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hot lizz

I love to masturbate. One of my favorite techniques is a little different. First I start by tweaking and pinching my large nipples. The touch of my nipples erupts a sensation in my genital area and starts my juices flowing. I love large nipples. I then lay on the bed on my back in a reclined position. Legs are spread very wide and I massage with my second, third and fourth fingers making sure to get my clitoris nice and lubricated with my vaginal juices. While massaging my clitoris in a circular motion and moving my hips to meet each stroke, I am simultaneously sucking and biting my nipples and fantasizing. As my nipples get larger and harder, my clitoris gets larger and longer with increased sensitivity. As I feel the wave of the orgasm building harder I hold my breath and I have an intense ejaculating orgasm.

horny anita

First I read a very erotic book or magazine while in the bathtub, then I let the water flow at a very slow rate and lie on my back (the water level is fairly low) and place my genital area under the water flow. I use one hand, usually the left, to "open" the area then lie back and fantasize!! The results are great!! Sometimes I use the ribbed end of my hairbrush if I feel like I need a little more, or if I am really frustrated. Also a hand held shower head with a real fast pulsating stream works great!!


I love my orgasms and none are as intense as the ones I experience through masturbation. I have two techniques. One is in the shower, standing with legs spread, fixing the shower massage to *pulse* and letting the water hit the side of my clitoris (head on is way to sensitive). The brain is the largest sex organ. I fantasize and have incredible orgasms. The other way is on my back, on the bed, with a tiny vibrator (called a *pocketrocket*). Again, I move it up and down and in a circular motion on the SIDE of my clit. Sometimes I need to fill myself and have a dildo handy for the last second so I can contract on something, feel like I'm pulling it in. I love to cum during intercourse, but it's rarely as intense.


While laying naked on my back, I lubricate my anus, anal area and clitoris with either K-Y jelly or my own bodily fluid. I stick the index finger of my left hand into my vagina to get it wet or add more K-Y onto that finger. Then, I slowly slide that finger into my anus giving good, deep pressure, while at the same time, sliding the thumb of that same hand into my vagina. Then, with the anal and vaginal stimulation, I rub my clitoris in circular motions with my right index finger. While rubbing my clitoris, I wiggle the fingers of the left hand inside of myself -- almost in a pinching motion. The combination of these three types of stimulation bring on fast and intense orgasms for me! It's almost as if my vagina and anus are both having orgasms (like a double orgasm).


First, I like to flicker my clit while laying on my back in my bed. Then I think about my girlfriend licking me all over and start to rub it gently with my dildo. Then I slide it in ever so gently and move it in and out at a good rhythm while rubbing my clit. Then I cum like never before. It is very erotic for me.


Because I believe that masturbation is a celebration of myself and womanhood, I always fantasize about other women when I masturbate. I have so many great ways of doing it that I couldn't write them all in one sitting. My absolute favorite is the ben wa balls. It lasts a long time and rocking back and forth or humping on the floor or bed is so stimulating for me. While the ben wa balls are inserted inside my vagina, I play with my clit. It's usually with my right index finger, but sometimes I pinch it.


I have a variety of ways - simple direct contact with the most sensitive part of my clitoris - that's when I'm desperate and I want the most sensations the most quickly. This is normally quick and reasonably satisfying. I have fantasies about being tied down and being watched - this usually speeds the orgasm forward. The best times are when I have time. I take off all my clothes and lie on the bed face down with a pillow between my thighs. I push down with my body onto my constantly moving index finger and with my other hand caress my breasts and nipples - sometimes pinching them for an extra buzz. This works like a dream and gives, for me the best orgasms.

Mary O

I've been masturbating since I was a little girl, not knowing what it was... I just knew rubbing myself down there felt good and would give me a rush like no other. Now, usually, I get the best orgasms by laying face down with the heel of my hand pressing right above my clit, right on the shaft. I insert one or more fingers in my vagina and just pump hard. I usually have my other hand either pressing it harder against me or holding onto something else to help rock my body. It is the best rush that my whole body convulses sometimes.


My clit is about .75 in. long - a bit larger than most women. When it's aroused, it's around 1.5 in. I like to masturbate by wearing underwear with a fly, opening the fly and letting the air tease my clit, and then running my fingers all over it.

Tonight, I'll probably masturbate myself to sleep in my waterbed. When my clit is throbbing and engorged, I bring myself to orgasm through the thumb and finger technique. I place my thumb on the top of my hood and a couple fingers underneath my hood. Then, I move my fingers in a circular motion and explode in orgasm.


My preferred method is to use a vibrator, but if I don't have one with me, I can use my hand just as easily (one benefit of a "hand job" is the juicy 'wet sounds' that my pussy makes when I'm fully aroused!) I'm very visually stimulated, so I'll either read a sexy book, watch an adult movie, or cruise a hot website. I love the feeling of sitting at my desk, or in front of the TV, clit throbbing, feeling my pussy get wetter and wetter.

Once I'm ready to play, I'll go to the bed and lay flat on my back, with my legs spread wide. My dominant hand in self love is my left one, so the right one usually gets tucked up under the pillows. Yes, I'm one of those classic "one hand wonders"! LOL! Since I have not yet had sex with a man, I have no idea what it feels like to have a guy inside me, or on top of me, so I usually think about the guy of my dreams sitting beside me, watching me pleasure myself, at the same time masturbating himself. Again, this isn't something I've had the opportunity to do in real life, but in my dreams, it's damn nice to feel like his loving eyes are on me, observing my sexual responses. It actually intensifies my arousal!

The only drawback to masturbation is that I can reach climax so quickly, and then it's a major letdown. I can't surprise myself, after all!! :) So lately what I've been doing is stimulating myself ALMOST to orgasm, then stopping for a few moments, catching my breath, etc. Usually I shut my vibe off totally. Sometimes it's so damn good I hate to quit, but I want to prolong my pleasure as much as possible. As my clit becomes more erect, I'll draw my legs apart as far as they can go, while also drawing my knees toward my chest. It makes my clit stick out more, and it feels WONDERFUL!! I prefer direct, firm stimulation on my clit.

I intend to continue masturbating even after I'm in a committed relationship, and it's a shame that women in our society place such strong taboos against it. It's a beautiful thing, and I can't imagine what my life would be like if I couldn't have a nice paw every now and again.


I can't be the only woman out there who loves having orgasms while standing up, can I? I think I started doing this in the shower when I was younger, but I hardly do it there anymore. I like laying on the bed (or sitting with pillows behind me) and teasing myself for awhile, until I am very close to orgasm. Then I pause and shift so that my feet are on the floor with my legs still a little apart. I start diddling again until I am at the point of no return. Then I quickly stand up before I get too weak to make it to my feet, and cum that way.

Orgasms like this are very intense and afterward I am so wobbly and lightheaded that my legs can barely support me. Anyone who hasn't tried it this way should!!


Using my hands is definitely the most intense and longest orgasm-producing method for me, although I'm a bit self-conscious about my clit--it seems to be very small.

As a child, I had many sexual contacts with my girlfriends, but none led to orgasm, because we didn't know that we had clits, much less what to do with them. So we'd get in between each other's legs and shine a flashlight on our genitals. Some girlfriends would open their lips, and I'd do the same. The light shining on a hairless, open vulva is a very predominant and fond memory, and those memories play largely in my fantasies, even now.

I love to have no panties on, and the feel of spreading my legs to feel my lips open is delightful. When I masturbate, I open my lips as far as they can go with my right hand and begin to stroke my pussy with the middle finger of my left hand, usually remembering all my childhood sexual experiences. As the juices begin to flow, I hold my lips wide open, and if there's a breeze caressing my pussy, so much the better. I pull my lips up, to completely expose my clit, then rub directly on my clit until I come.

I often wish I had a female friend to just masturbate with, to watch (and watch me), especially now that I know about such a wonderful thing, like my clit!


I adore masturbation! I do it daily and have since I was 11. I enjoy laying on my bed and stroking my thighs, progressing to my vagina & clitoris. I like to massage my clit as I fondle & stroke my lips.......I finger and spread my vaginal juices as I rub the sides of my clit and rub the hood & flicker it back & forth.....It feels sooooo good....I rub my clit and fantasize. I also enjoy my vibrator but my fingers are a great clit vibrator!


I knew I wasn't the only one doing this but never realized so many woman do, that's great.... I love masturbating and cuming, nothing like a good orgasm to start your day or end your night.... I like it any way, hands, fingers, vibrator, I can control it and the pleasure it brings, one way is in the shower spread my legs, let the water beat down on me and gently rub my clit, when I cum legs get very weak, so I usually start in the shower and finish in bed. Legs spread wide open one hand separates my lips the other strokes my clit, then insert two fingers in my vagina and my thumb rubs my clit. My juices are flowing and fingers are wet. Remove fingers to get clit wet and start again. I try and make it last a long time, almost there and stop... then start again......I fantasize while doing this, usually me and another woman, thinking of all the things she would do to me. This gets me to the point of no return quite rapidly.. the orgasms are very intense and wish the feeling would last a little longer but love it when the eyes roll back and hips come off the waterbed, I tingle all over, legs are weak, breathing is heavy, heart pounding, damn wish I had a female friend who would do this for me.......


I absolutely LOVE to touch myself...I read an erotic book / look @ pictures of sexy women [I am a virgin]. Then I spread my legs wide open and rub ointment - those kind u put on when u get a mosquito bite [it gives the warm & tingly feeling], then stroke my clit with my fingernail.. gently at first then gradually getting harder & harder. --at the same moment.. I fantasize about having sexy girls licking and nibbling at me...-- as I get wetter & wetter I stick 2 fingers into my vagina...then slowly insert the 3rd...the tight squeeze is so wonderful! Then to increase satisfaction I wriggle them about inside me slightly...then I CUM.....

Another alternative is the bathtub way...fill the tub till the water just covers the anus. Then as it fills, rub the hand spray slowly across & against your clit [to max satisfaction make sure the hand spray is touching your clit]. Move it up and down SLOWLY......then as the water rises up, rub harder and more vigorously...then at the last possible moment...u just leave the water pounding and thundering right into your vagina.......OOOOOOH....the feeling is the best... (Note: While it is okay to spray water against the vulva, I would recommend against squirting water into the vagina itself.)

Anyone got any hints on masturbating even when u have your period? coz I hate having to wait for it to end before I can touch myself! (Note: Women shouldn't view masturbation during their menstrual period any differently than they do during the remainder of their menstrual cycle. If you want to, go for it.)

Oh I forgot to add this - try squeezing your thighs together when u finger yourself...squeeze 'em tight against each other, and kind of 'force' your way through into the vagina - if u noe what I mean


I stimulate my nipples till they get real hard, I continue this until I'm really wet and aching down there. But I keep my hands focused on my nipples. I then move my thighs to increase the blood circulation. When my clitoris is swollen and sensitive, I squeeze my thighs together putting pressure to my clitoris. Then I flap my thighs to give some feeling of impulse. I then rock to-and-fro and breath deeply till I reach orgasm. I achieve it without using my hands on my genitals. This method may take longer to reach climax but it sure prolongs the pleasure.


I'm the only one that I think masturbates like this. I first take an empty bottle (plastic) and place the opening over my clitoris and squeeze some of the air out so it makes a suction in the bottle. Then I pull it out allowing the suction to move the hood over my clitoris. I push it in and out, it allows me to have the best orgasms! Even better when you put a little bit of warm water in the bottle or warmed K-Y Jelly.

Another way I have found very satisfying is when I take the shower head off of the shower allowing the water to hit my clitoris really hard and it's best when the water is really warm, all you have to do is spread your legs, lay back and fantasize.


I love masturbating! I first start by rubbing the hood of my clitoris left and right, alternating between large strokes and small strokes. Right before I get ready to orgasm (on a scale of 1-10, 10 being orgasm, I'm at 7), I stick my fingers inside myself, and wiggle them in circles until I come. It's the most amazing feeling.


The way I find most pleasurable in masturbation is to spread my legs wide open and open my labia. I expose my clit and massage it ever so gently until I come. Then, sometimes I use this electric pen that vibrates and rub it gently onto my clitoris. That is the way I masturbate and find most pleasurable.


I like to be totally naked from the waist down, legs spread wide open. I enjoy fantasizing and teasing myself slowly. I start by spreading my lips with my fingers and tapping all around them slowly. I alternate with grabbing my clitoris between my thumb and forefinger and gently squeezing. I try to hold out for as long as I can and when I feel I'm almost there, I use two fingers and push down hard on my hood and rub my clitoris all around at a steady rate. Just before orgasm I insert fingers from my other hand in and out as I continue rubbing faster. My orgasm is intense and sometimes I even ejaculate!


The most pleasurable way I masturbate is to lie on my back and spread my legs as wide as I can get them. Then I take one of my hands and spread my labia fully exposing my clitoris then I take my vibrator and rub it against my clitoris until it is in the perfect spot and hold it there while inserting a large round object into my vagina, then I move that object in and out of my pussy until I come to all fully orgasm!!!!!!!!

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