Female Masturbation Techniques- Girls And Women Share

Masturbating Girl-Anonymous

I have been masturbating since I was twelve. I would often stay home from school and spend the day exploring my budding body. I would first caress my breast and then move down to my clit. I would sometimes use a brush to provide vaginal penetration. Now that I am older and married and can truly appreciate my beautiful pussy. My clitoris is bigger than average and I truly enjoy it. My husband does not have as strong of a sex drive as I do. I can't wait until he leaves home so I can pleasure my self. I have a dildo that is truly amazing. I read the experiences of other women and insert this special piece of equipment into my wet pussy. I get very juicy and enjoy listening to the slurping sound it makes. It also has a clitoris stimulator, so I enjoy getting both spots going at the same time. I have to go now and finish.

Masturbating Girl-Adrian

I have masturbated from about 6 years old and love to play with myself, on my own I lay on my back and bring my legs back so I can get both hands between my legs. Then I spread my pussy lips open with one hand and quickly flick my clit with the middle finger of the other hand. As I get wetter I slow down and start to rub my clit and then begin to penetrate myself, as I get more turned on the deeper my two middle fingers go until I am fucking myself harder until I come.

The best way is with my b/f, we strip each other from the waist down and I sit on the side of the bed or the couch. I open my legs and he kneels in front of me or sits on the floor. The sight of him naked below and dressed up top adds to the excitement, I begin to pull myself open and let him watch me finger my pussy as he starts to jerk off. We look at each others genitals as we masturbate and encourage each other to come, the sight of his balls moving and the slapping sound as he pulls his cock is a real turn on for me and sometimes I smear some of my juices under his nose so he can smell me as he jerks off. Just rubbing my clit really hard and dipping my finger in is enough to make me come violently and noisily, I am usually first to do so and my b/f will finish off by coming on my pussy or tits. I haven't tried the showerhead method, as I am frightened of burning myself with hot water!

Masturbating Girl-Anonymous

Hi, I'm 12 years old, and one day I decided I wanted to learn how to masturbate, so I came to this site. No body was home, so I decided to take off all of my clothes, and try out some of the techniques. I came right away, and had my first orgasm. Thanks!

Masturbating Woman-Kathy

I love this sight! I just stopped in yesterday for the first time.

I am 42 years old and have been masturbating since I was a child. Recently I have been doing it more frequently due to a hormone replacement that makes me quiet horny.

To be honest while reading these posts I feel myself becoming wet as I become very aroused.

My favorite way of masturbating is to first undress myself. I love to massage myself all over with oil, paying close attention to my big breasts. I gently rub and squeeze them. Then I massage my stomach legs and butt, It feels so good. I then love to feel something cool against my clit. I spread my lips far apart and gently lean against the bathroom sink. It feels so good. I also enjoy watching myself in the mirror so I often masturbate in front of the mirror. My favorite fantasy and desire is to make love to another woman. I love to look at pictures of lesbians loving each other. I imagine myself kissing her all over. Holding her warm body next to mine. Gently stinking my tongue in her mouth. Kissing her nipples and finally sticking my tongue inside of her a gently flicking my tongue against her clit. I am so close to cuming as I write.

It is so good to know that what I am doing is very natural and my fantasy is very natural too.

Masturbating Girl-Kelly

I'm Kelly. I'm 19 and have been masturbating since I was four or five. I don't really remember how I got started, but all I know is that I touched myself down there, and it felt good. Now I masturbate almost every day. First, I usually start be looking at sexy pictures of women and reading smut. Then, when I feel my pussy getting really wet, I start to touch myself. I usually lay down in bed and start by touching my breasts. Then, when my nipples get hard, I touch my wet pussy. I start to move my fingers over my clit while I imagine some one watching me or another woman touching me. While I'm not gay, I think that another women touching me is very erotic. Once I feel myself getting close to coming, I sick two fingers inside me. I come so hard.

Masturbating Girl-Mirjam

I masturbate quite a lot, sometimes several times a day. Since I am single and a partner is not always available, it is a great way to get rid of sexual tensions. I recently discovered a nice technique; I use an electrical toothbrush! I know this sounds weird, but it feels absolutely great; just hold the brush against your clit, and don't put too much pressure on it. WOW!

Masturbating Girl-Anonymous

I am a 28 year old female who can not seem to get enough sex.. Seems I always am in the mood when my man is not around. I have learned a great way to masturbate. I have a 6 inch long vibrator that I slowly work around my outer lips until they become aroused. I slowly insert it in and out until I am wet and then lube my clit area really good. I then turn it on high and insert it as far as it will go. While holding it with my muscles, I also turn on another vibe that I have. This one is like one that you would use on sore muscles. It has a "cup" on it that is about 2 inches round. I then separated my lips again and place it on me. I can rock until I get to the right position...and then BAM!! It is a great feeling. Reading a porno book also helps while doing this....

Masturbating Girl-Norma

I will sit and think about 2 men enjoying my body one with lips sucking on my clit and the other sucking and biting on my nipples. I then begin to fantasize that someone else walks in the room and wants to join us. This person is a woman and she says let me do this because I know exactly where the clit is. I then undress and stand in front of a mirror and open myself completely up while caressing my breasts. Once in a while I will squeeze my clit. I can do this for a long time - sometimes getting dressed and starting over again later. The excitement building is wonderful. When I get ready to cum I then place a mirror on the floor and kneel over it. Spreading my lips open exposes the already swollen clit, and working either my finger or using my clit kisser, while pumping the knob for suction. Watching my clit, which is already down and out, go in and out with the suction creates the most wonderful and intense orgasm.

I also will use a plastic bottle with the larger the mouth the better. Create suction first by squeezing it somewhat and then place open top against the clit and releasing the suction is the most incredible feeling. I often do this while reading the letters here. Every so often I squeeze the sides of the bottle to create the suction. Do this just enough to keep the excitement going and then I use my finger to rotate around my button. The clit is swollen and very extended after being in the bottle top.

Masturbating Girl-Cathleen

I am 23 years old and have been treating myself to the pleasure of masturbation since I was a little girl.

I am quite an innocent person in that I have only had sex with two men before and felt that I loved them both. But...at the same time I am very sexual! I touch myself sometimes 3 times a day! This may seem mad but I love my orgasms! I can have two or more each time just from touching my clitoris in a special way.

I lie with my feet upon the headboard of my bed and a mirror wedged between my knees, the visual effect really works wonders for me! I then part my labia and look into my vagina and this gets the desire going in me! I rub one side of my clit up and down, not in a circular motion and what a sensation!

I have a large clit which has always been so tender or sensitive, my school friends never got turned on when anything brushed against them down there and always laughed when I did!

When we skipped at school there was a time when some boys ran by, grabbed the rope one on either side and myself with it still between my legs, the rope was raised and pulled back and forth...I had my first orgasm on that occasion and don't think any of the other kids knew why I went week at the knees and had to sit down!

Anyway, I am lucky to have such a great disposition to pleasuring myself, it is very much in ones mind too.

Masturbating Girl-Anonymous

I am 19 years old and have been masturbating since I was about 14. I had thought about it plenty of times before I actually tried it, but I was too scared to give it a go. I can't make myself orgasm manually, nor can any of the guys I have been with, the only way I seem to be able to orgasm is by lying underneath a stream of running water. I fantasize about watching my boyfriend masturbate (this really turns me on - mainly because I picture him to be thinking about me).

The only problem is I don't like only being able to orgasm using this method. Not only do I want to find other ways, but I want my boyfriend to be able to make me orgasm. I really enjoy it when he licks and sucks on my clitoris but I still don't end up having an orgasm, well I haven't so far. Another thing is I love sex. I love the feeling I get when we have sex; it's just completely different to being under the bath. I would love to be able to combine both... I can only imagine how good that would feel! If any one has any suggestions please let me know!!!

Masturbating Girl-Ilze

I am coming near to my 30th birthday, but I have masturbated since my childhood; at least since I was 5 y.o. Although I did not realize then that it was masturbation. Unlike most of the other women, I mainly love to play with my nipples. I would like to suck on them, but although my breasts are very beautiful, they are not big enough I could reach. Therefore, I feel myself in heaven when tweaking my nipples and imaging a male is pinching and sucking on them while his penis is in my vagina. One of my favorite tools I have used since very early childhood is a couple of laundry pins; I squeeze my nipples so they hurt a little, but is not traumatic. This little pain is the best I have ever felt and gives me feelings. My clit is less sensitive, but when I stimulate my nipples I get wet, although this for me is secondary. I can reach the best feelings only when I play with my nipples.

Masturbating Girl-Anonymous

Hi, I'm 14 and bisexual (no its not a phase) I usually masturbate using stuffed animals or pillows. Please, can anyone tell me different ways to masturbate the old ways are boring? Thanks :)

Masturbating Girl-Anonymous

I love to masturbate! Every since I found your website I cannot stay off of it. I like to do it when I am alone. I usually take all of my clothes off. I start my playing with my nipples until I just can't stand it. Then I let my hand find my clitoris and I start rubbing. I usually tease myself by thinking about kissing another woman or playing with her breasts. I also like to think about licking her nipples and touching her until she comes. I think also about having sex with my husband while another woman watches or including her....

I usually daydream until I just can't take it anymore. Then I rub my cunt until I come. Sometimes I hump the pillow on my bed or just my hand. I also like to finger myself. Thanks for helping me pleasure myself!!!

Masturbating Girl-Anonymous

Wow, reading all of your responses made me recall how I first got started masturbating. I am 58 and had forgotten about my first masturbation experience. I think my first experience was playing "doctor" with a little girlfriend around age 6. I don't remember having an orgasm but I was fascinated by both of our bodies. I do recall around age 11-12 using my mother's weight reducing machine because I wanted to lose a little weight. It was a machine that had a motor on it with a wide belt attached. You put it around your butt or thighs and supposedly it shook-off the fat. Well one day I got the belt a little too high while on my thigh and WOW, I hit my pussy. I immediately became excited and wet. Soon I learned to direct the belt to "just the right spot." I would masturbate on that thing for hours while my mother went shopping. That way I could make noises and not get caught. One day she came home early and I was nervous because I had gotten the belt all wet. I never lost any weight but I had a huge smile on my face. It was a sad day when that machine went to the second hand store. I then had discovered the pleasure of my clitoris and figured out how to masturbate in the bathtub and shower. I was never so squeaky clean. As I had my first "real" sexual experience with a man I didn't seem to masturbate as often. The first time I had sex I was 22 and we did it in a farmer's wheat field. Ever since then I have had a fantasy about having sex out in nature. I've had the pleasure of doing "it" that way several times. But back to the masturbation. I have found that when I am traveling by car on a long road trip that my fantasies begin to run wild, particularly it I am traveling alone. So I have often found myself driving on long stretches of highway and slipping off my bra. I have VERY large breasts and find them extremely sexy and exciting. I start by playing with my nipples under my shirt until they are very hard. Then when I am good and horny I slip my right hand down my pants and start stroking my clit and lips. I can hardly stand it when they get wet and if it is safe I rub as fast as I can stand it until I cum. If it is not safe then I pull off at the next off ramp that is somewhat remote and have a huge orgasm. I try to keep rubbing at least one nipple, usually the left one because that intensifies the whole experience. One time I even used a zucchini I had in the car and worked it so hard it fell apart. Then I am on my way again. I usually just leave my hand in my pants until the urge comes again. Sometimes I'll masturbate 5 or 6 times on a one-day road-trip. It's exciting to try to be discreet when a truck passes by that might look in, on the other hand it is exciting to think I might get seen. When my husband is along then we sometime please each other as we drive, but I get a bigger thrill out of masturbating myself on these trips. I also used to go with my family on trips to Las Vegas. I always got my own room. Little did they know that I used this as a fantasy party for myself. I would go into the fancy bedroom with all the mirrors, take off my clothes and begin "playing with myself". I would end up on the bed rubbing my fingers on my clit and scream to the top of my voice in ecstasy. I'm just wondering does any other woman out there like to smell her juices after she's masturbated? I am kind of get turned on by the smell. I know my husband does. I also just remember masturbating when I was 16 in the far back of the station wagon on a road trip with my dad and his friend. They never knew, I think they thought I was asleep in a sleeping bag.

Masturbating Girl-Anonymous

I'm a 15-year-old girl and I masturbate regularly. When I was younger I used to like the feeling I got when my clit pressed against the corner of the furniture, though I didn't know what it was at the time. I'm a twin and I used to take baths with my sister, we used to play with each other and pour water over each others genitals and stroke each other, it felt good and we didn't realized why then, we stopped doing this once we were about 9 years old and realized it wasn't "normal," I used to also play "doctors and nurses" with a friend from down the street when I was younger with involved fingering each others clits and vaginas.

Once I was older, I no longer did these activities with my sister and my friends, and I started masturbating on my own. Mostly I would just cross my legs and press them together which felt good, but I didn't know how to stimulate myself in a better way than that. When I was about 13 I was staying at my grandmas house over the summer and it was a really hot and sticky night and I was lying on my bed with all the covers ripped off, and I found myself experimenting with putting my finger inside my vagina like my sister and friends used to do to me, I found that it felt fantastic to lie back and ram the middle finger of my left hard right inside me, especially if I pressed forwards slightly, hitting my g-spot! :D I never reached an orgasm this way though. This was the method of masturbation I used for about a year, until I discovered my clitoris.

The method I find works best for me now is to make a fist of my right hand and rub side to side over my clit, slowly to begin with, and work up the speed. This gets me really wet really fast, and feels great, though I have bruised myself by doing this too hard before so take care if you try it!!! I often find my wrist gets very tired just before I reach my climax, I have a bed which has a sort of railing on the side as it used to be a bunk bed so I grip onto this with my left hand while I use my right fist to grind my clit. When I'm about to come I slow down slightly to get my breath, then I rub really really hard and fast till I get a fantastic rush through my entire body, and my legs shake slightly. I don't make any noise as I cum, I just breathe faster and pant a bit. Just recently I tried leaving one or two fingers inside my vagina just before I reach an orgasm, and rubbing my clitoris while they are still inside, this gives me a longer orgasm and it feels great to have my vaginal muscles clench around something as i cum and makes me feel more aware of the contractions.

I have also tried the shower technique that many of the people on here have talked about, but I do it slightly differently. Instead of just letting the water hit me, I press the shower head against me while the water is coming out, which feels like you are being licked and rotate it over my clit. If I can't get the water to a suitable temperature I just rub without the water, but this can be slightly painful because of the small holes which stick up and bit and grate against you.

I've masturbated to orgasm while reading peoples experiences on your site, and other things like the descriptions of cunnilingus, so thank you for a wonderful site. :)

Masturbating Girl-Rachel

My name is Rachel and I'm 19.

I first started masturbating when I was about 4 or 5. I would go in my room and sit on a pillow and bounce up and down. My parents caught me a few times and at first they just told me to stop and that it was bad, but then when they caught me again, my dad started spanking me for it, with a belt. I tried to stop, but I just couldn't stop thinking about how good it felt. So I would do it in the bathroom, just take a pillow in there with me, or do it in my room after my parents had gone to sleep. I never got caught that way, thank God, but I always felt guilty and I was always scared of being caught in the act. I used this same method until I was probably 17 when I first looked on this website. At first, I felt very uncomfortable trying to masturbate with different techniques, like it just wasn't right or something.

After a lot of practice, I finally reached orgasm laying on my back using my index finger to stroke the right side of my clit. I always keep my legs apart, and my hips start to move when I get really aroused. Now I prefer to use a vibrator. I lay on my back in my bed, with my legs apart and touching my feet together. I take the vibrator and rub it against the sides of my clit, in a back-and-forth motion. I usually reach orgasm in less than a minute (I wish it would take longer but I haven't figured out how to do that yet). I can usually have multiple orgasms.

I have decided that when I have children, I will not punish them if I catch them masturbating. As long as they do it in private, it's their business. I feel that because my dad spanked me so much for this, that is why I don't have a very good relationship with him now. Also, I have felt that sex is a bad thing, probably because of getting spanked for masturbating. I'm working really hard to try to make myself understand that masturbation is natural, and that I'm not a freak for doing it. This website has helped a lot and I'm really glad I found it.

Masturbating Girl-Anonymous

My technique of masturbation works quite wonderfully for me. I like to masturbate at least twice a week. I use a chair, one with ripples on the legs. I straddle the leg of the chair and rub my vulva up and down while lying on my stomach. I come so quickly. I wish it would last longer sometimes. Although I sometimes make it last by stopping and just catching my breath. Teasing myself. I have done this in front of my husband and he really enjoyed watching me. Sometimes I would perform oral sex on him during this, while he watches my buttocks hump up and down on the chair leg, while talking to me and telling me how sexy I look. Although, I come quicker and more intense when I am alone, and sometimes I will use my spandex bathing suit bottoms and pull them down just enough to slip the leg of the chair between my crotch and the bathing suit bottoms. This allows a little more pressure. I can feel the chair leg rubbing in between my buttocks too. A wonderful feeling! Sometimes I will use lubrication on the chair leg but most of the time I don't have to though. I have also used plastic wrap, wrapped around the leg of the chair for a little variation, and smother friction.

When I was younger I had a table (sewing machine table) that I used to use. I would scoot it up to the edge of the bed and lay on my back, at the edge, and ride the table. Pinching my nipples and fantasize that another man or woman was performing oral sex on me. I am 39 years old and have been having wonderful orgasms like this since I was 18. Hopefully if others try this method, they will find the same type of satisfaction as I do. I love it!!

Masturbating Girl-Anonymous

Hello. I'm 23 and still a virgin, and I masturbate often. I enjoy it very much. I've been masturbating since I was about 9 or so. I have never gotten caught yet! I love masturbating it feels so good. The part I like most is the pinching of the clitoris, at times its so intense that I have to slow down on it. However to me masturbation gets me up when I'm down, and have a lot on my mind. It relieves stress, and gives me that tingling sensation that I enjoy.

Masturbating Woman-Anonymous

I am 41 years old and had my first orgasm when I was 10. It happened by mistake, I had been messing around "down there" in the bathroom one lunch time. As I had to go back to school I stood up and suddenly had my first orgasm it was amazing so much so I moaned uncontrollably and had to straddle the bath to rub my vulva. It took me ages to find out how to have another orgasm but when I did I couldn't stop. I used my fingers at first and masturbated several times a day. One night I had around 20 orgasms one after another. I masturbated at school sitting at my desk with my hand busy underneath rubbing my clitoris, in the public swimming pool with some guy watching me although I didn't know why. I have masturbated in my car whilst driving along. I have used an electric toothbrush, the shower head with pulsating water, the Hoover [vacuum cleaner] with the very thin tool attached - just big enough to fit my clitoris in (wow what a sensation that is when my labia vibrates against the plastic) -I come in 30 seconds. I like to masturbate with a full bladder and force the pee out especially when I come. I think your site is wonderful - I regularly read the experiences and yes you guessed it - I masturbate whilst reading

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