Female Masturbation Techniques-I imagine some older man whispering, "your hot"

I love to masturbate... I've been doing it forever, it feels like. My favorite way is to lie face down and gently grab my breasts and feel my nipples. I imagine some older man whispering, "your hot" or "I can't wait to be inside you," in my ear. Then I slowly unzip my jeans and place my hand on my already wet and warm vulva. I stroke my clit up and down slowly imagining this man is taking all this time just to enjoy me. I then began to quicken my speed and I breath hard and moan. I place one of my fingers inside myself as I come. It's so great and amazing to come like this. Sometimes I imagine he is eating me out, so to say. I guess this is one way to let my fantasy's become reality.

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