Female Masturbation Techniques- I position myself under the running water so it hits directly on my clit

I'm 15 years old, in high school. I've been masturbating since I was really little, so far back I can't remember. I had all these crazy techniques like riding a bike with no panties, or just playing with myself. It would suck getting caught by my mom though, but that kind of made it "dangerous."

My friends all think masturbation is dirty but I think it's seriously the best thing. Since my boyfriend lives in another state, I don't really get to see him that much and masturbation is a very good thing. I've done it over the phone a couple of times for him and he gets so turned on by it, so do I.

My favorite way is probably the whole running water thing. When I'm alone and I hafta be alone cuz I make alotta noise, but anyway, I start the water, making sure its not too hot but hot enough, and very forceful.. Then I position myself under the running water so it hits directly on my clit + oh my god. I swear, it feels like you're floating and your clit throbs for hours afterwards. When I want to be really quick, I'll go to my room. I have a semi-hard pillow that I roll up and lay on the edge of the bed, then straddle, with my legs over the edge of the bed. Then I grind from there, going slow then ending up faster until I hit an orgasm. I can do that in about 5 minutes, not long at all; and it feels great.

I don't have a vibrator yet cause its not really something you can ask your mom for.. hah.. but yeah, soon.

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