Female Masturbation Techniques-I Use Pacifiers


I am going to be sixteen and I masturbate using pacifiers (rubber nipples.) I am a virgin so one big nipple in me and the other moving fast around my clitoris makes me quiver. Everyone should have a few in all different sizes and texture. You might laugh because you think of them only for babies but they feel so good...try it. I hope people try this.

Ok, well they feel like flesh when you rub them down there. So what I have done is after a shower I spread my legs and rub them around my whole pussy until it kind of opens and then put the bigger one in the bigger hole and then use the little hard one to play with my g-spot. You should try it, it gives you shivers all over. I have tried a lot of things but this is the best...and rubbing them wet on your nipples helps a lot too.

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