Female Masturbation Techniques-I Listen To Fucking Music

Hi. I'm Anna. I'm 14 and have masturbated since I was 11. I was always interested in sex since I was like 4. I'm horny all the time and luv to cum. I like to sit on the edge of the couch (in the basement where no one ever goes) and bend forward and stick my hand in my cunt. I turn on my favorite song that makes me so horny cuz they talk about fucking*. I get all wet and start rubbing my clit with my right index and middle fingers. I move my pelvis in circles so that my anus rubs against the edge of the couch, which makes me so wanna fuck! I cum in about 3 minutes, and I like to pee myself right there a little bit before and while I'm cummin. I love this site and visit it everyday.

*The song l listen to can be found on the album "LUDACRIS- Back for the First Time" ............ track 15-What's Your Fantasy Remix.

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