Female Masturbation Techniques-I See Myself in a Mirror

I have been masturbating since I was 15 and started by rubbing my clitoris in a circular motion whilst lying in front of a mirror naked. The sight of my large breasts used to turn me on no end. I love tweaking my nipples so that they become erect and then I skim them with my free hand. This in turn makes my clitoris more sensitive and I become wet almost immediately. I soon afterwards discovered the pleasure to be had by pointing a shower hose at my clitoris and by gently moving the water pressure from side to side, in this way I would experience the most intense orgasms that often last for what seems like minutes. They are so intense that my body shakes and tears stream down my face. I have since shown my girlfriend this way of coming and she too now enjoys the same pleasure with the shower hose!

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