Female Masturbation Techniques- The Pillow Mound Technique

I really like the site, good job! After reading through the masturbation stories from other girls I've learned that many began pleasuring themselves at very young ages. This makes me feel better, cause I remember masturbating when I was as young as 5 maybe? I don't know how, but I discovered that climbing a rope felt great and it went on from there. So I have a lot of different masturbation techniques. One that I didn't read about is my creation that I call the "pillow mound." I like to take off my panties, and just leave on maybe a tank top or something, and then stack up about 4 or 5 pillows on my bed. Then you just straddle the mound and rock, or grind back and forth to orgasm, but you need to put a towel or something over the pillows cause it gets all wet and slimy down there. If you want something firmer to ride, you can put a beanie baby, or something of like matter, under the towel, and adjust it between your lips. This feels great, but gets you sore the first time. After I take a shower or bath, and still naked in the bathroom, I sometimes straddle the side of the bathtub and grind my pubic area all over it. This gets me really excited when I start to hear wet, dirty noises....this gives you a real slimy, wet, and warm orgasm.......mmmmmm.......: )
by Uknown

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