and I find this technique never fails to give me an orgasm, and any girls looking for fun out there to buy a Rampant Rabbit.


When I get wet and horny I get a circular object (usually a glass) and I press it on my clit and as I'm about to cum I move the bottom bit of the glass on my clit and I reach my orgasm!!

I also like the pillow method where you fold a pillow in half and put something hard underneath and start humping away.


Well I started masturbating when I was like 10 or 9. It started randomly when I was lying in bed and just started rubbing my pussy and I though it felt really good. After that almost every night I would lie in bed and masturbate. Now I use an electric toothbrush. And often stick two fingers up my pussy after the toothbrush or after looking at porn. When I'm looking at porn I don't get turned on by guys, it usually the girls that I get turned on by. I have made out with a girl once but would like to go further, just to experiment.


So like.. I duno when I started masturbating, but I remember seeing a sex scene on T. V. - I had a bunk bed at the time. So I was climbing down to turn my T. v. off and I ended up sitting on the bar of my bed and I realized sliding on it felt really awesome.

That's the first experience I can remember.

But ever since I've been obsessed with the feeling and trying to achieve orgasm, one of my favourite "tools" is my trusty hairbrush, I love the feeling of it against my clit AND inside me...

While doing the act, I love to fantasize about boys, girls, both, people I know and people I've made up :)

I still haven't achieved orgasm, even though I've had sex.

And my sexual partner at the moment says I'm the best he's EVER had, I make him cum and it makes me really jealous, and also I feel bad because he hasn't managed to do the same for me even though he gives me so much pleasure and I really love the things he does to me.

Any suggestions for me OR him would be really REALLY useful ;)



I started masturbating around 9 or 10, as so many others, finding out by accident that pole climbing was very satisfying. We used to have timed competitions in my neighborhood, and I practiced harder than anyone! Around 11 I started soaping up my washcloth and holding one corner in the front and the other behind my back and pulling up, I'd rock on the cloth until I came. That would leave me raw sometimes so I gradually switched to just using my fingers on my clit after I'd gone to bed.

When I was 18 I moved in with a male gay couple. My room was across the hall from theirs, and I guess they were exhibitionists because they never shut their door when they fucked. I would lie in bed hearing every sound they made and frig myself silly. I used to clean that house, and there was always a very clear dick imprint in the industrial size vaseline jar by their bed. Oddly very erotic for me.

I had a couple of lesbian relationships around that time. My first girlfriend was a "squirter" although we didn't know what that was back then. We thought she just couldn't hold her pee when she came! Subsequently I get really turned on now by videos of other women squirting their juices.

I enjoy porn of almost all types, but watching men jack off really gets me going. My husband has a really strong libido and even though we have sex almost every morning, He masturbates daily. Sometimes I watch him, but usually it's during the day when I'm working at the computer in the kitchen. He'll go up the stairs to "take a nap" and I immediately log on to a site that features men jacking off and cumming. I leave the sound off, finger myself, watch the videos and listen to my husband go at himself. It's wonderful!

There is a young man who rents a room from us. One day he was at his computer and I at mine and all the sudden he smiled at me and just left the room. I heard the bathroom door shut, and then soon after, the unmistakable sounds of him going at it right through the wall! He groaned aloud when he came. I of course had started touching myself the minute I realized what he was doing. Hearing his ectacy put me right over the edge as well!

Once after a late evening involving a lot of alcohol, we returned to our house with our young border and some mutual friends. The only other girl in the group had a crush on both the younger two guys, and to get them riled up she started kissing me in the car on the ride home. (My husband and I have done this sort of thing before, so he didn't think anything about it). He went to bed shortly after arriving home leaving me in the kitchen with the 3 younger people. She started kissing me again, and before I knew it our hands were under each other's shirts and my pussy was getting soaked. The two young men feigned disinterest and went in another room, and to my surprise, she stayed right where she was. I moved my hand from under her top to under her skirt. I laid my middle finger along her dripping slit and massaged her clit with the palm of my hand. She went wild! Without ever removing her tongue from my mouth she stood there, pussy gyrating on my hand, and had a really noisy, wet explosive orgasm. After, looking sheepish, she retired to the other room for the rest of the evening. I joined my husband in bed and since he was sleeping, fingered my clit until I came.

My favorite toy is a small vibrating egg that can be used almost anywhere. I love using it on myself in public places. The idea of getting caught really turns me on. Our office is in a building that is open to the public and we often have people wander in unexpectedly. I masturbate a lot here, also because of the danger aspect. Peeing outside is also a pleasure. I recently read a "How to" article on peeing standing up. I can't wait to try it out! Maybe I'll sneak out back and give it a try right now!


Hi, I masturbate all the time. When my parents aren't home I go at it. I like to watch porn or read these stories while I masturbate. I love to listen to the girls have an orgasm it really gets me off! I usually lay on my back and go right for my clit. I discovered I needed something besides my fingers for my pussy. I found my little sister's plastic play hotdog and use it. I still have it and will not be giving it back.

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