Women Masturbation Experiences III


I'm actually one of the lucky women out there who is able to orgasm without any physical contact with myself! But, my mind has to be in the right place for that to happen. I can simply lie on my back with my legs spread and if I think about my girlfriend licking me and sucking on my clit, I'll have the most intense contractions and the most pleasurable release ever!


I take one of those extra pillows you usually dump on the floor... sit in top and begin rubbing and humping it to get myself wet with the sounds of my deep breathing and tightening my muscles.

After checking (now with my fingers) I lay myself faced up and begin to finger myself to get them nice and wet to later use that moisture on my clitoris. First slowly, tapping it a bit with the tip of my fingers, then harder, as I lift up and down my hips. I stick out my tongue, imagining myself licking a girls lips.. sucking them, making her come while i'm coming.

For the obvious reasons, I get fixed faster, imagining a third female that's doing all this to me. wow! girls.. we have to have learn how to explore our imaginations with ourselves. wow wow wow!


I ran into masturbation on accident, I was fixing my panties one night when I touched my clitoris on accident, and it tickled, so I started playing with it and next thing I know, my pussy starts going crazy...then I found out it was an orgasm. I was like WOW! I don't tell anyone about it, because it's kind of weird, but once I got a hot washcloth and started rubbing my clit...it was so totally AWESUM!!! plzz try it!


I've been squeezing my thighs together with my hand in between for as long as I can remember. I lay on my stomach and cup my hand around my outer lips and clit. Then I cross my legs and squeeze while making a humping motion. Some of my earliest memories were doing this.

My favorite technique is to use a Crest spinbrush, take the batteries out and use it like a dildo. The button to turn it on is a great G-spot stimulator. Then, after achieving a vaginal orgasm, I set the vacuum cleaner to low and let my clit flutter against the inner edge of the tube. This can easily make me have multiple orgasms!


I am so glad I found this site. I thought I was the only girl that does it. Sometimes I get fully naked, other times I just take my pants off. I lay on my stomach and I stick my hands down on my pussy. Then I push slightly and rub up and down. When I am fully naked I like to touch my nipples. I ALWAYS fantasize about a boy doing me. Oh it feels so good. I always felt different because I have been doing this since 6. But I feel so better now.


I usually sit in the shower and spread my legs out as far as I can and turn on the shower-head to the strongest setting. I then aim it about an inch away from my clit, I usually tilt my head back and within about 30 seconds I'm heading into an orgasm. I fantasize that my crush is licking my thighs and slowly sucking and licking my clit. Gives me the best orgasm ever!

Emma Kate

I think it must have been the summer that I was ten. We had a pool in our back yard. I had always been full of sexual awareness, but this summer all of those feelings seemed to intensify. Of course there was the jet in the pool...I think I spent quite a bit of time with my crotch pressed up against that. I also loved the feeling of floating on my back, on a raft and scissoring my legs open and closed. The water flowing between my legs felt incredible and aroused my curiosity. At times that summer I couldn't concentrate on anything because there seemed to be an endless throbbing "down there". Occasionally I'd touch myself. I was just trying to figure out why I was feeling these things.

One evening I was in my bedroom watching T.V. and I really started exploring with my fingers. I was lying on my stomach with my hand down my shorts. It felt delightful, but I was afraid that someone would come into my room and see what I was doing. So I waited until the rest of the house was asleep. In bed, under my covers, I wriggled out of my panties and set off to explore this new terrain.

I spread my legs open wide and parted my hairless little pussy lips. I started stroking and touching and pressing on everything. It all felt so good...there was such a current of excitement running through my young body.

I noticed that one spot, in particular, produced wonderful sensations when I touched it. It was that little pink protrusion that I'd often noticed at the top of my slit. I started to concentrate my efforts there. Without realizing it, I had discovered my clitoris.

I found that it felt especially nice to rub it on the right side. As I rubbed it, my clitoris seemed to swell and become more sensitive. My clitty's little pink head started to stick out of the hood, but it was too tender to touch for very long. I discovered that tickling my clitoris and wiggling my finger fast on the hood produced delicious results. I opened my legs as far as they would go, spread my pussy lips wide open and diddled my sweet little pink clitty, thinking it just couldn't get any better. I just loved the feeling of my swollen clitoral hood under my fingers. I diddled faster and faster until I was overcome with the most amazing sensation I'd ever felt. Every nerve in my little ten-year-old pussy came alive, my hips seemed to rise off of the bed by themselves and my clitoris started pulsating wildly. It was my first orgasm and I've never had another one quite like it.

In the days that followed I found a book at the library that explained what a clitoris was. I was fascinated. I'd spend hours locked in my room with a mirror between my legs (something I still enjoy doing in my 40's) examining my lovely, glistening pussy, touching and tickling my hungry little clit. I loved the feel of pinching and rolling my swollen clitty between my thumb and forefinger, feeling it pulsate and throb until I finally exploded. I loved watching my beautiful pussy in the mirror as my lips became puffy and deepened from pink to red. My clitoris would plump up and I'd delight in masturbating my fat little clitty erection to orgasm after orgasm, while watching it twitch excitedly in the mirror.

That was about 34 years ago and I still delight in diddling my clitty as often as possible. Even when I'm in a relationship with a wonderful lover, I still enjoy pleasuring myself.


I tend to rub my clit really really hard at first and then slow down it really turns me on. I also find that by using an antiseptic cream, I go really tingly and cum really quickly. I often sit and read the stories of other women while rubbing my self. I find sitting cross legged on the floor works best for me. Happy Masturbating Everyone!!!!!!!!!


I have been masturbating for a few months now. I love it!

I have this face massager that I put underneath a pillow on my pussy. I pull my legs as far apart as I can and it feels so amazing I cum every time.


This usually sends me to orgasm rather quickly. I like it rough. So the first thing I do is lie on my back on the bed and insert a dildo inside me and pump really hard for a few minutes. This is usually enough to get me wet. Then I take it all the way in as deep as it will go..and pull my panties back up over it. It hold the dildo inside me and in place. I also have two bullets. One, I slide down the back of my underwear and place directly against (not in my anus, but you can certainly do so), and the other bullet I place down the front of my panties in the clitoral area. Next, I turn all three on, place a pillow between my thighs and lie face down and grind the pillow (which in turn grinds the bullet against my clit.) Awesome!


I don't remember exactly when I started masturbating, but I remember that when I was in kindergarten, I'd squeeze my thighs a lot and get this weird, but pleasant, pressur-y sort of feeling. I remember one time my cousins came over and the eldest one asked me to go into the bathroom and take my pants off. He shut the door, turned off the light and started fingering me, but I was so scared of the dark then that I didn't realize what he was doing. But since that moment, I was pretty much into the fantasy of being taken advantage of. It's almost always a key point in any of my fantasies, whether it's being raped or tied down by some form.

Ever had a Jones Soda? The bottles make really good toys, because even with the cap on, everything is really smooth and you can adjust the 'thickness' in how far you want it to go in. Literotica and lemons are also really good turn-on's. My method is very basic and plain; but I've recently acquired to fingering my ass. With the right amount of preparation and lubrication, the sensation is AMAZING. You can feel every movement your fingers are making, from the subtlest wiggle to the boldest thrust. I don't get much vaginal stimulation; never had, probably never will.

To any of you really sheltered teens: If you don't want your parents finding out, do it on your bed with a bunch of blankets, so that if they walk in, you can look like you're sleeping.

I'm a 16 years old and I've been masturbating since I was about 7. I remember first touching myself during class, the teacher saw me and told me to stop; it was so embarrassing.

Now I usually masturbate about 5 times a week, but some days I can go a little crazy on myself, hehe. This usually involves me rubbing my clit on something. I've tried fingering myself but it doesn't really pleasure me that much.

When I masturbate I usually fantasize about my female friends, male teachers, or random people my imagination creates. There are times where I've watched porn, but I've been caught doing that twice now, so I don't really bother with it anymore.

I think this website is such a good idea. It gives us a freedom to talk about a subject everyone always seems too shy to talk about. Me and my friends talk about EVERYTHING, sometimes masturbation but all of my friends say no they haven't done it. I even deny it to avoid embarrassment.

Have fun "playing" everyone!


I absolutely love to masturbate. I get so turned on throughout the day and always have. I started masturbating when I was little. I would lay on my stomach in bed and fantasize till I came. I didn't know what I was doing, all I knew was that it felt good and it made my pussy tingle. I knew some of my friends did it. We would have sleep-overs and tell erotic stories and I would get so horny my clit would ache to be touched but I couldn't. Later we started daring people to have "fake" sex with something. So one of the girls put her pillow between her legs and rocked her pussy back and forth moaning. We all thought it was funny but i knew we were all getting turned on and curious at the same time. I wish we all had masturbated together, it would have been so helpful with girls i was so comfortable with.

When I was about 11 I thought I had hit a goldmine. I thought I was the only one who thought of this. I would lay in the bathtub with my pussy spread and my fingers working my clit. I then slid up so my pussy was under the water stream. WOW! it felt so good. I would get awesome pulsing orgasms. This was a regular occurrence after that.

Today I am 19 and still masturbating. I do it in all kinds of ways. I sometimes still do the shower thing but I always love to watch other people and watch myself. I go on my computer and look at porn. I love to watch girls cum. I wet my fingers in my pussy then rub my juices all over my clit. I lay back on my bed and stroke and rub pussy in front of a mirror. I try to make it last as long as possible. I get right to the brink, then slow down and let it subside. After it has, i go back at it.

also sometimes I like to take my well lubricated dildo and fuck myself with it. sometimes I put it on the floor sticking upward and ride it hard. I do this in front of a mirror and I watch myself get so wet it drips down the dildo. This gets me off so well and sends me to huge moaning orgasm. My pussy and clit are throbbing afterwards so I gently rub my wet clit until my orgasm subsides completely.  


I like to roll a flannel up really tightly. I put the rolled up flannel into the middle finger of a silk glove, then dildo myself with it. It feels so good.


I'm 18 years old and I've been masturbating since I was 8 or 9. It's a pretty private thing for me but I don't think I could get by without it. I love sex with guys, but there is something very special and gratifying about giving yourself a very intense orgasm. Sometimes I like to take pictures or videos of myself masturbating, and then watch them as I'm doing so. I am VERY turned on by the female body, and would love to have a lesbian encounter given the opportunity. I also really enjoy masturbating for someone. A guy friend of mine (who is also an occasional sexual partner) just drools at the sight of me fingering myself and I love how much it turns us both on. I usually use an electric toothbrush on my clit and that works like magic. Also the old bathtub faucet is a fail safe operation.

To be honest I am really looking forward to having sex with a girl. It's been a fantasy of mine for as long as I can remember, even though I love penetration. I've yet to use any sex toys but I want to very badly. I masturbate whenever I get the chance and I'm trying to find some more effective techniques.

My earliest memory is of me hiding behind my Grandfather as we stood at a fence and a huge horse charged at us. I realize now that the horse was just coming to the fence for the pieces of apple or sugar cubes that seemed to materialize in my Grandfather's pockets. I think I was four.

Another memory from about the same time is of me sitting astride my Grandfather's leg while he read me a story from a book resting on his other knee. I remember this amazing feeling between my legs and then moving back and forth rubbing myself on my Grandfather's thigh. I remember getting tired and my Grandfather hugging me and kissing the top of my head.

The same sequence of events happened frequently also with my Mother and my Father. I don't remember ever being told not to do that with people outside the family but then my Sister and I did not make a habit of sitting on other people's laps.

I must hasten to say that our Grandfather, who was our day-to-day care giver, never molested us or initiated these events and I do not think they happened every time anyone read us a story. I will say that the smell of pipe tobacco
or the feel of coarse cloth (tweed?) of a man's jacket has me panting in seconds.

I have read all the posts here and many of them fill me with sadness. There are so many instances of parents (usually Mothers) reprimanding young girls for touching themselves "down there" and many more where today, as adults, women feel guilty about deriving pleasure from their own bodies. What a shame.

My Sister is two years older. She and I shared a bedroom for a while and often slept in the same bed. We did a lot of mutual exploration including kissing and licking all over. Living on the farm, we often saw sex as practiced by several species. We both, at one time or another, witnessed sex as practiced by humans as well ... at least as practiced by our parents. Not really a big deal. Fowl are much noisier and horses are significantly impressive.

My Sister and I were told about masturbation by our Mother. I think I was probably 6. She told us that it felt great and should usually be done in private so as not to make other people uncomfortable. She showed us what a lubricant was and stressed that this thing should always be done with clean hands and never if the skin was sore. We (my Sister and I) got vibrators as "extra" Christmas presents that year.

I was born in nineteen eighty and am currently twenty eight years old. I masturbate virtually every day, sometimes twice ... or more. My anus is very sensitive so I like to slowly circle it with the moistened index finger of one hand while stroking my clit with the other. I enjoy my body and the wondrous things it does for me. I was very lucky to grow up in a loving and supportive home.

I would ask that each of the readers of this site make a promise to have the guilt and shame associated with self enjoyment END WITH YOU and that you try not pass on to any children you may have the crippling attitudes and stigmas of the past.

I hope that when I have children of either sex I can be as open and free with them as my Mother and the rest of my family was with me.

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