Women Matsurbation Experiences IV

I'm 18 years old and I've been masturbating since I was 8 or 9. It's a pretty private thing for me but I don't think I could get by without it. I love sex with guys, but there is something very special and gratifying about giving yourself a very intense orgasm. Sometimes I like to take pictures or videos of myself masturbating, and then watch them as I'm doing so. I am VERY turned on by the female body, and would love to have a lesbian encounter given the opportunity. I also really enjoy masturbating for someone. A guy friend of mine (who is also an occasional sexual partner) just drools at the sight of me fingering myself and I love how much it turns us both on. I usually use an electric toothbrush on my clit and that works like magic. Also the old bathtub faucet is a fail safe operation.

To be honest I am really looking forward to having sex with a girl. It's been a fantasy of mine for as long as I can remember, even though I love penetration. I've yet to use any sex toys but I want to very badly. I masturbate whenever I get the chance and I'm trying to find some more effective techniques.

My earliest memory is of me hiding behind my Grandfather as we stood at a fence and a huge horse charged at us. I realize now that the horse was just coming to the fence for the pieces of apple or sugar cubes that seemed to materialize in my Grandfather's pockets. I think I was four.

Another memory from about the same time is of me sitting astride my Grandfather's leg while he read me a story from a book resting on his other knee. I remember this amazing feeling between my legs and then moving back and forth rubbing myself on my Grandfather's thigh. I remember getting tired and my Grandfather hugging me and kissing the top of my head.

The same sequence of events happened frequently also with my Mother and my Father. I don't remember ever being told not to do that with people outside the family but then my Sister and I did not make a habit of sitting on other people's laps.

I must hasten to say that our Grandfather, who was our day-to-day care giver, never molested us or initiated these events and I do not think they happened every time anyone read us a story. I will say that the smell of pipe tobacco
or the feel of coarse cloth (tweed?) of a man's jacket has me panting in seconds.

I have read all the posts here and many of them fill me with sadness. There are so many instances of parents (usually Mothers) reprimanding young girls for touching themselves "down there" and many more where today, as adults, women feel guilty about deriving pleasure from their own bodies. What a shame.

My Sister is two years older. She and I shared a bedroom for a while and often slept in the same bed. We did a lot of mutual exploration including kissing and licking all over. Living on the farm, we often saw sex as practiced by several species. We both, at one time or another, witnessed sex as practiced by humans as well ... at least as practiced by our parents. Not really a big deal. Fowl are much noisier and horses are significantly impressive.

My Sister and I were told about masturbation by our Mother. I think I was probably 6. She told us that it felt great and should usually be done in private so as not to make other people uncomfortable. She showed us what a lubricant was and stressed that this thing should always be done with clean hands and never if the skin was sore. We (my Sister and I) got vibrators as "extra" Christmas presents that year.

I was born in nineteen eighty and am currently twenty eight years old. I masturbate virtually every day, sometimes twice ... or more. My anus is very sensitive so I like to slowly circle it with the moistened index finger of one hand while stroking my clit with the other. I enjoy my body and the wondrous things it does for me. I was very lucky to grow up in a loving and supportive home.

I would ask that each of the readers of this site make a promise to have the guilt and shame associated with self enjoyment END WITH YOU and that you try not pass on to any children you may have the crippling attitudes and stigmas of the past.

I hope that when I have children of either sex I can be as open and free with them as my Mother and the rest of my family was with me.


I've been masturbating for as long as I can remember.

What I do is I watch some porn videos online and get really wet then I go into my room and stick a long hair brush handle into my wet pussy. Then I lay on the ground with my butt almost touching the floor but a little up to where I can get my hand to rub my clit. I'm on my knees, butt up a little, and I begin to fuck the brush. Feeling it go in and out of my slowly. Then I go faster and begin to rub my clit, fast. It takes me about 1 1/2 to 2 minutes to orgasm and it feels great!

Try it!


I have been masturbating since I was 11. My favourite method is to use an electric toothbrush on my clitoris and when my clit is nice and wet, I turn a vibrator on and insert it into my vagina. I then put the toothbrush back on my clitoris. Using this method I can reach orgasm in about 5 minutes. But I can't reach orgasm manually. Any suggestions


I love to play with myself. When I want an intense orgasm, I start by looking at porn or reading erotic stories. I then move to the bed and lie on my front. With one hand, I spread the lips pf my pussy as wide as I can so my clit pops out from underneath the hood, then with the other hand, I place two fingers either side of my clit and press down so it stands out even more. I use my middle finger to very gently stroke my clit, rubbing my juices into it. When I feel like I'm going to come, I stop and rest for a while then repeat this another few times. When I can't take it any more, I let myself come. I have whole body orgasm this way and can't move for a few minutes. I'm usually still very turned on so I rub myself quickly to another orgasm then another. I can play with myself for hours!

I'm only 16 but i've been masturbating since I was about 3/4. I was really shocked that other people use the same technique as me! I used to get really turned on by humping anything hard from the arm of a sofa to the toilet seat, the feeling you got was AMAZING. In all honesty, I do still hump things to get turned on, my favourite has got to be putting a good porn movie on, putting a chair in front of the TV, and humping the corner of it faster and faster whilst I watch horny couples having really fast, hard sex. You can actually feel yourself getting wetter and wetter as you do it, and then the little explosion at the end when you're finished, nothing better, and I have no shame about it! I really do recommend you try it, i've tried trying to stimulate my clit by rubbing it, but honestly nothing compares to the chair technique!

Well I guess I was kind of young when I started, and I really didn't know what it was. I would just love laying in the bath tub and letting the water run on my clit, it felt soo good. One time my grandma walked in on me and got really pissed. I think I was like 8. An this other time I was at my friend's house an her lil sister had a friend over to an we were in the pool an she told us to stick the end of the water hose in there an that felt good too an now these days I use a back massager because I'm afraid my parents would figure it out if I had a vibrator or something but I'm not sure if I have an orgasm I know it feels great but i have never actually cummed or anything like that.

Ok I started masturbating at age 12 and it was actually quite confusing at first. Later I used a Victoria's Secret Lip Gloss. Sounds weird, I know but the top was round and smooth. I liked it and rubbed it against my clit. It's great but before I used an electric toothbrush, but I had to use it constantly and the parents wondered why I was "brushing my teeth" so often.

I began to masturbate when I was really young. When I was actually conscious of what I was doing (past the point of... it just felt good) I was about 9. I had found a romance novel and began to read all the dirty scenes and it really got me riled up. I loved to read romance novels after that (I was a bookworm) and would have stacks of them under my bed. Not really knowing how to work my fingers or anything like that, I would gather up my blankets, pillows, stuffed animals, and gather it all up to make some sort of fake human-sized shape. I would lay on my back and I would press my fists down on the blankets and so on, right above my mound and clit. I would squeeze my legs in, rub, move side-to-side, grind, and so on until climax.


I 16 year old and I only discovered masturbation when I was 15. I like to read or watch porn while sitting with my heel of my foot directly above my clit with my clothes on, then I put my earphones in and listen to people moan with pleasure while just tickling my outer lips then when I get really wet I like to rub my clit slowly at first then getting faster and faster till I reach my peak but because I'm hardly never in the house alone I have to stop before I orgasm, and although I am not a lesbian I would love to have a sexual experience with a girl, it turns me on just thinking about it.

I'm 20 years old and I had my first orgasm at the age of 15. I was with my first boyfriend, making out on the bed when I instigated some dry humping. For some reason, it just kept feeling better and better and so I pushed harder and harder and for the first time, I orgasmed! It was so odd and amazing and his mom was like two feet from the open door. Oops. I found out later (because he was embarrassed) that my boyfriend had climaxed at the same time as a reaction to my excitement--both of us fully clothed.

I guess you can say my sexuality started at the age of six. My best friend, "Michelle" used to come over and one night I decided to pretend to be a man and I kissed my naked My Size Barbie on her breasts. We took turns doing this. Another night, my friend said I should do that to her and we used to take turns kissing each others' privates and breasts and making out. I don't really think we knew what we were doing, it was like playing grown-up. Once, we actually pretended to have sex. I bounced around on top of her while she was lying down (fully clothed). My brother walked in on us and he told my mom we were doing something bad.

I remember my mom having a huge hissy fit and yelling at me and shaming me terribly. My dad did, too. I didn't know what I did wrong, but I think that incident seriously stunted my sexuality. I learned it was all dirty and gross. Possibly why I didn't even THINK about my body until the age of 15.

A few years later, I had a new cousin (through marriage) that my brother and I used to play with. One night at a sleep over at our grandparents' house, we played the "kissing game" which was us finding out the differences between girls and boys, I suppose. Weird things happened that night, like my brother pressured me into doing a lot of things I didn't want to do to satisfy his curiosity, like "dance" naked and "do the splits" over the cousin. I felt horrible and angry for letting him make me do those things, and truly ashamed. But in my family, I was raised to think boys make the rules and girls make the dinner.

More recently, after my first orgasm with my first boyfriend, I had orgasms by rubbing against his erect penis all the time. Then, from a friend's advice, I started rubbing against pillows. I would stack up two or three folded in half, slightly angling upwards, usually with a hard object in between the folds of the top pillow, like a book or a bottle of some kind.
Once I was with my second boyfriend, he was very conservative and religious and I think that stunted me for a while.
About two years ago I discovered a bed corner to rub against. It's quite nice.

My current boyfriend is great and I'm convinced he's my life partner. He was quite surprised the first time I orgasmed with him. I just climbed on top and in less than a minute - bam! I told him it was an orgasm and he was impressed and shocked.

I've never been able to orgasm from fingers, mine of my boyfriend's. My first two boyfriends were clumsy and inexperienced, so I wasn't even going to bother having their hands anywhere near my crotch. All they would do was go straight for the hole and think women worked like men - baby button = orgasm button.

But my current boyfriend is great with his hands. He's actually shown an ex girlfriend how to get off, when she didn't even know how (at the age of 23, isn't that sad?)! I can get *right there* and then I need to get on top and move my hips against his penis. I think it's the motion that I need and also to have a more "sex" position. Even with my own hands, I'm right on the edge and I need more push. I also have a very sensitive clit that I cannot touch bare. I think I prefer the dry humping because I usually do it with our underwear still on and it's more pressure than touch. I've never been able to orgasm from sex/penetration, although I've only been having it since my most current partner. It's sensational, but on a different plane than orgasm. That's okay, I'll take my foreplay orgasms.

What I do now to masturbate is rub against the corner of the bed, watching Abbey Winters videos on my computer, a site my boyfriend and I both like. I don't particularly get turned on by women, but the site is clean, fun, refreshing and real.

Then, I tell my boyfriend about it later. ;)

I looooove masturbation! my favorite way is to read an erotic book, then get naked and lay on my bed. i put each of my index fingers on either side of my clit and rub them simultaneously up and down, gradually getting faster. it feels soooooo good!

I have always been interested in sex.

At a young age I first discovered how to turn myself on, when I was horseback riding.

I soon became hooked! I couldn't find my clit for ages, until I turned 13. I then began having orgasms.!


I have always enjoyed receiving oral sex and especially like having my clit sucked. I am constantly searched for something that duplicated that feeling when I masturbate. I've tried most of the sex toys on the market, but have not found anything that truly worked. I have even tried using a vacuum cleaner, and although it did make me cum and felt wonderful, I was always worried about germs. It was also so powerful that you had to be extremely careful not to suck your clit off! Finally I have stumbled onto something that does work, makes me cum and is just powerful enough and is sold at the dollar store! I'm not exactly sure what it is called, but it is sold as a product to suck the dirt out of the pores on your face. And, that it is what I purchased it for. Until one day I got this great idea. It is especially enjoyable if you use it while stimulating your g-spot. Guaranteed squirting..make sure you have plenty of towels and AA batteries!

I Get In The Bath Open My Legs As Wide As I Can And Get The Shower Hed And Put It On My Clit And I Think Of Something And I Feel So Good That Sometimes I Have To Stop Try It You'll Feel So Nice.


I am 24 years old, married, and I have been masturbating since I was about 12. I use the shower massager as my tool. I turn it from the regular flow to the heavy massage. I place it right on my clit, begin to rub my breast, and move the shower head up and down and put a little pressure on my clit with it...it's sensational!!! You'll come out of the shower with a wonderful feeling!!!! It's sooooo amazing!!

Make sure you have no distractions, I like putting a pillow between my legs whilst naked rubbing my clit up and down playing with my breasts, start off slow rubbing with your finger/s, then get faster with the pillow. When your on your own turn up the volume to a sex video found on a website something that turns you on, i prefer when a girl is being licked out. As you get faster and wetter you'll feel your juices flow leading up to a great orgasm.

I'm 18 and I have been masturbating for years and I absolutely love it. Sometimes I even do it more then once a day.

I start off on the internet looking and porn and reading stories off this sight. I start to feel my pussy getting wet and aching to be rubbed. I put my hands down my shorts and start to rub my clit. I then take off all my clothes and lay on my bed with my legs spread wide open, starting to rub faster and harder. Soon I can feel that I am about to orgasm so I take my vibrator and shove it in my dripping wet aching pussy. I pump it in and out of my pussy while I rub my clit with my other hand until I end up moaning and screaming in orgasm. I am usually picturing another woman watching me masturbate or I am picturing myself eating another woman's pussy or getting eaten out by a woman.


It starts with a yearning. I lie on my back and think about her pushing me towards the bed, passionately kissing my neck, ears, and lips, her hands grasping at my breasts. My fantasy continues, and I start to shed my clothing, I open up my legs, stroke my own thighs and stomach and imagine soft skin, long hair, and firm nipples. By the time my first few fingers on my right hand pry open my lips, there's already a juicy delight in store. I start rubbing my clit in large circles, squeezing my breast with my free hand. In my fantasy I've started to explore her wetness up close and personal.in real life my right hand starts diving in and out of my vagina and back to my clit. My breathing gets heavy, I start biting my lip and wondering how good its going to get. In my fantasy we're now grinding, and my left hand abandons my breast as it dives for my vulva, and my clit rejoices in having my right hand all to itself. My clit is firm, swollen, protruding as I swirl my fingers around in fast circular motions. My left hand finds that bumpy patch inside of me just behind the pubic bone and starts to press and hold, and massage as my hips automatically begin to thrust together my body begins to fill with pure ecstasy, and I imagine asking my femme fatale to make me cum and to do it harder and faster. My entire groin area seems to fill with pulsing and pounding and rocking that gets faster and deeper and just as I can't take it any longer, I begin to wince and my left hand pulls out of my vagina, my right keeps my clit at attention, and I begin to squirt and then gush-amazing liquid everywhere soaking my sheets and hands, as I imagine cumming all over her face. She licks it up, sucks every last drop, and in real life I scream with the last of my ecstasy. I'm so fulfilled I can't open my eyes, move a single muscle although my legs are still twitching from aftershock. Several minutes later, I think about the ache and if I could do it one more time.my femme fatale is begging me to ravish her. And so it starts again.

This is what I do at least four times a week, without any toys, nothing but me, my imagination, and my blessed hands.


I am a 47 year old woman, married and a mother, who has loved masturbation since the age of 8 or 9. I masturbate in a variety of ways -- with one hand, two hands, a dildo, a vibrator or the jet from my hand shower. Masturbation is a great release for me, physical, emotional and spiritual. I love my cunt. It is not just the seat of my pleasure but also the most energized and vital part of me. In fact, several times a week, not only my cunt, but also my perineum and anus come to life. I often masturbate in front of the mirror or else switch my camera on and video myself. I like to see my naked body as if it were that of another woman and I am always amazed at how sexy I am. My breasts are large and round, with nut-brown nipples. I am slim and my legs are long. I like the curve of my belly and the cheeks of my butt. My cunt is multi-coloured. My vulva is deep pink, and the ridges of my inner lips are wavy and purple. When I am excited, my clit pushes back its hood and feels hard as a pearl. Sometimes I let my pubic hair grow and I love to pull it and tease myself. Other times, I shave it all off, especially in summer, when I wear skirts and no underwear, in order to let my vulva breathe and feel the touch of things. I often masturbate the morning after having sex with my husband. The orgasms I have with him are long and slow, washing over me in waves, unlike the sudden, sharp, uncontrollable ones I have by myself that raise me to peaks of excitement. I need both to feel good. I love being filled by my husband and feeling him thrusting in me. I love his tongue on my clit or inside my cunt. Most of all, I love his fingers as they explore me gently. But I also love my own touch. Often when masturbating, I like to fill myself with a hard object. I'm not too fond of vibrators. I tend to orgasm quickly anyway and they rush my pleasure too much. Instead, I like to finger fuck myself. I insert two fingers or three into my cunt and vary the pace with which I thrust. I find that building up to a very fast speed is immensely thrilling. My husband always stimulates my G-spot and over the years this has become very sensitive and responsive to touch. I tend to ejaculate often, sometimes in a strong, almost violent gush of warm fluid that floods the sheets and other times in a stream. When I masturbate, I put my fingers inside me and feel how the G-spot swells up and grows to the size of a large coin just before the fluid rushes out. It gives me huge satisfaction. I avoid direct contact on my clit, as this send me to orgasm too soon. Instead, I massage my whole vulva and thrust till I come. Occasionally, I kneel and touch my cunt and anus by bringing my arms round from the back. This gives me a different sensation or else I squat on the floor and leave my cunt swung open and play with myself from underneath. This position is always certain to make me squirt forcefully. Another great pleasure of mine is to lie in the sun with my legs apart, feeling the heat of the sun's rays on my cunt. Bliss!


I tend to enjoy "riding the seam" of my tight jeans while at work during the times we get to wear casual dress (once a month at the office). I stay totally quiet, of course, and simply squeeze my thighs together with legs crossed as I work on the computer in my cube. The seam rubs my clitoris, and I'd say I bring myself to orgasm about 70% of the time. No one else at work knows about this, but it does help relieve stress and make the day much more pleasant. :)

Hi, my name is Justine, I am 15 and I am so glad I found this website. I first started masturbating, not to orgasm, at five, I would just pull down my pants and touch myself down there when I would be watching TV and no one was around. Then, when I was seven my friend and I used to play boyfriend and girlfriend and we would just touch each other, and masturbate, not to orgasm though. When I turned 12 though, I went to Google.com, and the things you search on Google were saved so I started going through it, and I came across 'female masturbation' which I had no idea what the heck that meant but I was curious so I went in. They were talking about rubbing your clit and cumming. And I didn't know what rubbing your clit meant but, I had a feeling that it was the thing that looked like a little pea, so I started rubbing it and all the sudden I felt this extreme well being come over me, it felt so good, and I found out other ways to do it too. I would use a vibrating toy that was this pull string stuffed cow and I would press it against my vulva. When I was 13, me and my friend both admitting to masturbating, so we both did it together and when her parents went to sleep we would watch porn and we would teach each other so ways to do it. I recently just started fingering myself but I still like the rubbing my clit better. And sometimes I rub my clit till I almost climax then I start humping my pillows and I explode with an orgasm. I also just found out that the electric toothbrush works really well! I was reading the masturbation stories on here, and I found so many things on electric toothbrushes that I might give it a try! I used this old one that we don't use anymore and with luck I found it deep down it the bathroom closet! I would rub my clit to get me aroused and then I started using the toothbrush, then I get an amazing orgasm and I can't stop myself from moaning!! I suggest everyone tries the electric toothbrush, it works amazingly well.

I start out with going on web sites like this one. I like to play with my nipples until they get hard. Then I spread my legs out as far as I can and reach down while I imagine my fingers are a really big dick.


I start by watching Kat Young [Adult Website], a young Asian girl who inspires me to do what I do, and sometimes does it with other gorgeous girls. Check out her website! Then, I'm ready to start.

In the shower, it's a gorgeous experience. First, I take time in stripping all my clothes off and dangling them over the towel rack, the toilet seat, etc. I get into the bath, turning the shower onto it's warmest and wetting my body until I'm clean and damp. Then I let the shower run warm and gently lie myself down in the bathtub, the moist skin of my body easily letting me slide up and down into a comfortable position sitting position, so my breasts are nice and firm. Then I begin to play with my breasts, massaging them and tweaking them around, then move up to my nipples. I start by pressing or brushing them lightly against something cold, like the tiles of the wall, the glass beside the bathtub, etc. The colder the better. This gets them stiff, so I get to hardening them. I roll both nipples around my fingers, tweaking them occasionally, experimenting with my fingers to see how far they will go. Sometimes light pinches work. I find the right nipple goes harder quicker, so I tend to concentrate more on that one. By now it's usually bright red and throbbing, so I get a toothbrush - electric or otherwise, it's fine either way - soak it, and then rub it across my nipples roughly. This can be the tiniest bit painful with harder bristles, especially with electric toothbrushes, but mine has rubber flaps so when I press down, it causes extra pleasure. I continue to do this until brushing my arms across my hardened nipples gives me goose bumps, and then I slip down into a lying position, with my head on the slope so I'm not completely lying down flat. I start to take everything gentle now, relaxing myself and letting the warm water wash over my body, and then when I'm lying in a shallow pool of water I prop my legs up on either side of the bathtub, spread them open wide to reveal my throbbing area, and let the warm water hit it full blast.

I've never been one to actually have a huge orgasm, or use any sexual toys, or enter my vagina. To be truthful, I'm actually a little scared of what's down there. I like gentle teasing, first rubbing my wet hands over the entire area, slow at first and then faster and faster. Then, every time my hand goes down I poke the soft area there, and then rub it back up again. Sometimes I can't get my legs wide enough, so I put them even higher up and completely open them so the warm, almost hot water is directly pulsing over the throbbing area. This is when I can't take it any more. I thrust my body backwards and forwards to vary the spot where the stream of water hits directly, then thrust myself up and back down, rubbing my area the entire time. I have no extra hands to fondle my breasts, so I tend to just whack my top half around to get them moving. By now, everything's screaming for more. I reach both hands down there to open the wet lips wide and throw my head back, thrusting the entire time, gently penetrating deeper and deeper, but never far enough to enter my vagina. I like fast and furious rubbing and poking and jabbing, and by now my clit is always red. I brush my fingers along my clit, teasing at first, and then proper rubbing, so hard it feels like the skin is about to come off. All this time I'm pumping and the water grows hotter and hotter, one thing I like about my shower, and throwing my head back so it's easier to imagine sexual fantasies with other girls. I wet my hands thoroughly so they feel like several tongues, and then lap at the clit and labia gently. Then I move back up to message my breasts, pumping them and squeezing them roughly. Sometimes, if I have enough time, I will turn over and kneel, but so that my breasts are dangling over the edge of the tub, and push my arse up to the stream of water so I'm in one of those sexy poses you see in magazines. I stay like that for a couple of minutes and then use the toothbrush on my nipples again to get them going. Finally, I just turn back over and sink down into the bath and let the water wash over my body as it calms down. It's heaven. When I'm done, I just get up and scrub myself over with shower creme, paying extra attention to the tender bits and just performing my own little lap dance/sexy strip to entertain imaginary people. Then I wash it all off, and I feel so immensely cleansed and purified it's hard not to feel proud of yourself. When I change back into my clothes, my right (and best) nipple is always a little sore, but I just put my bra over it and it goes away soon.

I also love to just lie down/sleep naked. Having to share a room with two young sisters, I hardly ever get this experience, but luckily my parent's room has a lock and I usually go in there to just throw myself around with no clothes on and curl up in the duvets, which are so caressing to body parts. I like to roll around naked too, feeling the pressure on my breasts and riding pillows/towels between my legs. Amazing.

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