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Hi, my name is Justine, I am 15 and I am so glad I found this website. I first started masturbating, not to orgasm, at five, I would just pull down my pants and touch myself down there when I would be watching TV and no one was around. Then, when I was seven my friend and I used to play boyfriend and girlfriend and we would just touch each other, and masturbate, not to orgasm though. When I turned 12 though, I went to Google.com, and the things you search on Google were saved so I started going through it, and I came across 'female masturbation' which I had no idea what the heck that meant but I was curious so I went in. They were talking about rubbing your clit and cumming. And I didn't know what rubbing your clit meant but, I had a feeling that it was the thing that looked like a little pea, so I started rubbing it and all the sudden I felt this extreme well being come over me, it felt so good, and I found out other ways to do it too. I would use a vibrating toy that was this pull string stuffed cow and I would press it against my vulva. When I was 13, me and my friend both admitting to masturbating, so we both did it together and when her parents went to sleep we would watch porn and we would teach each other so ways to do it. I recently just started fingering myself but I still like the rubbing my clit better. And sometimes I rub my clit till I almost climax then I start humping my pillows and I explode with an orgasm. I also just found out that the electric toothbrush works really well! I was reading the masturbation stories on here, and I found so many things on electric toothbrushes that I might give it a try! I used this old one that we don't use anymore and with luck I found it deep down it the bathroom closet! I would rub my clit to get me aroused and then I started using the toothbrush, then I get an amazing orgasm and I can't stop myself from moaning!! I suggest everyone tries the electric toothbrush, it works amazingly well.

I start out with going on web sites like this one. I like to play with my nipples until they get hard. Then I spread my legs out as far as I can and reach down while I imagine my fingers are a really big dick.


I start by watching Kat Young [Adult Website], a young Asian girl who inspires me to do what I do, and sometimes does it with other gorgeous girls. Check out her website! Then, I'm ready to start.

In the shower, it's a gorgeous experience. First, I take time in stripping all my clothes off and dangling them over the towel rack, the toilet seat, etc. I get into the bath, turning the shower onto it's warmest and wetting my body until I'm clean and damp. Then I let the shower run warm and gently lie myself down in the bathtub, the moist skin of my body easily letting me slide up and down into a comfortable position sitting position, so my breasts are nice and firm. Then I begin to play with my breasts, massaging them and tweaking them around, then move up to my nipples. I start by pressing or brushing them lightly against something cold, like the tiles of the wall, the glass beside the bathtub, etc. The colder the better. This gets them stiff, so I get to hardening them. I roll both nipples around my fingers, tweaking them occasionally, experimenting with my fingers to see how far they will go. Sometimes light pinches work. I find the right nipple goes harder quicker, so I tend to concentrate more on that one. By now it's usually bright red and throbbing, so I get a toothbrush - electric or otherwise, it's fine either way - soak it, and then rub it across my nipples roughly. This can be the tiniest bit painful with harder bristles, especially with electric toothbrushes, but mine has rubber flaps so when I press down, it causes extra pleasure. I continue to do this until brushing my arms across my hardened nipples gives me goose bumps, and then I slip down into a lying position, with my head on the slope so I'm not completely lying down flat. I start to take everything gentle now, relaxing myself and letting the warm water wash over my body, and then when I'm lying in a shallow pool of water I prop my legs up on either side of the bathtub, spread them open wide to reveal my throbbing area, and let the warm water hit it full blast.

I've never been one to actually have a huge orgasm, or use any sexual toys, or enter my vagina. To be truthful, I'm actually a little scared of what's down there. I like gentle teasing, first rubbing my wet hands over the entire area, slow at first and then faster and faster. Then, every time my hand goes down I poke the soft area there, and then rub it back up again. Sometimes I can't get my legs wide enough, so I put them even higher up and completely open them so the warm, almost hot water is directly pulsing over the throbbing area. This is when I can't take it any more. I thrust my body backwards and forwards to vary the spot where the stream of water hits directly, then thrust myself up and back down, rubbing my area the entire time. I have no extra hands to fondle my breasts, so I tend to just whack my top half around to get them moving. By now, everything's screaming for more. I reach both hands down there to open the wet lips wide and throw my head back, thrusting the entire time, gently penetrating deeper and deeper, but never far enough to enter my vagina. I like fast and furious rubbing and poking and jabbing, and by now my clit is always red. I brush my fingers along my clit, teasing at first, and then proper rubbing, so hard it feels like the skin is about to come off. All this time I'm pumping and the water grows hotter and hotter, one thing I like about my shower, and throwing my head back so it's easier to imagine sexual fantasies with other girls. I wet my hands thoroughly so they feel like several tongues, and then lap at the clit and labia gently. Then I move back up to message my breasts, pumping them and squeezing them roughly. Sometimes, if I have enough time, I will turn over and kneel, but so that my breasts are dangling over the edge of the tub, and push my arse up to the stream of water so I'm in one of those sexy poses you see in magazines. I stay like that for a couple of minutes and then use the toothbrush on my nipples again to get them going. Finally, I just turn back over and sink down into the bath and let the water wash over my body as it calms down. It's heaven. When I'm done, I just get up and scrub myself over with shower creme, paying extra attention to the tender bits and just performing my own little lap dance/sexy strip to entertain imaginary people. Then I wash it all off, and I feel so immensely cleansed and purified it's hard not to feel proud of yourself. When I change back into my clothes, my right (and best) nipple is always a little sore, but I just put my bra over it and it goes away soon.

I also love to just lie down/sleep naked. Having to share a room with two young sisters, I hardly ever get this experience, but luckily my parent's room has a lock and I usually go in there to just throw myself around with no clothes on and curl up in the duvets, which are so caressing to body parts. I like to roll around naked too, feeling the pressure on my breasts and riding pillows/towels between my legs. Amazing.

I LOVE TO MASTURBATE!!!!!!! masturbating is so much fun and I get A LOT of PLEASURE out of it.

To get in the mood I usually watch porn videos or look at pictures or read stories..

When I'm in the mood I usually fantasize about some guys that go to my school and I'm friends with and they have locked me up and I have to take orders...

I masturbate with a marker or pencil [yup its small but..]

Wow I'm in the mood now, I think you know what that means.......well I'm gonna head to my room maybe my bed*****************


Hi, I've been masturbating since I was like 8. I cannot penetrate myself with anything - I just don't get any pleasure out of it. What I actually do is go into my pool, and stand in front of the one jet. I push myself up on top of it so it is massaging my clit. I get the best feeling and finally orgasm! I also love to read the stories on this site, get all wet and then go in my shower and play with myself.
haha, i'm really horny right now :D


I Find A Circular Item That I Can Place On My Finger And I Go Slow Then Fast Circular Motions.


I like to read stories of how other people do it, to get myself in the mood and for inspiration. I like the "full" feeling, and the way I masturbate to get the most realistic sex feeling is by lubing up my dildo with non scented lotion, inserting it, and laying with my legs open and knees bent. Then I will get a pillow or two, and hold it against the dildo to create the pressure... its a way to masturbate without having to touch your clit, which is a nice change from the way most people do it.

Another thing I like to do, once in a while, is insert a pair of silicone tongs, so that I can spread myself open as far as I like, and be able to take a flashlight and mirror and have a look. being opened up like this makes me feel so vulnerable and turned on, the sight of it gets me ready to really orgasm.... I like to stroke my clit while my legs are spread and my vagina is being stretched by the tongs.

Always wash your sex toys after each use, and never ever do it so that you hurt yourself!

I've been masturbating since I was about 12. I started using stuffed toys, kinda like the pillow mound. Then at about 14 started rubbing my clitoris, later going out to buy a vibrating razor. I love fantasizing about being with a woman, having her lick me out.


I have been masturbating ever since I turned 12. It may sound weird or scary but I use a perfume bottle. It's pretty fun I even have an orgasm!

Hey I am 16, I started masturbating when I was just 5 years old, yes of course I had no idea what I was actually doing but it felt good to me, I use to hump pillows, and yah, now I am 16 I still masturbate by rubbing my clit, but when ever I try to finger myself it hurts a lot, I use to date someone who was 3 years older then me and he use to always talk about having sex, he use to always finger me but it never hurt when he did it, and I would come, but when ever it came to actually having sex it was so painful and I could only get 3 cm in, later on I dated another boy, and he was (not meaning to be mean) very small in the pants, and it hurt a lot once again,....anyways over all that I rub my clit, and I find it much better then actual sex.

I have been masturbating since I was like, 5 I think? It started one day while I was playing video games and the controller kept vibrating, then I set it down in my lap to get a drink and one of the corners had hit my clit as it was vibrating, I would do it every day from that point on. I used to be really embarrassed by it and would try to stop, but now I am a lot more comfortable with it and realize its okay to do.

But since the vibration thing, I had gotten used to the speed and force of a vibrator and my own hand, and when my boyfriend and I started engaging in sexual activity his hand wasn't trained to do what my hand could do, and when he fucked me it wasn't as intense as masturbating, so I wasn't able to orgasm while he fucked me. So I started masturbating in a more slow, and sensual way, instead of just doing it to achieve orgasm. He and I have been together for almost two years and now he can get me to cum way better then I ever was able to make myself...Its amazing ;)

I started masturbating when I was about 13 years old. I was raised in a very uptight conservative family, and I was always taught that touching your private parts was wrong and would lead you to hell. One day, I was visiting my cousins, and I just couldn't help it anymore. I locked myself in their bathroom and I touched myself. It felt amazing. I'm now 16, and I have a boyfriend, but I still touch myself regularly. My mother, of course, has no clue. We don't have a shower-head in my bathroom, and I have a really tight vagina so stuff like bananas don't fit, but I use a long skinny plastic hanger that I hide under the bathroom cabinet. When no-one is home, I lock my doors and take my clothes off and stick it inside me. Sometimes I even call my boyfriend so he can hear me moaning. I think I'm the horniest girl in the world sometimes =]


Hi, I'm 16. I've been masturbating since I was about 10. When I masturbate I use one of those vibrating toothbrushes and just rub it on my clit!! It feels so great, or I use the bathtub to running my pussy under the running water!


The Sonicare toothbrush method rules! I CAN'T believe I had never used this before...Oh my gosh, I came twice in less than 2 minutes :-)

All the years of not using the toothbrush I always use my hand and touch my clit until I feel the o come, then I use my fingers inside my vagina, I love the spasm in my walls.

I been have touching myself since I was like 7, I always saw my sister's hands underneath the covers, so one day I did so to.

It was amazing... I have never really reached and orgasm and I really don't think I want to ... I touch myself like two times a week....

And a funny story, one time I saw my sister's hands under the covers and she was laying on the couch and my mom was sitting next to her feet so I was like hey give me back my blanket while ripping the blanket off of her and what you saw was my sister with her hands in her pants and she was like rubbing and then I stood there and gave her a shocked look even though on the inside I really wasn't very shocked .... sooooo then my mom finally looks and I am like what are you doing and she ..... quickly took her hand out of her pants and starts complaining how I shouldn't have took the cover cause it was hers and I think my mom was still in shock so I walked away with the blanket................

But my sister reads these great sex stories they make me so hot when I read them with out me knowing until I reach there, but I am not allowed to read them cause they're not age appropriate, well that's what they think.


I'm still living at home. And using a vibrator can be too noisy and a dildo just doesn't do the trick. I can generally only cum from clit stimulation. So when I draw a full bath of hot soapy water, I will lie in it and imagine erotic scenes in my head. Then I'll take the shower head and adjust it to "massage" mode. This is equivalent to a strong jet spray. I'll hold the shower head underwater and spread my legs, allowing the water to hit my clit. Because this is all done underwater, the pressure isn't as strong but it is VERY effective. From the heat of the water and my crazy imagination, I can have a SILENT yet wonderful orgasm.


I use ice cubes in my pussy, I put the ice in my pussy and use a vibrating toothbrush and after 5 minutes I cum for about a minute and I have about 3 orgasms at once.


I started masturbating when I was 8 or 9. I was laying on my bed and I suddenly had the urge to grab my pillow and start humping it rapidly. I lost my breath, as I felt a tightening feeling between my legs. Then the feeling escalated into complete excitement! It felt so good. I did it a few times after that but then stopped for a while because I thought I was doing something wrong. A few years later I pondered along the feeling again and decided to try different techniques. I've masturbated along the edge of a bathtub, with a showerhead, on the edge of the bathroom sink, with blankets or clothing, a toy recorder, pillows, stuffed animals, and a vibrator. I continue to masturbate daily, sometimes twice a day.

I just started exploring my body two nights ago. I have started using a Q-tip with Vaseline over my clit. I have never felt something so good before.


I've been masturbating for a couple of years now. When I first started, I would lay on my side and put a pillow between my legs and hump it. Now, usually when I'm laying in bed before I fall asleep at night, I'll firmly rub my clit. up and down until I orgasm. When I orgasm, my vagina will seriously contract for about 10 minutes. It's such a wonderful feeling. I also get so wet that I'll have to change my underwear and PJ bottoms.

Until I found this website, I thought it was kind of strange to fantasize about other women instead of men while I masturbate. I agree with some of you others, it would be nice to experience oral sex with another female.


I masturbate at least two or three times a week. I absolutely love it and love my body and how it works. My techniques are rubbing my clit really fast with anything I can get my hands on such as TV remotes (my favorite), coins, toy cars, expo markers, pens, pencils, Q-tips, two fingers, rulers, cell phones, and many others. I usually rub them on my clit up and down really fast (butterflying) until I climax and cum and get all wet and nice. OMG and the best is when you are in a Jacuzzi or hot tub or a pool and you spread the lips apart and press your clit against one of the blowers until you climax... that's the BEST. Shower heads work too. And with all the methods I fantasize or watch other people masturbate.


I am 23 Yrs old. I penetrate myself with a pencil or pen while I am alone in my study or on my bed. Fantasizing abouta handsome guy. It really gives me multiple orgasms. But I feel pretty good, as I am sure not to infected with AIDS / HIV viral infection from partners.


I'm 17 now, and I used to be outright afraid of masturbating. Now I'm more comfortable with it but because of my situation right now, I'm not so proficient as I know I could be. I can write it better than I can do it! I was in a bit of a bad relationship for 3 years, in terms of not being given any sexual contact at all from my partner; I had to do all the work. So I learnt that I had to figure out how to get myself off.

Usually my evening starts with a kinky weblog, or a role-play scene over MSN with a friend, (more recently with phone calls from a special someone) and get myself all wound up. I lie in bed on my side, and cuddle up to a pillow or my duvet. Slowly I'll curl my legs around the pillow and continue to fantasize about being touched, or penetrating my partner with a strap on, and start to rock my hips against it. I'll shift either to rubbing more of my clit against it, or rock so that the pillow angles against my vulva and the opening of my vagina. If I get the angle and position right it feels like I'm being penetrated; and it feels so good when I come like that.

Sometimes this takes a long time and sometimes I don't come at all, and my current cycle affects my ability to orgasm dramatically. For example, I will come more intensely (even more than once) if I'm on my period, or just before it. This is most likely to do with the hormones related to ovulation going into over drive.

Don't forget ladies, your mood affects orgasm too. I can't get off if I'm really low and sad, so I'll just cuddle up with my pillow for comfort. Also, if you're too energetic and hyper, you'll end up hurting or bruising yourself by going at it too quickly =P

I Dont Want To Say

I start rubbing myself down there as I'm not sure where the clitoris is. I move my finger in circles and move my hips round to,o and it works because I don't want to put my fingers in, as I'm only 14 and still a bit scared.


I usually lay on my stomach with my legs pressed together. My right hand is underneath me. I just use pressure on my clitoris, sometimes putting a finger into my vagina. I don't usually fantasize, but if I can't orgasm there is one fantasy/experience that always works.

I was very drunk one night and ended up having a one night stand with a guy who I was attracted to, he was also very drunk. I only remember one part. We were having sex missionary style and I told him it wasn't working. So he flipped me over and started to give it to me from behind. This is the part I love. Whenever I can't get off I just think about his cock slamming into me and his balls rhythmically slapping backs of my thighs.


Hey, I'm 16 and I've been masturbating since I was about 9 or 10. Just in the last year or so I've really enjoyed masturbating and now I do it pretty much everyday. I have movie channels at my house so late at night when everyone is asleep I watch porn. Just watching people enjoy sex makes me wet. I've found out just the sound of someone enjoying sex makes me wet. I begin to rub my clit in a circular motion with both my pointer fingers. I start out very slow and work my way up to a faster pace. I stick a finger or two in to my vagina and then my clit gets tingly and my vagina starts to contract. It feels so good...


Hey, I'm Tina, I'm 17 I have been masturbating since I was 12. I was sitting in the bath and I just started to touch myself after I read about being fingered in a magazine. Now-a-days I masturbate in bed or in the shower using my fingers or some times with an old electric toothbrush. I fantasize about women sucking my clit and breasts. Or sometimes I watch porn and get off to it.


I've been masturbating since I was about 11. I LOVE it. I tried experimenting first with two friends. With Katherine we would lie on top of each other with our panties on and hump. We knew it felt good and we would "practice on each other" for when we got married. We didn't really know what we were doing. We began doing it a lot. Her room, my room, in the woods. We eventually grew out of it within a few weeks. I guess we were embarrassed and finally figured out how to do it to ourselves.


My favorite way to masturbate is: Reading a sexy book. Then I use a cheap electric toothbrush on my clit smooth side first. After I'm aroused i turn the toothbrush over and let the bristles rotate against my engorged clit! The tension is so great i usually have at least three orgasms in a row. All the while I'm fantasizing about my hot college professor. ;)


I have been masturbating since I was about 8 years old. I normally borrow my mom's vibrator and put a condom over it and rub my clit. I used to hump a broom or even my cat's scratch-post. This is kinda odd but I love seeing pictures of gay men kissing each other or having sex.

Wouldn't you like to know

I've been masturbating since like 8ish I think and my religion is totally against it so I've been trying to stop. It never works. I can never ever orgasm using my fingers or dildos. I fantasize major time and use things that vibrate against my clit. I wish that I could use my fingers and orgasm.. but I can't so.. yeah.


I've been masturbating since I was in 7th grade, I didn't know what I was doing at the time until I looked it up online and found out it was masturbation. I used to feel guilty about it but I love it. I do it about 2-3 days a day if I can. I do it when I'm home alone or real late at night. I take off my pants and underwear and bra, i leave on my shirt because I like the feeling of the shirt against my breasts. I tickle my breasts, then my stomach and finally my pussy. My breathing is very heavy by now. I desperately take off my shirt, I love being totally naked while masturbating. I have this stuffed animal with a hard nose which is very pleasurable, I flip on my stomach, put the nose in my pussy and start humping back and forth slowly then I gradually get faster. I try to stay quiet by putting my face in a pillow because I moan very loudly, but when I'm alone I scream and let myself go. When I feel like I'm about to climax, I get on my back, open my lips and rub them up and down with my left hand, I start to feel my pussy getting really wet. I start narrowing in on one particular spot, my clitoris. I play with my erect clit by rubbing it in a circular motion fast and faster, I stop for about 5 minutes struggling to keep my hands away from my pussy and then do it again. I feel my legs start to twitch and I know what's about to come next, I thrash my hips up and down, moaning uncontrollably I have to let it out. I feel the muscles in my pussy contracting. I get a mirror and watch my body respond to the heavenly feeling, oh my god it turns me on so much watching my clitoris moving like that.Then finally my juices come bursting out like a gush of water going over a waterfall. It's so warm, I feel it coming down on my thighs and onto the bedspread, I end up with a huge wet spot on my bed sheets. It tires me out so much. I also hump my pillow by putting the tip in my pussy and rocking back and forth. I enjoy inserting bananas, and those long candlesticks. My favorite is my thick, 12 inch jumbo pencil. It's my pride and joy, it's my own personal dildo since I'm too afraid to buy an actual one, but I don't know what I'd do with out that thing it really hit's the spot. Oh boy, I'm so horny typing this I'm going to go masturbate right now lol.


Wow!! I can't believe there are so many people that do this too lol...I've been doing this for a while. I imagine I'm losing it to the current guy I like and he's forcing me to do it. It works wonder omg!!! I wanna go do it now lol


I'm 16 gonna turn 17 soon and have been masturbating probably since the age of 10. I usually start out by reading an erotic chapter in a book and then put down the book so as I can have use of both hands. I usually start to rub my "private" area until I feel myself getting naturally lubricated then insert one or two fingers (depending on mood) into my vagina while using my other hand to stimulate my clitoris. I am a virgin and therefore have never experienced the feeling of a guy touching me, but I do imagine that what I do myself cannot be topped. Before I found this website I thought it was strange that I wanted to try things with another girl but, as some of the other postings have said, who better to bring you to orgasm then someone who has the same parts as you and knows how they work. I will definitely refer to this site more often and am curious to see if one of my female friends would like to help me out but I'm not really sure how to ask. Thanks so much for creating this site.


Buy an electric toothbrush (preferably Oral-B. Isn't that ironic? lol). Using wire cutters, pluck all the bristles out (and also the metal things that hold the bristles in.) Then turn it on and rub it up and down on the center of your clitoris. Also, have something inside of you and watching porn while doing this intensifies the pleasure. Especially if you're lying on the floor with your legs up in the air propped up on something, such as the couch or bed.


I have been masturbating since I was 6, my dada was watching wrestling and I have always remember it was one where the guy got his face shoved in another guy's butt, and I felt this tingling feeling between my legs. Since then I have always wanted to feel that feeling again, so I took a VHS movie case and put it between my legs and pushed hard. The feeling I got was sensational, now I can't stop, I try different things, but now they aren't as good as they were before. I am always curious to try different things. I masturbate 4-5 times a day and proud of it.

Thank you for your website, I love it !!!<3


I love to masturbate on a regular basis. What I do first is I get myself in the mood. I get naked and walk around. Then I relax in the bathtub. I get out and do some stretches. Yoga positions etc. Then I lay on the bed and pull out my massager and first take it around my body. Across my breasts, down my legs, feet, waist and abdominal area. Then I put the massager on my clit and I get an orgasm in about two minutes on the low setting. It's great to enjoy it.


I've posted several times in the Sexual Fantasy section, and once before in here I think. Lately my favorite method of masturbation is to rub against a door frame, or any upright structure that is fairly flat, parallel to the ground, and not too wide. I have had great orgasms by standing with my pussy pressed against a door frame with a towel in between for cushioning and grinding against it as hard as I can stand to. It sometimes hurts a little because the surface is so hard and stiff, but it's not a bad pain and the results are definitely worth it.


I've always been curious, me and my cousin used to do things like lick each other's pussy and it felt good. But it all started when I accidentally rubbed a pillow between my legs. After that I did it at least once a day...

Now.. I use an electric toothbrush and it gets me off so quick..


Hi everyone,

It's my first time on this site. I didn't even know that it existed, I was just searching for ways to have mind blowing masturbation, because I can't seem to be satisfied. Anyway, reading all of your stories has helped me in many ways. The most important one was helping me to not feel guilty after touching myself.

Here is a little technique you might wanna try.

It usually starts with me wanting to pee, so this is a bathroom thing. If your in the mood, hurry and get a cup of cube ice in a glass, wash it down with water a little because the edges a usually sharp and leave a little water in the cup (you should still be holding up your pee). You can use a banana or the end of the brush or just anything on your dresser that you can use to penetrate you if you want. Run to the bathroom and let out your pee or if you can keep it a while longer, do so. Sit up on the toilet seat with legs wide apart. Wash your hands and start feeling your breast. Use one hand and put your middle and index finger in the cold water and rub your nipples, put your fingers back into the water then start rubbing your clit in a circular motion. By this time your pussy must be aching to be penetrated. Place your middle finger into wet soaking fat pussy and move it in and out, when you feel like you wanna move on to another step put the ice in your pussy and continue fucking your self. I know that it feels good. You should be aching for more pleasure. Use whatever you have to penetrate you and try three cubes of ice, moving in and out slowly gradually increasing your speed. You can go in your bath or shower and change position. If you are using something like a cucumber, you can stick it in a door jam or find somewhere to stick it and then they turn around and imagine that's its a man or woman fucking you. Like back-shot or doggie-style whichever. Try not to get hurt. This usually works for me!!!!!!! TRY IT.

For basic advice and words of caution on using ice during sex play please visit this website. Based on that article, and the very limited advise I found elsewhere, make sure the object inserted vaginally, or applied to the vulva, is very slippery, or use a melting ice cube, Popsicle or the like, as you don't want the item sticking to the delicate tissues of the vulva and vagina. The larger the piece of ice or frozen object is the greater risk for injury. The book Encyclopedia of Unusual Sex Practices states: "Caution: It is unsafe to put more ice into an orifice than will dissolve within a couple minutes." You would most likely want to alternate between a cold and warm object every couple of minutes to ensure the skin doesn't become too cold and numb, and do not hold cold objects stationary for more the a few seconds at a time. You may want to read about the body's sensitivity to temperature in the article about the female sexual nervous system. The inner two-thirds of the vagina doesn't have the same range of sensation as does the vulva and outer one-third of the vagina. Frostbite is a risk associated with exposing the body to cold temperatures.


I was twelve when I had my first orgasm, using the shower head. I didn't know why it occurred to me to place the jet of water between my legs - instinct I suppose. 'I think that might have been an orgasm,' I decided, and from then tried to achieve it as frequently as possible.

For a couple of years I only rubbed through my knickers. Diagonally, keeping the material and the skin of my vagina firm under my fingers. The motion back then was a little like waving with a cupped hand.

I remember on one occasion I was bemused to find my hips moving up and down. 'This must be simulating sex,' I twigged. I did it a lot. In bed, laying on the bathroom floor, standing up in a cubicle at school, quietly whilst a friend slept near.

I've tried many ways of stimulating my clit. Rubbing up and down, left to right, tracing the alphabet, slowly, quickly with a feather-light touch. The sexiest thing though, is trying out how other people do it. There is something very erotic to me about empathy.

These days, I tend to lick my middle finger and straighten my legs. I'll do it now so I can describe it accurately. I place two fingers on the right side of the skin of my clitoris - I don't like direct contact. The speed is quite quick, usually, in small circles. I like to finger myself with the other hand, and often focus on 'drinking' up with the tunnel walls.
When I am about to orgasm, I tense my legs right down to my toes, and also my head, to the point that it shakes. This 'throws' the feeling to the far reaches of my body.


The best way for me to reach a really intense orgasm is while in the bath. I lay back and relax and get the shower head, I then spread my legs and put one over the side of the bath. I next place the shower head near my clit and let the water stimulate it. It's soooo good! sometimes it feels to sensitive and when this happens I avoid direct stimulation and just do it to the side of my clit. This feeling is the best. I usually have an orgasm within a few minutes. The only problem with this is I often feel the urge to have something inside me, to fill my vagina. I don't have a vibrator and fingers don't satisfy me so sometimes I use something out of my bathroom. This method is quite addictive and I must say I do it almost every day.


I use a double dildo technique to penetrate both the anus and the vagina, then I hump a door frame until I almost orgasm, then pull away and wait a few minutes before going at it again and this produces a very intense orgasm!


Hi, I'm 21 yrs old and have been on and off masturbating since I was about 16 years old. I always thought I was weird when I did so I would do it once then wait awhile. I never came and or did penetration. I just played with my clit. I got married at 18 and never tried masturbating again after that. Till a few months ago when my husband went on a business trip. I like to watch girl on girl porn (I'm bi-curious I'd really like to be with another woman but that would mean cheating) anyways while he was gone I was watching some porn one night. I was super horny and I have no toys. So I grabbed one of those fat sharpies and some baby oil. I put my legs up on the computer desk and it was amazing. I fucked myself and played with my clit for two hours and came I don't know how many times. I even got into bed and put on some porn and fucked myself. I love to lay in bed and touch my clit threw my panties. I'll suck my own nipples and start to feel wet. I then stick my hands in my panties and rub rub rub :). Then I take my panties off. I like to pretend that I'm in a solo porno and I talk to the camera. It really turns me off...sounds weird but it works. I recently bought a Venus Vibrance razor...BUY IT YOU'LL Love it. I like to stroke my clit with it. Just thinkin about fuckin myself turns me on. anyways it doesn't take me too long to orgasm anymore and I have multiple orgasms. I can orgasm threw penetration with my husband but not by myself. he cant play with my clit the way I like it. I always gush. I've learned that gushin is normal and its fun. oh god I'm so turned on haha I have to go get my razor. Sometime when I feel an orgasm coming I'll stop for a few seconds and keep going. I do this a few times and by the time I cum it goes everywhere. I also like to "hold" the orgasm. where I keep the Vibrance on my clit and just feel my body throb when I finally do take it off I cum everywhere and rub my pussy and feel my self contract. now I must go.


I started masturbating just about a year ago when I was 13, I am now 14 years old. When I masturbate I always achieve an orgasm. I spread my legs out and lean back on the back and leave my panties on. Then I take our DVD remote and rub my clit in circular motions. I start out soft and go faster afterwards. I think about all sorts of things that turn me on and after I feel the orgasm coming, I put the remote between my legs and squeeze to intensify the orgasm. It feels great! Thanks so much for making this website!


I am 33 years old, and I have been masturbating since I was about 10 years old. Not married, but I have a daughter, 7 years old. Sexually, I have had seven guys in my life. They all were average in the bed ,with the exception of one. As of now, I have hopes, and dreams of a major fantasy being played out in my life. Here's what I do whenever I play with myself. I am in the closet a true bisexual...I love sexually, both men and women. I have never been with a woman. So, I look at X-rated magazine pictures, read X-rated stories, watch X-rated DVD'S. I think deeply of feeling a woman's buttocks, sucking women's nipples and fantasize about swallowing male penis juice, vaginal juices, and being involved with a threesome (WMW). I do this as I masturbate about 10 times a month. And when I orgasm, I fill-up with beer and water, and I squirt pee, pee everywhere! Masturbating is off-the-hook with me. I have an offer to be involved with a couple for a threesome, THE REST OF MY LIFE, and it's still in the planning stages. I'm aiming to become a sexual fixture with them. Believe me, I'm theirs!


I would like to say how great this site is. I was rather unsure of certain things, but this site really cleared things up.
For masturbating, I like to lie on my left side, with my head on some sort of pillow/towel/cushion to clutch. I then use a stuffed toy/ pillow/ throw/clothes/ anything! I put it between my legs, and use my hand to push it against my clit as I thrust. I tend to read erotic webpages to help. I haven't really heard of anyone else masturbating on their side, though.


My technique is pretty simple, but amazing.

I start my turning out the lights in my room, then I lay on my back, and spread my legs wide. While doing this I fantasize about my boyfriend touching me and kissing me EVERYWHERE .

Then I slowly start to tease my Clit, after a little of that I put my finger into my "hole" I continue going back and forth from my clit to my "Hole" as I fantasize, its a slow process but the outcome IS AWSOME !


There are some really good stories on Fan fiction sites, especially Harry Potter ones. I found using my pool's bubblers was really good. Also squirting shampoo or anything like that into yourself is really nice.

Caution: Shampoo can irritate the vaginal lining, possibly resulting in irritation and infection.


I have masturbated using many different ways. Sometimes I rub a bottle against my lips which makes me come quickly. I have rubbed myself against chair backs and door knobs. I get down on all fours and pass a scarf between my lips. I have used a rolled up towel held tight against my vagina and rubbed it backwards and forwards. Usually I rub my clitoris with my hand in a circular motion then insert a finger into my vagina and move it up and down. Sometimes I get naked and stroke my body in front of a mirror. I like to squeeze my pelvic muscles and move my hips in a circular motion.


I am 17 and have been masturbating since I was about 12. I came across one of those late night movies on Cinemax. I soon discovered my clit and could get off very quickly with just my fingers. Now I use an electric toothbrush. My favorite is the Oral-B Pulsar.


I just started doing this yesterday and I can't get myself out of the bath tub. But I get in the bathtub with the water running hard, and no water in the tub, I lay right under the faucet and hold my legs up in the air and hold my lips open. While you feel the orgasm coming on push you legs on the sides of the tub and it feels amazing. I have only had one orgasm before this with my ex-boyfriend and had had plenty of sex before this time, and I know it wasn't the guys, because it felt good but I could just never go. I can always go in the bathtub though.


It is so refreshing to read the posts here because I was convinced that I was the only girl who was so addicted to masturbation. I'm now 26 but started when I was about 14 and always fantasized about women. I used to use an electric toothbrush or an electric shaver (without blades!) to stimulate my clit and orgasm. I also discovered my dad's porn magazines and my mum's vibe at quite an early age and still use images of naked women or lesbian porn as a stimulus.


I started masturbating at 11. I read a book about a girl's body and tried it out. The first couple times I did not feel the pleasure that they talked about then I kept doing it and when I got that tingling feeling it was great. I usually cleaned an old sharpie and used it as a dildo. I tried humping things but it didn't work. I love masturbating and I think I will be doing it for a long time!


I am straight but as like others, lesbian porn turns me on to no end. But just erotic stories. I am so turned on by my roommate... I use the shower head on my clit while I picture myself sucking all the juices out of her pussy. One time we got drunk and I stroked her pussy and breasts for at least an hour, but that's as far as she wanted to go. We've made out a lot. Another girl is bi curious, like me, that we hang out with.. she's so sexy. We are not at all open about our curiousness except in subtle ways. Like I told them that my boyfriend had nude pics of me in his phone that I have in my possession. They both wanted to see them. I showed them a picture of my bare tits and then my bare pussy. They both commented that it looked pretty. I wanted to rub on their pussies as they looked at the picture of mine. I use the shower head to fantasize about their bare pussies in my mouth. I get off at the thought of their cum filling my mouth.

I've been masturbating since I was 9 years old. I stayed at home and masturbated every time my parents went out shopping.


I love watching movie sex scenes. Especially the scene with Angelina Jolie in Taking Lives. I like to flex my PC muscles and grind my hips in a circular motion until I get really horny. Then, I take a pillow and put it between my legs so that the edge is up against my clit. I hold one end of it behind me and one end in front-holding the pillow taut. then I grind in a circular motion. I also like to get the Venus VIBRANCE razor (without the razor head), turn it on on put it between me and the pillow. It gets you going in no time at all. --and it feels amazing!


What I do is get a pillowcase and rub it on my clit. Then I think of my girlfriend licking me all over, tits, clit, toes, its so great.


I've been masturbating since I was 9 years old. I stayed at home and masturbated every time my parents went out shopping.

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