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I'm 17 and I masturbate almost everyday, I do it at night when everyone is asleep. I rub my clit in small hard circles and insert two fingers into my vagina. I love feeling my walls get tight around my fingers, a few minutes after I start, I hit an orgasm. It's SO good!


Hello! My name is Lillie I'm 16 and I love to masturbate. I have been masturbating since I was about 5 or 6. At first I didn't know what that feeling was but I knew it was a great feeling so I kept doing it. I was also sexually abused when I was little so that might have some thing to do with how I act now. I am not ashamed that I masturbate. I love it. The best thing that I have found to do is when I lay down on my back, I often start to touch my nipples to get me started, then I work my way around my body. At first I would start to circle around my clit then use the tip of my middle finger and slide it up and down my whole pussy. After I start to get worked up I roll on to my tummy then start to fantasize about a man about 20 or so taking a little girl and ripping of her panties and licking at her before he enters her. For some reason this usually get me really going, Then sometimes I get this fantasy that there is this teacher who is teaching sex ed. and he demonstrates how to have sex by getting a girl from the class room to help him. This ends up him taking her. I don't know why I get so work up about this. I used to think masturbating was wrong, because of religion reasons. But since I found this site I have found myself more comfortable with myself, and talking about it.


My name is Sally, I'm 54, I love to masturbate and have been doing so since the age of 6. I am a twin and while on vacation with my family in 1952 my sister and I were taking a bath and her foot accidentally pressed against me with her toe directly on my clit. At first I told her to move her foot off of my nu-nu but instead she just pressed harder and wiggled her toes. It was immediate and it was powerful and I immediately did the same to her and she had the very same reaction.

After that first accidental discovery it became a daily (and sometime more frequent) indulgence. We would often masturbate ourselves but most frequently we would do each other. This practice continued until we were 10 years old. That was when I caught my brother Terry (he is exactly one year older) jerking off. It scared him to death but I convinced him that it was okay and his secret was safe because Molly and I played with ourselves also.

It took a little coaxing but we finally convinced him to join Molly and me. We were both totally infatuated with his cock and the way it felt in our hands as we jerked him off and regularly let him rub our clits. The more we did it the more we enjoyed it and our climaxes continued to get stronger and stronger.

By the time we were in our teens we had started to engage, occasionally, in oral sex. We would all do each other, but most often it was just masturbation. While we talked about it quite a lot we never actually fucked each other.

Our practice of masturbation and occasional oral sex with each other has continued to this day. We all married by the time we were 23 and are all still happily married. Our spouses have not a clue about what has been going on for all these years.

My brother recently moved away and I don't get to see him as often so we have started to engage in phone sex. I receive a call from him every morning right after my husband leaves for work. This has been even more exciting than any thing that we have ever done. My sister and I have decided that it is finally time to take this three-way relationship to the next level. Maybe?


When I was a teen and desiring penetration I discovered a hairbrush with a long and wide oblong handle. I would lie on my back and hike up my hips and legs like in the bicycling exercise, using my hands to hold my butt up. This allowed gravity to 'push' the brush down. Then I would rotate the brush in circles using my thighs. Grind and squeeze, rotate and grind. It was great. I am 47 now and have always used masturbating to release tension and teach me about how my body enjoys pleasure.

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