Female Masturbation Techniques-I Use Ice Water

I start out as most women do, gently playing with my nipples and teasing myself. When I'm wet and juicy, I dip my fingers in ice water and then begin to play with my clitoris. It feels so good! It's a very nice contrast from the heat of my pussy and clitoris. If I'm really hot, I will take a small ice cube and rub it around my clit. I can't continue this to orgasm because it is too intense, but it is a great way to get me really hot. After the ice melts and I feel like I couldn't take anymore, I play with my clit and simultaneously slide 2 fingers in and out of my vagina. If I go slow enough, I can come more than once. The bathtub also works great. However I can usually only get one orgasm out of that.

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