Female Masturbation Techniques- I lie On My Stomach

I am a 27 years old and been married for 8 years. I read the emails regarding the masturbation technique of lying on your stomach with interest. I have been doing this all my life although I have tried on many occasions lying on my back. I honestly thought I was the only one. Recently I have tried lying on my back without much success. I get aroused and well lubricated but have to always switch back to my stomach to achieve orgasm.

I have finally managed on some occasions to reach orgasm with my husband when he lies on his back and me on top. I have to really grind myself down on him varying the movements so that my clit rubs on him. It helps if I bend forward to kiss him or if he raises his head to suck and bite my nipples. I have to be very relaxed and in control with erotic images and thoughts in my head. He knows this is the only position that I can cum with him and he is very loving while I ride him, always caressing my face, body and ass. Sometimes we cum together or when I am done then he turns me over and then it's his turn. I don't try to fake it because he can feel the difference in my vagina when I cum. Also him sitting on a chair or the bed and me on top rocking back and forth helps me to cum.

Another way I discovered recently is if he does me from the back with me lying on my stomach. This way I can just masturbate normally...only problem is he cums too quickly because he can feel my vaginal walls contracting. But we working on that by starting that position first (usually we do that position last after various other ones)

I hope that this may help some of your readers who masturbate on their stomachs. Don't get me wrong I am still practicing the other methods that all your other readers are raving about.

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