Female Masturbation Techniques-15 Girls Spill The Beans

Masturbating Girl-Jennifer

I'm 16. I've been masturbating since I was very young, probably three years old, but only recently has it become a pastime for me. I'm a virgin and definitely not ready for sex, but I do embrace my sexuality. I feel that by masturbating I get to know my body more and then I will know what I want from a partner in the future when I'm ready for a physical relationship.

Since I was little I've been rubbing against things like blankets and pillows. I was caught a few times but I didn't realize why it was 'wrong' or even what I was doing. As I got older I learned more about my body and exactly what masturbation was. Since then, every summer when I was home alone I'd go through my daily masturbation routine but after a while I started feeling guilty. I don't know why, I guess because I had been told that it was 'bad' so I tried to stop. Well, as a sexual being that is very impossible. You can't suppress your sexuality once you've discovered it.

Up until last year I wasn't very experimental, then I discovered the Internet and sought out information on masturbation. I learned about the 'shower technique' but was a little discouraged since my shower-head was not detachable. I finally perfected a way to control the water flow and once I did it was wonderful.

Orgasms for me are really beautiful and euphoric; I hold them as sacred as I do my own virginity. Up until that point I still did not understand the origin of my pleasure until one night I was visiting my dad and stepmother and they had rented a movie for me with my favorite actor in it. I had no idea that the movie had any sexuality in it but as I watched it, it became apparent and I started getting aroused. I put my hand between my legs in a fist and rotated my thumb against my clit. It took me a while, I went into the bathroom so as not to be interrupted, stood against the wall and continued. That was really my awakening. I was so weak and euphoric; I shook for an hour afterwards and fell into the most wonderful sleep.

When I returned home with my new found knowledge of my body I experimented with everything. I'm not comfortable with penetration so that isn't part of my practice at all but I have tried everything I can think of on my clit. The shower is still my favorite technique and I have since gotten a detachable shower-head. I've come up with a few techniques with that that I haven't seen mentioned here that I'd like to share.

The obvious one is laying on your back holding the shower head near your vulva and finding a comfortable setting for the water spray, then opening the vulva and spraying the water on the clitoris or labia minora. Well...it usually takes me forever to climax and my fingers would get tired of holding my labia open so I hooked the shower-head between my big toe and second toe and put my leg up letting the water hit my clit. This works very well if you like to be 'open' while masturbating.

Another good one is to stand with your legs spread and bent slightly then let the water hit your open vulva, clitoris and labia minora. It also helps to be near the faucet so you can change the water temp from cool to hot (the hot water mimics your own internal body fluid temperature causing a wave of 'cum' when it hits your labia minora, its a very nice feeling). This resulted out of a want to clench my leg muscles while climaxing, this way you can tense your muscles and bounce or gyrate against the water spray, plus you're standing up which is a great feeling.

Other than that I've tried the vacuum but it causes the air to be cold around your clit which isn't pleasant, pearls massaged against the clit but that can catch your skin and pinch it, also not pleasant. I'm still working on just using my fingers around my clit but haven't succeeded yet. Also, makeup brushes (obviously ones that have no been used and will not be used for makeup) are wonderful on the clit. The days I wear tight jeans I come home in a frenzy to 'get off' without realizing why at first.

The one really big perk of masturbation that people seem to neglect are its effects on your physical appearance. Between drinking lots of water and eating semi-sensibly and masturbating I've lost 20 lb. and toned my whole body, especially my leg muscles. It's GREAT for those of us who happen to store fat in the butt and hip area. So not only does masturbation contribute to your awareness of your sexuality and your body it contributes to your love of yourself and the love of your physical appearance which is SOOO important in a society where women are constantly pelted with images of 'attractive' women that they can never look like due to the lack of real-life airbrushing.

Masturbating Girl-Anonymous

I'm 14 yrs old. I've been masturbating since I was 9 or 10. When I first came across masturbation, I used to feel really guilty. I would get out of the shower and sit on the floor in my room and pee on the towel. I never had an orgasm, but it felt so good. Later, I discovered it felt good to rub my pussy on things. So, I would lock the bathroom door and turn on the shower, like I was taking a bath, so no one would suspect. I'd get on my knees on the bathroom floor, with a washcloth or bath towel underneath me. Then I would hump or ride the washcloth or bath towel. I would think about this older guy I had a crush on; he was 15 at the time. I would picture him naked. I got my first orgasm this way. Then I started humping stuffed animals. When I was 12, I used to hold it [urine] in when I had to use the restroom, for like 2 hrs. Then I'd take one of my younger brother's pull ups [a diaper], and turn on the shower, acting like I was taking a bath. I'd pee in the diaper and then lie on my stomach on the floor and just lie there in the pee. It felt so good. I would start moving back and forth, and have a great orgasm. I still use some of those methods, and now I also use the showerhead. But I like to get nice and wet, usually by porn that I look at over the Internet, and then go sit in front of the mirror in my room. Then I start to rub my clit and fantasize. It's so good. I love it!

Masturbating Girl-Anonymous

I always use a vibrator and at the same time insert my middle finger into my vagina and stimulate my G-Spot slowly. If I go slowly with both clitoral stimulation and fingering in and out, plus G-Spot stimulation, I will have multiple orgasms constantly. I find it arousing to do the same technique bent over as I enter myself from behind, my finger slowly dipping deeper, and the vibrator on my clit underneath me. I sometimes go to the whirlpool and have the water spray directly on my clit; that starts the throbbing underwater orgasms. There is nothing better than being a sexually oriented woman!


Hi, I only discovered masturbation five or so years ago but only in the last few years have I got really good at it. I feel in order to have a sense of your sexual needs you must discover yourself first. I am not afraid to masturbate in front of my husband in fact many times we just masturbate with each other and we seem to have a stronger connection. I also recently discovered my attraction to other women and have experienced the relationship with another woman, I feel more women need to be more open with their bodies and not be afraid like we were taught as children, when I have a daughter of my own someday, I am going to teach her not to be afraid of her body, but to love it. Thank-you for this wonderful site!

Masturbating Girl-Amanda

Hi. My name is Amanda; I'm 16 and bi-sexual. The way I like to masturbate is, when I'm kissing my girlfriend I fantasize about seeing her naked and that usually gets me ready. I like to start with one finger in my pussy and as I start to finger myself faster, I insert 2 or 3.

Masturbating Girl-Anonymous

Hi. I love my pussy and it stays hot all the time lately, no matter how much my husband fucks me. I have been masturbating since I was a kid, and I still do it a lot. I seem to cum too quick when I get off by myself, and I wish I could make it last a little longer.

One great way I discovered I have not read on your site. I took one of the big sized plastic barrels that the mini M & M's come in and used it to masturbate. Talk about orgasms! Wow! I could do it over and over and still keep cumming. I pulled off all my clothes and propped up on my bed in front of a mirror. First I rolled around some and played with my giant tits. I started getting all wet and horny so I took the can and started stroking my pussy with it. I did not fuck myself with it because of the edges on the end. But, as I took bigger and bigger strokes, the plastic got hotter and hotter as it rubbed against my hot, wet pussy! Wow! I was cumming in about a minute. I was still so hot so I stroked my throbbing pussy some more with the can and I was cumming again. I must have done this three or four times in a row and was still so hot I could not stand it. My pussy was dripping and I could smell its sweet smell in the air. Best of all, with this much masturbating and cumming, my fingers and wrist weren't tired at all. Man, I am getting so wet and horny just thinking about it! My next fantasy is to see how many times I can cum while I am in the tanning bed! Talk about fun!

Masturbating Girl-Emma

Hi, I started when I was about 10 or 11. First I found out that just rubbing the whole area on a arm of a chair, or with my hand or something really made me feel good. As time went on I would find new ways to making that pleasure come back only better. I started inserting things into my vagina. Anything I could find around the house worked. In the past, I've used candlesticks, carrots, markers; I've even made my own dildos. After I would get these things from around the house I would lie down on my bed and spread my leg apart as far as they could go and bend my knees. Then, I would take the object and rub it in between the lips to get myself and it wet. Then, I would insert it moving in and out while massaging my clit in a circular motion. I could orgasm in minutes this way. I'm now 16 and I do this at least twice a day when everyone's asleep. If during the day I feel horny, I just stick something small in my vagina like a maker and lay on my bed and read while moving my legs a little to make it stimulate just a little. I can do this for hours just teasing myself to wait for the night. I wish my friends would tell me how they do it to.

Masturbating Girl-Renee

Well for me the technique I use is I get in the tub; I have a regular size tub. I lay on my back first and turn my water to the hottest I can bear. I play with my nipples and get them hard, then I use my two fingers on my right hand and play with my clit. I get as close to the water as I can putting my butt against the back of the tub and put my clit under the water and turn it up full blast and let it run on my clit until I can't stand it. It feels like a long tongue going to work then.....bammm.....I move cause it feels so good it is unbearable. Then I take my two fingers and put then in and move them in a circular motion until I cum a second time then play with my titties and I do this every morning or every time I get in the tub. Try it boy does it work.

Masturbating Girl-Tiana

I have different techniques of masturbation, depends how I feel that very moment, when I am horny. Sometimes, I do it 3-4 times a day. Today, I got down on my knees, watched myself in a mirror and started to grasp my nipples and than lick them. I imagine that my boyfriend watches me (he lives far away from me, in another country, for the moment I hope...). Then I started to rub my clit with my vibrator, fast, but with a very soft touch and kept licking my nipples. When I was about to come I extended the excitement towards the vagina zone and then thrust the vibrator inside my pussy and had a mega G-spot orgasm. I like anal stimulation too, my boyfriend bought me some toys and I use them often. I like to excite my clit, my anus, and my vagina at the same time and explode into a great orgasm. I am crazy about oral sex, so I fantasize a lot on this theme while I'm masturbating.

Masturbating Girl-Kelly

I am a 20 year old married woman. I have been masturbating for a pretty long time now. I have really short fingers, which makes it hard to have vaginal penetration. I have tried many times to no avail. I have found a really great technique for vaginal penetration since my fingers are not a choice for me. I have a lotion bottle that is about 2 inches wide and 6 inches long. I love to stick it in my pussy and get off like that. It feels so exhilarating! I have used a variation of bottles, such as shampoo bottles, other lotion bottles, face-cleansing bottles, etc. My pussy throbs like never before when I do this!

Another method: I lay flat on my back, preferably on the floor so there is no bouncing around of the bed. I straighten out my feet and put them together. I then place my right hand on my pussy and my left hand on top of my right hand. I use my middle finger of my right hand to rub my up & down, up & down on my clit. I have always put my left hand on top of my right hand. It just feels better that way. I can't come if I don't. I suppose it's because my left hand provides more pressure to my pussy that just my right hand alone. Using this method, I usually come in about 1 minute. After I come, I usually do this again 3 or 4 more times. It takes up a lot of energy to do this. My legs are straightened out in front of me and very tensed up. But it feels damn good!!!!!

I have always wanted to try using other objects such as cucumbers, squash, and other edibles to insert in my pussy but have never gotten brave enough. Maybe some day I will get brave! Wish me luck!!!

Masturbating Girl-Anonymous

I have a really good masturbation technique that I've recently discovered. I prop myself up against the headboard of my bed (leaning back), with a couple pillows behind me with my legs spread wide. Then I use a vibrator to lightly touch my clit, and bring it back, kind of teasing myself. This gets me really horny and lubricated. Once I feel like penetration would be pleasurable I insert a cylinder-like brush handle into my vagina. I rotate it inside of me, while still teasing myself with the vibrator. After I get really hot, I let the vibrator come in contact with the part of the brush that's outside my body. This makes the brush vibrate inside me, while the vibrator is still on my clit...OMG! Then I squeeze my vaginal muscles to hold the brush in, so my hands are free to work the vibrator. This gives me the most intense orgasms I've ever had.

Masturbating Girl-Carol

Hello I have enjoyed this site and reading about how other woman masturbate. And I wanted to share my favorite ways to please my self. I love to lay on the bed with all my clothes off and I first start playing with the boobs and gently pinching my nipples this starts me to feeling really good. I then start to feel my vagina getting hot and wet then I take my left hand and open my outer lips really wide I love to have my lips spread open then with my right hand I use my finger and slowly at first rub my clit up and down making sure that I go down and get my finger wet I like for my clit to be wet then, I start going around in circles on my clit it feels so good then take my finger or sometimes two fingers and stick in side me and take them in and out slow then a little faster till it starts to really feeling good then come back up and rub my clit and sometimes I'll smack my clit this feels so good it makes my clit start to swell then I rub around in circles on my clit faster and faster then I feel like I'm ready to cum I stick my fingers back in me and rub my clit at the same time oh my; what a orgasm I have it's great. I also use the hand held shower attachment and hold it directly on my clit and have some of the most wonderful orgasms ever. Thanks for letting me share my story.

Masturbating Girl-Barb

I've been masturbating since I was about 9. I used to do the way where I would bunch up a blanket or jacket or something, and hump it. I still use that technique, but I recently started using the showerhead technique. OMG it feels sooo good! Feeling the hot water pounding on my clit! I reach orgasm in about a minute. For people who haven't tried this way... You have to! It is wonderful, and the orgasms are intense and unbearable!

Masturbating Girl-Tabbie

Hi my name is Tabbie and I'm 19..I"ve been masturbating since I was about 11 I think, I used to get those gloves from the doctor's office and fill them up with water, and hold the water in one finger so it was hard and insert it in my vagina while I rubbed the top part over my clit that I really didn't even know was there as the time, I think I really discovered myself when I was about 12, I started with water spray in the bathroom, I would lay on my back and turn the water on full blast and get under the bath spray, I think the first time I did this I came instantly...after that I used everything I could, my favorite was the bath, or this vibrating pen I used to put on my clit while I spread my pussy lips apart while sitting in front of this large mirror I had in my bedroom...God I remember how easily I use to cum then...I have recently discovered a new technique since I have moved out on my own. I like to lay on my back on my bed and I have this back message thing that has a heat radiated head, I press this against my clit while I insert a dildo in my vagina and my middle finger into my butt while keeping the top of my hand pressed on to the top of the vibrator and I start to move my finger in my ass and the vibrator in my pussy in thrusts while keeping the massager on my clit..omg! I cum so hard and fast..sometimes I can't go to sleep without it, try it..it works wonders!

Masturbating Girl-Anonymous

I have been masturbating since I can remember. I started by rubbing up against arms of chairs or couches and humping my stuffed animals. I used to find my dad's porn and read and stare at the pictures. I also read some of my mother's romance novels. All these things made me so hot and wet. About two years ago I finally discovered how great it was to touch my hard juicy clit directly when I was really wet. In fact it makes me wet just thinking about it. My favorite thing to do is rub my clit while boyfriend is fingering me or even fucking me (especially from behind) I love tightening up on something hard inside my pussy. I love this sight and visit it at least once a week. Its given me some awesome orgasms. Thanks keep them cUmming!!!

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